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NPCs with more extensive dialogue and role play choices.

Over 250+ fully voiced NPCs, 25+ followers, 15+ marriage NPCs, and 50+ quests.

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Interesting NPCs is a project to add color and life to Skyrim through three-dimensional characters. Each NPC is integrated into the world, with a backstory and an extensive dialogue tree to explore. Many of these characters are fully voiced by a talented team of over 80 voice actors. The dialogue choices allow you to role-play, providing humor and depth to each conversation. You can be a jerk or a jester, a white knight or an assassin, as the most important character is you.

Originally, the goal was to expand 8 followers to include commentary on every quest and location in the game, including bonus conversations during or after major questlines. Currently, these followers, whom I have dubbed "Super Followers" because they fly and wear capes, have approximately 1000+ lines each. It may be unrealistic to meet this goal, however, as actor interest in performing slave labor can ebb and flow, and even a dozen new lines can often take months to get recorded.

As the mod will likely continue to make future additions and improvements, it can still be classified as a WIP, but the existing content should see very little change.



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Special thanks to everyone who helped build this project. I still remember when it was just a couple NPCs hanging out in one place like a wax museum. Thanks to all the actors, composers, testers, blog contributors, and users who helped support the mod along the way. I've said my thanks once before, but I really can't stress it enough, without everyone's contribution none of this would be possible.

[size=15px]F E A T U R E S[/size]
• 250+ Voiced NPCs
• 50+ Quests
• 25+ Followers with Location Based Commentary
• 15+ Marriage NPCs
• For better control of which NPCs are in your game, non Quest-NPCs can have their base dialogue removed via "setstage DialogueNPCNAME 500" console command. Some quests have different names like "KavaldDialogue," so if it doesn't work type "HELP NPCname" in the console to find the appropriate quest name. This will turn them into vanilla clutter.
• Unvoiced/Unfinished Dialogue can be enabled via the console by "setstage 3dnpcenable 1"

[size=15px]T R A I L E R[/size]
This video highlights just a small portion of the features in this mod, including voice acting, followers with unique commentary, interconnected NPCs, unexpected encounters, bard music, and player role playing choices. This represents just a fraction of the overall content in Interesting NPCs.

A Note on the Development Cycle of this Mod:

For those who are unaware, I began with zero modding experience. There are New Year's resolutions older than my scripting powers. This has profoundly altered many aspects of the mod in the following ways:

Quests Prerequisites
Many quests expand on existing NPCs, and work under the presumption that you have met them. If I knew how to make quests from the beginning, I obviously would have tried to introduce more NPCs as part of a quest. Nevertheless, even now there are factors that force me to use prerequisites. Often times vanilla dungeons or quests have to be cleared to ensure no conflicts. The official wiki lists the requirement to start each quest.

V O I C E  A C T O R S
The roster of voice actors have been amazing. There's too many to single out, but without them this mod would be like one of the silent movies which everyone thinks is so awesome now because they can be used as a functioning sleep aid.

