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With permission from M3t4lxxx, RE-Real Estate continues under a new author.

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  • German

Hey there, my name is Habalak, the new owner of RE-Real Estate.
I know M3t4lxxx still has the mod up on his page so here's a little backstory.

After Recieving permission from M3t4lxxx.
"Hey, sorry for the late reply, but I don't use much this site nowadays.
 I'm glad you're enjoying my mod and yes, you can use my mod as you want. Good luck with the development of your mod. 
I've decided to upload the files he gave me under my own name in order to better facilitate communication between users of this mod and myself in the near and distant future. Let's make this mod even better!


This mod offers both simplicity, for casual gamers, and a high level of customization, for pros. How is that done? Simple...
  • Outside of most buildings, you'll find a Property Sign. Interact with it to buy, sell and rent properties, from which you'll earn income.
  • Use a Master Ledger to review your current status. You need also to keep it up to date, to do so you just need to select the "Ledger's quill" from your inventory.
  • Collect your income from Safes located in each jarl's palace. The safes are locked, so that no thieves will steal your rent. The key is automatically given to the player during the tutorial.
  • You can easily adjust *any* setting using the MCM.

But owning a property is not only about earning money: you can also choose how much your tenants will have to pay you, and this will change the way they behave towards you:
  • If you allow them to pay less than usual, they will offer you better prices (if they are merchants) and they'll be friendlier.
  • If you charge them too much, they'll offer higher prices and they'll dislike you, but you'll earn more money.

Different types of properties give you also different advantages:
  • If you own a Shop, you will receive discounts on the wares sold.
  • If you own a Mine, you will receive ores extracted by your miners.
  • If you own a Farm, you can have delivered a part of the food produced by it.

Properties are divided into several categories, each with its own pros and cons:
  • Houses: cheapest but low income.
  • Shops: expensive but high income.
  • Inns: more expensive than shops but higher income.
  • Farms: Increase income from inns or receive food.
  • Mines: Provides you with ores, you can use them for smithing or you can sell them for coins.
  • Special Properties: no income, but slightly raise overall income, and (in future versions) give you other advantages.

In order to buy a property you need also a perk (you can disable these requirements if you don't like them):
  • Haggling (the first level) for Houses;
  • Merchant for Shops;
  • Investor for Inns;
  • Master Trader for Special Properties.
  • All the other properties don't need any perk to be bought.

This mod requires both SKSE and SkyUI to work properly. If you don't have any of them, what are you waiting for? They are both amazing and really useful, and are requirements for many other great mods out there... so... go get them!

As Skyrim and mods aren't known to be very cooperative at times, it is highly recommended that you follow some tutorials on how to use TES5Edit and Wrye Bash to clean and optimize your game. 

Tutorials for using TES5Edit

1st step:  Skyrim Mod Tool TES5EDIT : Cleaning your master files (REVISED)

2nd step:  xEdit Merged Patch : Skyrim SE & LE

 Tutorial For using Wrye Bash

3rd Step: Skyrim - How to make a Wrye Bash Bashed Patch

If you want to report a bug then you need to have cleaned your masters and any of the mods LOOT says need cleaning, you also need to have made an TES5Edit Merged Patch and lastly a Bashed Patch, because if you get a bug and you haven't done these things yet then the bug might come from general incompatibility between your game and mods rather than from Real Estate itself.  This is why I won't count Bug Reports that come from users who haven't taken the proper steps to ensure they have the highest quality experience possible, it's almost impossible to know where a bug is coming from if preparations haven't been made to reduce them. 

How do I install the mod?
You may have noticed that starting from v3.0 there are two files instead of one. What do they do?
  • RE_RealEstate_Core stores your data, keeping track of which properties you own and of your settings;
  • RE_RealEstate is basically everything else: it handles the MCM, signs, discounts, income, etc...

To install the mod simply download both files and put them in your Skyrim folder.

How do I upgrade the mod?

  • Short answer: Don't... it's a mess trying to upgrade from version any version without the 2 files)
  • Long Answer: (You sure you want to do this?) 
  •  If you're updating from a version < 3.0 it's pretty tricky: v3.0 isn't compatible with previous versions, because of the way ownership is saved (items instead of local variables), so if you update the mod now, you will lose all your owned properties.
    • If that isn't a problem remember to uninstall the previous version (go to MCM > Real Estate > Uninstall): in this way you'll safely stop all the scripts running.
    • If instead you don't want to lose them, just wait until I'll release a workaround for transferring ownership from versions < 3.0.

  • If, instead, you're updating from a version >= 3.0 you just need to replace the old files with the new ones.

How do clean saves work?
Simple: disable RE_RealEstate, but NOT RE_RealEstate_Core, load the game, save, exit, re-enable RE_RealEstate and continue playing! You made a clean save and you didn't lose your data!

If you speak any of these languages, then you're in luck! My mod is available also in:

  • German, thanks to Dante2000.
  • Polish, thanks to FeelThePoveR.
  • Chinese, thanks to makiatskyrim and eminem_luo.
  • French, thanks to Lysandus.
  • Russian (available also here), thanks to coladragon13.

If you're interested in translating my mod, please send me a PM.

Q. Will this mod or any other Real Estate Continued versions get ported to Consoles in the future?
A. Nope, nope and nope... it's not possible to port this mod over to consoles when the backbone of the mod (A little Third party Program called SKSE) isn't able to be installed on a console. 

Q. Will you be making a version of this mod that can work on consoles?"
A. Not a chance.

Q. Why not?
A. Because it's illegal for people to put Third party software (SKSE/SKSE64) onto their consoles.

Q. Could I get some people to do it then?
A. You're more than welcome to make a console compatible version of any of my mods.

Q. My game keeps crashing when I start it! What do I do?
A. Have you downloaded and installed both files (RE and RE_Core)? Are both files active?
If you installed the mod using NMM, when asked to upgrade, select "No".

Q. Is this compatible with mods that change perks, such as OrdinatorSkyREACE, etc.?
A. Yes and No, mods like SkyRE and ACE just edit vanilla perks, so there won't be any problem. Unfortunately mods like Ordinator remove vanilla perks and replace them with custom ones, however, you can simply turn off the perk requirements from the MCM so it shouldn't be a problem.

Q. When I interact with property signs there's no options for buying. What do I do?
A. You need to progress in the tutorial (the quest "Becoming a Landlord").

Q. Where is the How to Become a Landlord book?
A. Look in the books tab of any merchant.

Q. I can't complete the quest called "Becoming a Landlord". Is it a bug?
A. No, the quest is not meant to be completed (i.e. removed from the Active Quests) because that would break the mod (specifically the ledger would stop working). The last stage you can reach is when you are told to "create your own real estate", you can think of that as the end of the quest