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Adds armors for the beast races to wear around their tail.

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Special Edition version

This mod essentially adds armors (or modified gauntlets and boots, to be precise) for the beast races to wear around their tail. Seeing as how the only other tail armor to ever exist for Skyrim was through the Argonian Mercenary Armor mod, which only featured a single tail piece, and only for Argonians as well, I figured it was about high time someone created armors for all the other armor materials that exist in Skyrim, and also allow Khajiits to cover up their tail.

The stats of the armors are the same to that of their Gauntlet equivalent, but halved.

All armor pieces are craftable, with the exception of the Falmer Tail Bracer, Blades Tail Armor and Wolf Tail Armor, which can only be found next to the Falmer Armor set, in Mzinchaleft, Sky Haven Temple where the rest of the blades armor pieces are located, and sold by Eorlund Gray-Mane in Whiterun, as is the case with the standard wolf armor.
To craft the Fur Tail Sleeve, or Forsworn Tail Armor, you need to have Fur Bracers, or Forsworn Gauntlets and have them taken to a tanning rack.

The female Argonian tail meshes are from the Female Argonian Tail Anus Fix mod.

List of armors:
  • Blades Tail Armor
  • Daedric Tail Armor
  • Dragonplate Tail Armor
  • Dragonscale Tail Armor
  • Dwarven Tail Armor
  • Ebony Tail Armor
  • Falmer Tail Bracer
  • Forsworn Tail Armor
  • Fur Tail Sleeve
  • Glass Tail Armor
  • Hide Tail Bracer
  • Imperial Light Tail Armor
  • Imperial Tail Armor
  • Iron Tail Armor
  • Leather Tail Armor
  • Orcish Tail Armor
  • Scaled Tail Bracer
  • Steel Plate Tail Armor
  • Steel Tail Armor
  • Wolf Tail Armor

  • It was intended for the armors to be compatible with Frostfall, but a bug in the SKSE version of the code prevents the mod from identifying my armors as warm pieces of armor. This issue should hopefully be fixed in the next version of Frostfall.
  • This mod modifies a Leveled List (ArmorCompanionsSet [LVLI:0010FDE9]), and a Container (SkyHavenArmoryChest "Chest" [CONT:00103241]). Check the mod through TES5Edit to see if this causes incompatibility with other mods you may have installed.
  • The replacer version of this mod modifies vanilla armors in order to add the tail mesh to them, again, check the mod through TES5Edit to see if this causes problems with other mods in your load order.
  • Custom races aren't supported. If the race you are trying to make compatible uses Khajiit or Argonian tails, you may be able to add the race to the armor addons using TES5Edit.
  • There is an optional file for BAT - Bigger Argonian Tails versions of the armors, should you use that.
  • Tail armor (even regular armor if using Replacer) cannot be worn simultaneously with cloaks in the Winter Is Coming mod, I made a patch which addresses this. You will be able to wear armor, at the expense of being able to see your tail clip through cloaks.
  • Fearil - Bigger Argonian Tails
  • Burstenet - Female Argonian Tail Anus Fix
  • Bethesda Game Studios - Original unaltered meshes

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