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A comprehensive overhaul for Solstheim featuring new types of flora, mushroom forest, ash desert, and thicker forested areas. Updated with many improvements and 3D trees. Latest update: 6/11/19 added patches for various other tree and forest overhauls

Permissions and credits

Solstheim Apocalypse

by mobiusbelmont

short preview of new version (3D-1) with 3D trees

longer preview with 3D trees showing all areas of the island

thanks to Jindo Skyrim for this amazing video with wonderful before and after shots (OLD version 2.0 featured in this video)

SE version available here

General Information:

  • - Adds over 150 new types of trees to the island

  • - there is now a giant ash desert with more ash dunes, blowing ash, and only dead trees from Attius Farm to Fort Frostmoth.  

  • - A mushroom forest now stretches from the eastern side of Fort Frostmoth to Tel Mithryn.  Over one hundred mushrooms have been added

  • - The southern part of the island now has smaller flora native to Morrowind. 

  • - Middle Solstheim has more trees, both living, ash covered, and dead.

  • - There is an oasis north of Tel Mithryn with green oaks and flora

  • - ash covered pines and custom trees are now much bigger 

  • - Over 200 pines, dead snowy pines, and living snowy pines have been added to the northern half of the island, returning the northern forests to their glory days of Bloodmoon.

  • - billboards are available for use with DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen

NOT compatible with other landscape overhauls for the island of Solstheim (such as Solstheim Wasteland, Solstheim Landscape Overhaul Dead and Fertile editions, Summer Solstheim, Enhanced Landscapes - Solstheim add ons, Solstheim Genesis, etc)

The following mods have been tested and are compatible with Solstheim Apocalypse
  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2.80 (patch in optional files section)
  • All Dead Trees (patch available for 3D version ONLY  in optional files section)
  • Dark Forests of Skyrim - Full version (patch needed for FULL version in optional files section.  Only DFOS- FULL version 3D-1 users need the patch)
  • Fantasy Forest Overhaul version 4.0 (patch in optional files section)
  • Solstheim extended: Tel Mithryn and Skaal Village
  • Better Tel Mithryn
  • All mods for Skaal Village
  • All mods for Raven Rock
  • All mods that retexture landscape, ash, and objects (like Ash Rocks and Amidianborn Solstheim
  • Skyrim Flora overhaul and all flora overhauls for Skyrim 
  • Solstheim The Lost Levels
  • all grass mods
  • Nyhus and the Border of Cyrodiil
  • Old Cabin
  • Redoran Grove
  • Shadow of Morrowind (must generate tree LOD with DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen)
  • Teldryn Serious
  • Quaint Raven Rock and Raven of Raven Rock mods

  • manual or with mod manager
  • Install only ONE main file.  Core plus billboards file REQUIRES DYNDOLOD OR TES5LODGEN
  • NOTE:  patches for aspen mods are not necessary since there are no aspens on Solstheim
  • Performance version available in optional files section.  Install main file first, then overwrite with performance version 
  • Billboards and core files available for use with DynDOLOD or TES5Edit in miscellaneous section 


- version 1.0 = initial release
- version 2.0 =
- reverted back to vanilla ash trees (now using better textures with SFO Dragonborn)
- fixed floating trees and misplaced objects
- billboards and tree LOD significantly improved
- removed green oaks and replaced with gkb trees 
- added patch for Dark Forests of Skyrim full version (v 2.7)
- added grasses to the ash tundra
Update : added missing textures
Update:  added better snowy dead pine textures and normals by Zhoulia

- version 3D-1
- removed vertex colors from landscape meshes
- removed or disabled all flora, grass, and clutter from the ash desert between Attius Farm and For Frostmoth
- replaced all ash and dead ash trees with 3D models.  Static object dead ash pines also replaced
- fixed landscape seams and floating trees
- added LOD for ash dunes, docks, and dead ash static trees
- added performance version with reduced texture size
- added patch for Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2.80
- added patch for All Dead Trees (3D version)
- added patch for Dark Forests of Skyrim - Full version 3D-1
- added patch for Fantasy Forest Overhaul version 4.0

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  • Mathy79 for the 3D tree models
  • Phitt's Sheogorad Resources for plants and mushrooms
  • Zhoulia for the amazing looking dead snowy pine textures and normals
  • Mentha's more colorful trees for some of the colored pines
  • Elenin for hoddminir tree resource
  • GKB for the amazing green tree resource
  • Zilav for the amazing billboard creator