Aaron Kelley - SignusReunald
Adamm Khuevrr - Fa'nar
Adoxographist - UreniIria
Alice Bell - Fjona, Glathriel, Ester, Beatrice, Carmella
Alienslikechocolate - Fironet
Anduniel (Anna Castiglioni) - Bette, Fig, Kyra, Isis, Renni, Darksteel Ghosts, MorndasIsobelAmaleeTikrid, Joselyn, Gwyvane, Anja, Ulrund, Grotta, Henna and FrennaAldi and Camaron
Arisen1 - MorriganHenrietta, Joselyn, ThorolfOlette
Avery Smithhart - Sonja
Barrett Leddy - Eldritch, Yarbrough, Parellius
Brian Wood - Al'Hassan
Brittany Otero - Lamki, Sahlene, Alendriel
Cain Manoli - BodanClario, Larkspur
Cassandra Wladyslava - DirassiLajjan, Tanita, Necromancer
Christian Gaughf - Jeerah-NurJaspar GaerstonGriffithValgus
Christine Slagman (finalCrystine) - Misha, Wench, Ange
Churchill McLean - UldvarOlfrimCyrus
Colin James Fuller (Rhinjavar) - Erevan
Corey Hall - Leifan, Karras, Drelas, Gabania, Krillo, Sven, J'Sharr
David Bodtcher - LundvarGerrodHrongarDevran, Jonas, Farmer, Horker, Vartheim, Pelgurt GancieloBrother Renmar
David Jansen - Alchemist
Deedee Harwood - Gilsi
DOPR5 - Moris the DraugrSalty-Throat
Draginite - Okapi, Dog
DutchDude - Peragorn
Ed Waldorph - Fareloth
Elijah Lucian - Vaughn
Edward Schreiber (Doktor Haus) - Amicus, Drunken Bandit, VawkesRoggstad
Elisabeth Hunter - Inari, Caylene, Falatild, Valencia, Iorel, Merissa, Meresine
Euther - Haakon Iron-FistFontaine
EvilSeedlet- Melea
FedoraAndRapier - Among-The-HistJurykDar'rakki,Ralothi, Spirit Wolf
Giramor - ZarlakRongeirSkjarnS'vashni, Kjen, Gren, Jadro'Ra
Glen Michael Cooper - Azzarian
Grace Darkling - Sylphiron
Incoherencel - Whig
J. Guerra aka Guinolas - Norgrof Oak-HeartFjord
Isaac Silbernberg aka MagnusDux - Herran
Jacob McAuliffe - Brakh
James "Biggs" Highfield - Eldar Voreyn
James Hogg - Hag, Bilbus
Jay Appleyard - FryggHelcyonAmsienVardathLurgok, Sergius, Fassius
Jay33721 - Garrett, Jaysen, SadrinIorelOrondilFjona's FamiliarDagri'LonRelicAvernaRumarinEdwayne, Bandits
Jennifer Hedwig - Yushari
Jessica Osborne - DurazFroa
jezdamayel - ViranyaRinori
JLawrence Kenny - Yggleif
Joseph P. Bracken - Nasrin
Joshua Brayton Dro'bar
J.T. Decker - ZajhirraHagraviGodrodMannequin
Julian Shanahan (night_ranger26) - Vigram, Gormleif, Soren
Julian Tierney - Vinnius
Kaitlyn Harwood - YseldHelsig
Kasia Skarzynski - Maren
Kelly Camelio - OliviaAsteriaFelena
Kelly Parrish - Kianna
Lewis Davie - Grenier
Lila Paws - IrisTelleviIngarteWander-LustNythrielMorviah HlaaluAnum-LaMarigothThe Fair LadyYnvar, Bandits
Lindsey Lloyd - MarlaY'tharil
lindenlaurel - Arilwaen, Utei, Carah, Primeil
Lunivere - LyrikIgnatius
MalevolentMC - Raynes
Marc GP Cholette - Gnives
Marcy Edwards - Jolene,VeraleneBenildElenthil
Matthew Dixon - Mojin, Skeever,FenraldHalcarJilkmar, Geel-Jah, Swims-in-Wind
Matthew Simmons (MegapiemanPHD) - Batheru
Matthew Wade - Frik
Natalie Loftus - EldawynMugnor
Nextmastermind - GromashDravosKjoli
Nile Zam Jones (Zammuel) - BergQa'DojoGorrTwo-TailsUrzub
Paul Kilmer - Foromir
Paxson Helgesen (@thatpaxguy) - Hjoromir
Randy Westbrook - TheronEfram, Mallon, Skrag, Bandits, Noble, The Captain, HjolmCassius
Robert Ducat - Mercs and Guardsman
Merrigan - RosalindAlassea
Ryan Cooper - Lattimore, Torveld, Ogdul
SageHalo - Wolf, Moth Priest, Food Critic, Breton, Sixby
Scaffidles - Terynne
Serithi - Krog, Ortheim, Mowgrol, Ignar the Lucky
Shannon Woodrow - VallaDeirdre
Sirena Mesa - BettanyEleanor
Stig 'DragonNOR' Sydtangen - ValenorLarsdon
Sveekins - Ylgyne
Timothy Kohler (Orpheus2012) - Rothvine Manor Guard
Tom Shortridge - Nitter
Tommy Fullerton - Deneris
Trent "Stellarcirclefive" Martin - Florentus, Sunken RootsDalum-EiHiram, Bandits, Pilgrim, Prompt, Boot
Viridiane - Zora Fair-ChildCallenLleyara
Vulon - Bodyguard
William Handford - SkjelKorrilan, Morbush, Necromancer
Zaf - OffrynFlinK'avaldHrokkarMirosFrodmar, Darksteel Ghosts

