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SE Version here

Thank you SlygoneLive for a beautiful showcase

Who is this mod for
This is for those who are tired of going through over 600 hairs in the creation menu. For those who are sick of vanilla hair but still want lore-friendly hair on their NPCs.

What this mod does
Changes most of vanilla hair to KS hairdo's and a few individual hairmods. I tried keeping the hair styles quite short to avoid massive clipping.
A few vanilla hairs of male orcs and redguards only are left due to lack of good options.
Every race has as many hairs as in the vanilla game, except human females who now also has access to the four elder female hairs, like their male counterpart.

I added a version without Dawnguard, so no Serana and Valerica hair. Facegeom is still included for all the DLCs.

5 exclusive female hairstyles for Bretons, Dark Elfs, High Elfs, Imperials, Nords, Redguards and Wood Elfs

I uploaded a rar file with pictures of every hair in this mod, including the female exclusive hairstyles
All pictures are taken in Skyrim Special Edition

I really recommend using SkyHide - Dont Show Headgears since custom hair disappears under helmets, hoods and hats (Circlets are fine)

This does NOT include:
Edited faces - I have not edited any faces
Snow Elf hairs - Not touched
Dremora hairs - Not touched
Male Orc Hairs - 12 out of 27 hairs are original
Male Redguard only hairs - 5 out 6 hairs are original
Khajiit hairs - Not touched
Argonian hairs - Not touched
Child hairs - Not touched - Though I recommend having The Kids Are Alright

Optional Facegen:



Not a requirement, but recommended since FaceGen are exported for them. of course you can just delete them.

Take the esp and the bsa from eithre the 0 core folder or theĀ 0 Core - Exclusive Female Hairstyles and put it into your Data folder. Then take the content of 1 NPCs and put in your data folder.
Or just install with Nexus Mod Manager/Mod Organizer
After that install whatever FaceGen you need, so that it if it needs to, it will override the main file's FaceGen
Remember to enable the mod!

Safe to uninstall in the middle of a playthrough.
Remove the esp and bsa from your Data folder and remove the facegeoms under Data\meshes\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom
Or just uninstall with Nexus Mod Manager/Mod Organizer

Even if you uninstall with Nexus Mod Manager, you have to manually delete the facegen! This is not a problem with Mod Organizer.


It's incompatible with any other mod that edit FaceDenData.
It's of course compatible with every bodyreplacer, facemod, you name it

Have it early in your loadorder so that other mods that overwrite specific NPCs will overwrite this mod.
However, with mods like Bijin, and other mods that have standalone hair, just install that after and have it after in the load order.
If using Nexus mod manager, let it override everything, and in Mod Organizer have it in lower priority and later in the load order.

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Thanks to Kalilies, Stealthic, Khaos and Shocky for
KS Hairdo's
Thanks to Chris57 for BetterMales hairpack
Thanks to zzjay for cazyhairs
Thanks to NifTools team for NifSkope