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This mod lets you automatically store all your ingredients into special alchemy satchels located in every player home. You can choose to store all, store half, keep one, or keep three of each ingredient.

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Alchemy Ingredient Storage

This mod still works if you want to use it, but I recommend upgrading to Automatic Item Storage. It'll let you turn any container you want into an auto storage container for ingredients or anything else.


This mod adds a special alchemy satchel to every buyable house in Skyrim that, when activated, allows you to transfer all the potion ingredients you currently have on you into it. You can also choose to store half, store all but one, or all but three of each unique ingredient. Its purpose is to make all your lives easier so you can spend more time playing the game and less time monotonously storing ingredient after ingredient.

[size=5pt]Heads up[/size]

READ: If you have any items currently in the Apothecary's Satchel in Breezehome, be sure to remove them before you install this mod otherwise they'll be gone. Don't panic if that happens though. If you uninstall the mod the old satchel should return with your stuff in it. You can also use tcl and find the original apothecary's satchel outside of the house.


Any mod that remodels any one of the five homes might conflict with this mod. As long as the alchemy workbench isn't moved it should be fine.


    • Beta1.0: Got the message boxes working as originally intended.
    • Beta1.1: Removed the "'Ingredient' Removed" notification so now it will annoy you no longer. I also fixed the floating satchel issue so you should only see the Alchemy Satchel once you have purchased the alchemy room decoration for each house respectively.
    • Version 1.0: Added the option leave all but one or all but three of each unique ingredient. Temporarily removed "Take All" button. Optimized Script with some help from Trillobite.
    • Version 1.01: Added Alchemy Satchel to the alchemy workbench in the ArchMage's quarters.
    • Version 1.02: Minor syntax change on the message box.
    • Version 1.03: Crimson Nirnroot will now be stored correctly as well.
    • Version 1.04: Improved the script a bit. Store All will now work much faster. Added messages to tell you when storage is complete and now if you have no ingredients on you the message box won't pop up.
    • Version1.041: Fixed some stuff I messed up last update, don't worry about it.
    • Version1.1: Added store half option. Changed the message box slightly.
    • Version1.11: All the changes were under the hood so you shouldn't notice much of a difference from the previous version. I improved the script a lot, so now it's easy for other modders to implement this mod into theirs. If you're interested, let me know.
    • Version1.2: Added the ability to access your stored ingredients from an alchemy satchel when you activate the adjacent alchemy workbench. Also added an optional version that automatically closes the alchemy room doors for you.
    • Version1.21: I improved the ingredients access feature so you no longer have to refresh the ingredients in the crafting menu.