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Everyone's Favorite spell pack... now In Enderal!

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Apocalypse Spell Pack - Now in Enderal!

Note: This is only an ESP replacer! You still need the original files from EnaiSiaion's Original Mod. (v. 9.36)


  • Where are the spells?
  • They can be purchsed from Tarhutie Leklerk, in Riverville's market area.
  • Why am I allowed to buy all the spells, scrolls, and staffs at any time instead of being restricted to level/ability like in Skryim's Vendor version?
  • Long story short: Enderal's system of perks, leveled lists, Spell Distribution, etc. Is far different than Skyrim's. It has no real way (that I know of) to make it only add the books if you are reached at a certain skill level (at least without scripts, which I don't know how to do). In Enderal it seems they get around this by making it so certain Rank of spells are only available in certain vendors. However, since I don't want to alter multiple vanilla Enderal records, So unfortunately you are on your own when it comes to selecting/buying spells that coincide with your tier.
    To make this somewhat easier, I've labeled all the books, scrolls, staves, and spells with the appropriate tier (Novice = Rank I, Apprentice = Rank II, Etc.) 
    Again, there's not much I can do with my (lack of) skills.
  • Will I encounter the spells on other vendors or in the wild like the original Skyrim version?
  • Probably not. I did in fact try to alter the quests/lists to make this work, but it... doesn't exactly work as planned. Your Millage May Vary.
  • Will NPCS use these spells or staffs?
  • For the spells, definately not. Just like in vanilla skyrim, you might be able to get them to use the spells if you use ASIS to get them in (see my ASIS files for Enderal). Staves and Scrolls... unless they happen to get lucky and loot them from somewhere, most likely not.
  • The Spells aren't working as expected!
  • Due to the sheer volume of spells involved, I was not able to test each spell individually like I was for Spectraverse or Dwemertech. Therefore it may be possible that some spells do not work with Enderal. Unfortunately there is not much I can do about this.
  • The Spells are overpowered/underpowered!
  • I have made something of an effort to balance the spells, but it's not perfect. Keep in mind the original mod was balanced for vanilla Skyrim, not Enderal, which has its own system of balance and such. Spells that might have been perfectly fine in original Skyrim might be over or underpowered here. 
  • Compatibility?
  • This should be compatible with everything. Only object of note is that it does edit the  _00E_Merchant_FlusshaimTarhutieContainer vendor chest record. Any mod that edits this chest will be incompatible.  In normal Skyrim this might be a problem, but in Enderal this shouldn't be much of an issue since there really isn't anything that I know of that does edit it.
  • I think I can do a better job than you when it comes to spell distribution or making nonworking spells work
  • You are more than welcome to make a better version, then. You can either upload a page like this yourself or contact me.