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Overhauls the appearance of characters from Kris Takahashi's "Interesting NPCs"

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  • Japanese
The Original Mod of INTERESTING NPCs is required.


Yes I have changed the mod title. It's to:
  • Give it a more "As it says on the tin" feel, because it has got mistaken for the actual mod enough.
  • Line it up that I'm the author of Natural People too, so of course putting that in makes sense.

Interesting NPCs is a great mod, but it's so very much compatible, that it uses nothing but Vanilla assets. When you've got tons of eye, hair, etc mods, it tends to get a little... stale.

This mod Intends to edit 3DNPC's characters one by one, following their personalities, and making note of how they keep themselves. I'm attempting to keep my choices not only loyal to their original appearances, but their stories and their personal choices.

~NPCs Overhauled~

  • Amalee
  • Anum-La the Swamp Knight
  • Gorr
  • Joslyn
  • Morndas
  • Tikirid
  • Rumarin
  • Valgus
  • Zora Fair-Child
  • Duraz
  • Ange the Song Bearer
  • Asteria
  • Falatild
  • Lasdon


Thank you everyone who let me use their resources:

The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam
KS Hairdo's Renewal by Kalilies
SG Female Eyebrows by hellosanta
Brows by lthot
The Art of Beard - New Facial Hair by Creeperation
KS Beast Hair by KrittaKitty