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A simplified 'needs' mod that adds easy to manage buffs when bathing. Adds bathing rooms to inns, washwater to cookpots, and placeable washbaskets for your player home or camp. Also build your own bath!

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Description is not totally up to date, until it was reworked, please refer to sticky (or changelog) about Simple Bathing V2

Simple Bathing is a simplified 'needs' mod that adds a basic buff when bathing.

I love needs mods, and I always felt there was something missing when I stumbled freezing and starving into an inn – a bath! Of course there already is mzin’s great, full-featured Bathing in Skyrim, but for my teetering tower of mods it would be a script too far.

So I made this simplified version – it adds a buff, but does no tracking or debuffs. You can use it when you want, and forget it if it’s not convenient. The scripts are extremely minimal – one only adds the buff spell on activating a washbasket, and the other fires in the NPC undress zone I added to the bathing rooms. This gives you a point to using a bath, without any script overhead.

The mod adds bathing rooms to inns, washwater to cookpots, and placeable washbaskets for your player home or camp. The SKSE version also includes a buildable bathing room with a player-character undress basket

Baths in inns

Thanks to Jokerine graciously allowing me to use the assets from Showers in Inns, I had the perfect base to add bathing rooms to all the vanilla inns in Skyrim and Solstheim. (Yes, Dragonborn is required.)

Each is its own cell, with a minimal footprint inside the inns – usually just a trapdoor and a small basket or other clutter to indicate the bathing room.  Exceptions are some inns that have a basement, like the Bee & Barb in Riften – the bath has a full door in the cellar. I also added a door to the Retching Netch in Raven Rock and New Gnisis Cornerclub. (Nightgate Inn now has an access door in the basement.)

Each bathing room has a bath with bench and spouted water (hence the original ‘Showers’ moniker). NPCs will disrobe upon entering the bath, and can relax on the benches or chairs provided. (NPCs will use whatever body you have installed, nevernude or not, so your SFW quotient is up to you.)

Most assets are vanilla - but version 1.3 adds some amazing Nordic wall carvings from Nordic Carving - Wallbaskets by mikeynexus. I just had to add at least one to most of the baths, it really punches up the decor.

I've added Frostfall markers to each bath, so your character should warm up in the water.

At each bath there is a basket with soap – activating that will run a little vanilla idle animation and give you a buff:

  • Resist disease – 50% resistance for 4 hours
  • Health regeneration – 10% for 4 hours
  • Stamina regeneration – 10% for 4 hours

A bonus to disease resistance and health just seem to make sense for a clean mod, and for those of us that have mods that disable health regen (like I do) I added the buff to stamina.

It’s 4 hours real time – so depending on your time scale, you’ll get a couple days or more game time out of the buff.  Enough to wander off to some dungeon and back to civilization. Note the effects don’t stack, so washing again simply starts the clock again.

Washwater at cookpots

But wait, you ask – what if I want to bathe anywhere else? Well, I play with Frostfall and there’s just no way I am literally freeing to death in a river or lake to wash.  So I thought about that, and realized what people in Skyrim would have done every day: heat washwater over a fire.  So you can now create ‘washwater’ at any cookpot, using craftable soap. (You’ll also find soap in regular merchant lists.)

Create it using the cookpot, and activate it right in your inventory. (You could drop it, if you really wanted to, but not required.) Like washwater in real life, it gets used up (disappears) with use.

This will give you a similar, reduced buff as the baths in inns – if you think about it, it’s more of a sponge off-face washing sort of thing. So it won’t give you quite the bonus a full bath will.

  • Resist disease – 35% resistance for 4 hours
  • Health regeneration – 5% for 4 hours
  • Stamina regeneration – 5% for 4 hours

Thus you can wash in any interior with an operating cookpot, including NPC homes, bandit camps, and the like. And if you have camping mods such as Campfire or Campsite installed, you’ll be able to wash up using a cookpot at your own camp.

Placeable washbaskets

And there’s more! I just know people will ask – 'but what about my player home?' There’s just no way I could patch every one, and what about your permanent camp? So my simple solution for that is to include placeable washbaskets that you can put in your player home or camp.
Like the inn baskets, these are permanent and can be used infinite times. The buff will be the same as the inns.