A M B I E N T  M U S I C
Most of the writing and song lyrics were written by an army of primates on Sholes and Glidden Typewriters then fed through a monkey translation software. It's an inexact science, but I have no problem taking credit for all of it. After all, who's the one who cares and feeds for them, all while adjudicating the occasional "Feces War?" --->This Guy.<--- Of course, there have also been excellent contributions from higher primates as well, whom I have credited below.

Christian Gaughf - Griffith, Morrigan
Jay33721 - Averna, Iorel
Progressive_Stupidity - Olette
Roarian - Relic (Dialogue and Quest)
Merrigan - Alassea Idle Commentary and scenes with Rosalind

Additional credit to Jay33721 for the inspiration behind Relic, Dagri'Lon, and Fjona's Familiar, Progressive Stupidity for contributing some random NPC commentary, and DOPR5 for writing the TES variation on the old "Knock the Timbers" pirate shanty.

Roarian scripted the first 3 quests and did all the programming voodoo while I twiddled my thumbs and played with dolls. Somehow, I managed to learn a bit of scripting on my own, so we will see how that develops over the coming months.

BarbasTheDog has also contributed a script for versions after 2.43.3 that will effectively remove follower commentary when engaged in a conversation with another NPC. In this video, you can see the follower quest disable when Avulstein is babbling, and return as soon as he is done.

Interesting NPCs began as a project to bring color and life to Skyrim. However, the early characters were rather modest creations - a direct result of my own limitations with the CK. Over time, as my modding skills have improved, those NPCs have evolved into companions, spouses, and quest givers. Yet as a product of this unusual development cycle, any quest that involves an older NPC may require having met them previously. As I am still unable to create new lands, it may require clearing vanilla obstacles to prevent the possibility of conflicts.

To help rectify this, many of the innkeepers will provide notes directing you to Quest NPCs that are harder to find. Meeting them will ensure you can meet the prerequisites organically. This will result in many small quests whose only goal is to meet the NPC.

As the number of quests has surpassed 50, the full list can be found here.


Dusk on Anvil Harbor
Composed by Arisen1
Performed by Kelly Camelio

Wolves of Jorrvaskr
Composed by Giramor
Performed by Giramor and Arisen1

Tears of the Hist
Composed by Arisen1
Performed by Arisen1

Mogo's Mead
Composed by Arisen1
Lyrics by Arisen1
Performed by Arisen1

Portraiture and a False Portrait of Happiness
Composed by Giramor

Ragnar the Red - Skjarn Version
Dragonborn Comes - Lute Version
Composed by Giramor
Performed by Giramor and Kelly Camelio

Luaffyn's Band
Ragnar the Red
Age of Opp/Aggresion
Tale of the Tongues
Dragonborn Comes - Drum Version
Composed by Arisen1
Performed by Arisen1, Kelly Camelio, and AlienslikeChocolate

Fironet's Song
Produced by Jay33721 based on folk song "Remember O Thou Man"
Performed by Jay33721 and AlienslikeChocolate
Salty-Throat Sings Pirate Shantys performed by DOPR5

Amalee's Music Composed and Performed by Anduniel(Anna Castiglioni)
Lunar Lake Seranada
Dibella's Art
Dragonborn Comes (Harp Version)

Warrior's Life
Composed by Giramor

Eyldi the Bear
Alassea's Version Composed by Merrigan )
VST Version Composed by Giramor

