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Add a forge business for the player to own.

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This mod add a forge business for the player to own.


-A mini quest to get you the forge.
-Multiple contracts for you to complete.
-Employees to do deliveries and set up a small store after you get your forge to the proper level.
-Miners that will give you special prices on supplies.

How to get the quest started

Get your smithing skill above 50 and move to another location (fast traveling from one city to another seems to work the best). The courier should find you when he feels like it.

Please read the readme and troubleshooting section.

Troubleshooting and other questions

Q:After I read the job contract, the quest does not start/objective does not appear.
A: If this happens, try to read the letter again. Also make sure to close your inventory to see if the objective pop ups.

Q:The miner npc/Aymeric were selling/getting me ores but they don't anymore.
A: First, make sure that it isn't the weekend (Loredas and Sundas), they do not offer those options at those times,they also have a 24 hours timer. For the miners, I have found that sometimes they do not sell ores after a couple of time, it will eventually come back, not sure what causes this, everything looks good on the CK.

Q: The contract doesn't mention who the job is from.
A: The objective will let you know who to turn it too once your forge the required amount of items, because of the way the quests are being started and added to the chest, it was not possible to make the quest giver name appear at this time.

Q: I can't find Aymeric!
A: Aymeric is off on the weekends and will travel to the different mines. Best time to see him is very early morning or in the evening when he is back from his travels. 

Q:Smithing 50 is way too high! Can you remove it?
A: No I won't, why should the current owner want to sell his forge to a beginner smith? Makes no sense to me, being the dragonborn is not enough to get free stuff in my book.


Best way to contact me about the mod is through pm, comment or my facebook page