Craft it, drop it, and hold the activator key (usually E or controller A) to place it where you want it. (If you want finer control of placement, Jaxonz Positioner is your friend.)

And for the discerning Dragonborn, there are a few fancier baskets for purchase at Belethor’s in Whiterun and Bits and Pieces in Solitude.

Washtubs - Campfire add-on

By request: As an optional add-on, I have also included a placeable (and re-placeable) wooden washtub that uses the same script as the inn baskets, crafted and managed using Chesko's Campfire system. You could use this if you like making more permanent or well-appointed campsites, or you can place it in a player home as a rustic bath option. Find it in Misc files.


Build your own bathing room

Now you can 'build' your own bathing room! I have now added placeable trapdoors to a choice of five bathing rooms - you can now install a bathroom anywhere! (Many thanks to gezegond for the mechanics from Live Anywhere - Constructible Shacks.)

Buy a scroll of instructions from select merchants that lets you place a trapdoor that leads to a new custom bathing room. Belethor's will have Nord and Noble versions, Bits and Pieces in Solitude will have Noble and Redguard, Sadri's Used Wares carries the Dunmer style, and some Orc blacksmiths will have an Orc version. Various decor objects from some of the amazing modder's resources on the Nexus (credits below) make each bath unique.

Note: The placement is permanent. When you build, the trapdoor will be placed directly under your feet, oriented in the exact direction you are facing. So use your player character as your guide for placement. (I recommend you make a save just before you build!) Building will take from 9-12 hours of game time, so expect to be tired and hungry after if you use needs mods.

PC undress basket

Your player character can also bathe in comfort! Toggle the "undress basket" (basket of armor or clothing) in each bathing room to unequip all items. Click again to re-dress. Now also re-equips your weapons and equipped spells.

Recommended Mods

Interactive Wash Basins by simsim899 would work great with Simple Bathing, as it uses the same principle of a simple buff. This was the mod that really inspired me to make my own. 

Campfire by the inimitable Chesko allows you to build a campfire and thus cookpot/washwater almost anywhere.

Kinaga’s Campsite also adds cooking pots to camps.

Rusey’s wonderful Tentapalooza includes fancier placeable tubs, for those with more refined tastes. That already includes a small resist disease buff, but you can add my washbasket to it as well. Requires Campfire.  

You could construct your own shack with gezegond's neat Live Anywhere - Constructible Shacks - then add a bath to it!


Should be overall compatible with everything that Showers in Inns works with – which is mostly everything.

The baths are compatible with ZF Primary Needs by varakz and Drink Eat Sleep Bathe by TheRealRyanB (Jokerine notes: “I was also notified by 9zabner that Drink Eat Sleep Bathe should be the last "water-related" mod in your load order. If it still does not work for you, check your mod list carefully for conflicts.”)

Compatible with iNeed - you can refill waterskins from the bath. The original RND was also reported to work for refilling waterskins and bottles - not certain if that will be the same for RND 2.0, I don't use it myself.

Works great with More Tavern Idles and Interesting NPCs.

Patch for Bathing in Skyrim available in downloads. Mzin's bathing scripts will work with the baths in this mod. Washwater and placeable bath baskets craftable from mzin's 'plain soap', which also replaces my soap on merch lists. (Note my basket/washwater ‘clean’ doesn’t count for mzin’s tracker though.)

Patch for CACO available in downloads (the soap recipe will use CACO's tallow and salt).

Patch for InnCredible available in downloads.

There are a few items added to merchants chests and merchant level lists – so if you have other mods that add to these, you’ll want to make a bashed patch with Wrye Bash.

Not compatible with Perseids Inns and Taverns Realistic Room Rental Enhanced v1.8, but Basic v1.7 is fine.

Requires Dragonborn.


Does not require FNIS - the animation is a simple vanilla idle (WarmArms and WipeBrow).

I recommend installing with Mod Organizer (or alternatively Nexus Mod Manager). If you have a mod that uses some of the same modder's resources, NMM may ask you to overwrite. Just say yes, they should be identical - if I made changes to any assets they will be in the clioshand directory.

