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To Reclaim your Pretty Human Face from the Ravages of Vampirism. No Sunken anything for Male or Female player as vampire. May also be used as a modding resource for vampire NPC

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So you wanted to play as a vampire in Skyrim and found out that all that hard work you spent getting your character to look just right when you were human got thrown into the ugly blender and spit out some warped monstrosity of your previous pretty self. Horrified you searched for a fix but no matter what you tried it never fully restored you back to what you wanted to look like. Sound familiar? Well thats what happened to me and ive seen all kinds of solutions but the only safe ones I settled on which did not make unsafe changes with a plugin or rely on scripts was the classic No Sunken mods coupled with swapping out vampire textures. The problem I ran into was after trying out several I found they were not changing enough so while I could see an improvement there were many settings that were not working right and while I called it good enough for my clean shaven female anyone who has tried playing a male character with a beard or scar found out really quick that it was not only not working but actually made things worse which is why I made this

Before using this:

Vampires are fickle creatures and in this game just looking at them wrong can cause them to bug out and make you hate them or atleast what they look like. To set yourself up to benefit fully from this you should do the following first

Please ensure that the fixes to the broken vanilla vampire race records which are included in the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch are maintained in your game and not reverted back by some evil mod loaded after

This does not fix the ugly vanilla vampire texture issue as I have addressed that already. Please see description for my mod Cosmetic Vampire Overhaul for directions to do this. You dont have to actually use CVO to fix your PC but will if you want your NPC fixed as well

What this mod does:

This contains modified files from the base game which are responsible for vampire mutilation. These should work with existing headparts or additional added by other mods which are based off of and reference vanilla mesh to make it so that ANY setting you choose to make your appearance regardless of sex should hopefully pass through the ugly blender unharmed leaving you with the same look you started with. Basically the only change you should experience is your eyes and mouth ( fangs ) which are intentionally not included here as there is already mods which give you fangs as female and or alter the male ones and I dont want to overwrite those if you already have them

First off while I enjoy taking SS I am not especially good at it but I will try to show visually a quick demo for both sexes so you can visually see.
I am of course running USLEP along with my other mod CVO and other misc cosmetic mods to try and mimic a typical appearance for them. Believe me when I say it is not necessary to show them in vanilla state for this comparison

Here is our lovely couple in their human state pre-vampire. Pay attention to the additional headparts notably the scars and facial hair

Now here they are both as vampire with the same mods and glorious sunken faces

Here is our lovely couple using a popular existing no sunken fix. I dont need to point out the beard hopefully

Finally here is our couple with the same mods as when they were human with the only addition being VFR

What is not compatible:

Enhanced Character Edit
Any other mod which includes a replacer headmesh which does not support vanilla morphs
Check FILES for optional patches currently available

Custom Race Mods:

The following is true provided you know this is compatible already for the default races in your game.
You would still install the main file here in full first as it is unlikely that your custom race mod has all the same files in its own directory and will still reference all others not included from the default location.
If your custom race is one that simply contains a vanilla based head mesh in its own directory then you may safely copy files of the same name from this to your custom race folder replacing them with these.
If your custom race is using a modified head such as a copy of the femalehead from ECE then it is not safe to copy any of these over as they will not work correctly

As a modding resource:


To avoid many self inflicted appearance injuries:

This is important for you to know, before becoming a vampire you need to make ALL changes to your appearance as human. Only when you are finished getting your character to look exactly how you want do you become vampire. Once you are vampire you should not change or mess with these sliders, just assume all are now unsafe to change ( Go ahead change your skin color I dare you .... JK dont do this ) the only exception to this is if you are using my other mod MVE in which case the only slider you will change is eye color. If you really must make changes revert to human first make your changes then save exit reload and become vampire again

Refrain from using console to change your race in your normal game. While it is convenient and handy for testing purposes in my many hours of playing/testing it is not safe to continue your game after. Use "Rising at Dawn" Quest to revert and become a vampire through normal game triggers

If your character has Dirty face, which I have never actually gotten this myself and I have personally tried out many settings. I suspect that this is a result of playing without the fixes to races as many settings without them are not valid when you become vampire and the game simply reverts to the next best thing which happens to be dirt. If you are confident that you are correctly maintaining the fixes in your game and still suffer you can try this or something similar

Clean your Vampire - dirt removal by vertex


Since I was too lazy to actually make a new character for each sex since I am playing mainly elves right now and have already overused my others I took the liberty of using the wonder that is shared presets. If you like the appearance of these 2 I got them from the following

Most Beautiful Man in Skyrim by girlplaysgame
My RaceMenu Presets by Undeadgoblin

If you enjoy this please consider sharing a pic or 2 of your vampire characters non deformed pretty face. In all honesty that will be nice as (1) it will look better than what I have up and (2) serve as confirmation to others that this actually works