With Bells On
Alassea's Version Composed by Merrigan 
VST Version Composed by Giramor

Gone with the Snow
Composed by Merrigan 

A M B I E N T  M U S I C
Sebastian Schneider - Blood of Kings
Arisen 1 - Peril, Sokhi Munaumi Remas, Muirin's Dream, Honor
Giramor - Miserere Mei Meus Amicus, We Built this World, The Drums of Arkay
Anduniel - First Dawn

S O U N D  E F F E C T S
These four characters would not be possible if not for Jay33721's amazing voice effects and acting.
Jay33721 - Special Vocal Effects for Fjona's FamiliarDagri'LonRelicAverna

S O U N D  E D I T I N G
Mastering7 Studios, LaptopRocker - Godrod, Carmella, Rinori, K'avald
Christian Gaughf - Moris, Salty-Throat, Melea
Jay33721 - Eleanor Book-Worm
Roarian - Melea Retakes and Fixes

Arisen1 - Mogo's Mead Bottles - Check out her Stand-Alone Mod Here
Artisanix - Paintings and Frames used in the miscellaneous quest "A Thousand Words" starting with in v3.04
foster xbl - Fat Bastard Mesh for upcoming quest, mod can be found here

[size=15px] T E S T E R S[/size]
We've recently added a couple testers to help make sure the new quests are free of bugs and typos and the occasional chupacabra.

Extra credit goes to Nicole Burns (blauwvis) for testing the main questline and helping me build the wiki. NoNoodles provided some invaluable help with conflicts and textures. Sifka, who handles the Japanese translation of the mod, has also signed on as an editor to help. Maligree has tirelessly made quest pages for the wiki, something that has conquered many a wiki editor before her. Inara has also now joined the wiki creation team and now with 2 wiki editors I truly I feel like the luckiest man alive.

Anyone who wishes to contribute can send me an email at [email protected]

Jen Guerin (Scary Monster) - General testing
Nicole Burns (blauwvis) - General testing and Blog writing
Nonoodles - Dialogue Overhaul, Conflicts, and General testing
Maligree - Quest pages, General testing
Inara - Quest pages


Manual installation is simple. Download the main version and drag and drop the contents into your Data folder. If your download interrupts, try the torrent on the blog or the mirror links.


Extract the files, drag and drop to overwrite everything.

However, when using NMM, it is important to note that the software may uninstall the old version instead of overwriting. To quote Starfis - When NMM says that a different version has been detected and if you want to upgrade - select NO. Then click YES for all files or YES to mod when overwriting. Others have said NMM does not work well with larger mods, so Christian Gaughf has kindly provided some detailed instructions for how to download this mod manually and still use NMM to install:

- Download the mod manually if NMM doesn’t work.
- Open NMM and click the “Add Mod from File” button located in your Mods tab.
- Select the 3DNPC 7zip file and click open. This may take some time.
- Once the load is complete, simply activate 3DNPC. This too may take some time.


The mod should be safe to uninstall via NMM or simple deletion of the esp, BSA and loose files such as the sound folders and textures such as the Mogo's Mead labels. The mod is at its heart extremely simple, the size is mostly due to audio files. As with all mods, some things may linger in your save.

Starfis has also provided this handy list of things to do when uninstalling:

1. Dismiss all followers from this mod if you have any
2. Go to the location without any NPCs
3. Make a save to the new slot (just for sure, if something goes wrong), and uninstall the mod through NMM.
4. Possibly recreate all your patches like Bashed patch, Dual Sheath Redux patch, Merged patch, ReProcer patch... so any of these esps which could be dependent on this file can't cause any problems, or CTDs.


For a full list of people who have contributed to this mod, please go to


There are separate discussion threads under the Forums tab where you can read up on compatibility, request a patch and other things.


Everyone who has helped raise this project from skeleton to zombie to the fleshy blob it is now. Every referred actor, every bug report, every audio or writing sample(even the ones that didn't pan out), every encouraging word and funny email and space-ward pointed thumb has helped make this a better mod and a joy to make. You know who you are, and thanks.