For best results, install after any mods that add items to the inns.

Use a Bashed Patch for leveled lists.

UPDATING an existing save to 1.3: Overwrite your existing main files with the newer update version. Any included script changes should be compatible with your existing savegame.

Uninstallation: It's never recommended to uninstall a mod mid-playthrough. All mods with any kind of script leave traces in your savegame, even light ones like this one. Ideally, you will restore your archived save from before installing the mod. If you must remove without restoring an archived save, be sure you exit any cells from the mod or that have a placeable washbasket in them, and ensure you don't have any washwater/washbaskets/mod added stuff in your inventory. Remove mod with MO or NMM (or manually remove relevant files from your Data directories). Then clean all scripts from the mod out with hadoram's Save Game Script Cleaner following this guide by icecreamassassin:


I want to share freely with the community as others have so generously shared with us. But I also believe strongly in attribution.
You pretty much need to know you have clear permissions for anything you want to extract from this mod, since they are combos of others’ resources.

The bathing rooms are based on Jokerine’s Showers in Inns, and would require my permission as well as Jokerine’s to use. (Just let me know if Jokerine gave you permission, then you'll have mine.)

Everything else comes from free-to-use modder’s resources. HOWEVER  you must give credit to any authors whose assets I have used. See the Credits list for an idea of where everything is from, or PM me.

If you would like to use anything that is my own asset from this mod, just drop me a line to let me know (I’d love to see it!) and kindly give me credit. (Mostly what would be of interest would be the buff scripts and un/dressing activators, some compiled clutter, and the washwater/washbaskets.)


Much appreciation goes to Jokerine, who allowed me to use the assets from Showers in Inns
Also a big shout-out to TwilightStar who fixed up the lighting in the baths - it's much more realistic and atmospheric now.

Bathing would not be the same without Insanity Sorrow’s Towels, Soaps, and Washing Stuffs (scrubby brushes & washtub)
I just had to use Amelli’s excellent Insanity's Soap - Retexture – there’s a different one for nearly every inn!
The various basket resources were provided by Lillith's Ready Clutter and Furnishings 1.0 and 1.1 and Lolicept Resources by LOLICEPT
The bath bottle bling was courtesy of Morrowind Style Clutter and More by The_Funktasm
The silver tray for the fancy bathbasket is from Oaristys' Modder's Resource Pack
Non-vanilla armours in the clothing baskets are from Brigandage by Franklin Zunge
Nordic wall carvings from Nordic Carving - Wallbaskets by mikeynexus
I used the soap recipes from mzin’s Bathing in Skyrim, as well as consulted its scripts to figure out my own
And the NPC undress script is courtesy of the excellent tutorial and resources by Jet4571 for Bathing Suit in a Pool Script and files (and yes, I did start giving everyone a spa-like little wrap for bathing, then quit when I realized the proliferation of body mods made it a nightmare to stay compatible)

(SKSE version) I used the building scripts from gezegond's really cool Live Anywhere - Constructible Shacks for the mechanics to make the buildable baths.
(SKSE version) Redguard decor from Farinelli's Redguard shields (Hammerfell armoury), flintone's Orient Set, and Arab Art Resource by Leodoidao
(SKSE version) The Redguard lamp is from Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension by Oaristys
The Witcher meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used with permission.
The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.
(SKSE version) Custom bathing room rugs and tapestries from Rug Resource by yourenotsupposedtobeinhere and Tlaffoon's Rugs and Tapestries by Tlaffoon

I also consulted the scripts in Interactive Wash Basins by simsim899 and the PC undress script from Open-air bath in cities - Yukemuri Skyrim by dareka62 to figure out my own versions, big thanks for posting your source files
Thanks to mael5trum for the patch for CACO–Bathing in Skyrim that I based my own patch on
Thanks to Chesko for making Frostfall compatibility shockingly easy
Big nod to the Tes5edit team of ElminsterAU, Hlp, Zilav, and Sharlikran who made most of this possible
And thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim and the chance to make our videogame visions real