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To Reclaim your Pretty Human Face from the Ravages of Vampirism. No Sunken anything for Male or Female player as vampire. May also be used as a modding resource for vampire NPC

Permissions and credits

What VFR does:

This contains modified files from the base game which are responsible for the mutilation of your facial shape When you become vampire. Using this will revert those changes regardless of sex or headparts to leave you with the same face shape you started with

What VFR does not:

Change NPC. CVO does that or any other mod which used this as MR

Does not revert the ugly LOOK of your face from vampire face textures. CVO does that. If you do not use CVO alongside this then you can use Normal Vampire Faces Batch File or manually replace them yourself

Here is a simple visual comparison for both sexes
They are shown with other cosmetic mods to try and mimic a typical appearance for them. Believe me when I say it is not necessary to show them in vanilla state for this comparison

Here is our lovely couple in their human state pre-vampire

Now here they are both as vampire with the same mods

Finally here is our couple with the same mods as when they were human with the only addition being VFR

What is not compatible:

Any mod that replaces your head
Check FILES for optional patches currently available

Custom Race Mods:

The following is true provided you know this is compatible already for the default races in your game.
You would still install the main file here in full first as it is unlikely that your custom race mod has all the same files in its own directory and will still reference all others not included from the default location.
If your custom race is one that simply contains a copy of the games head mesh in its own directory then you may safely copy files of the same name from this to your custom race folder replacing them with these.
If it has a new custom head then it is not safe to copy any of these over as they will not work correctly


You may not upload this to other sites, if I want it there ill put it there myself

You are free and encouraged to use this as modders resource for generating vampire NPC facegen for your mod(s).
Once facegen is generated with this installed these files no longer affect them so please do not also include any of the files from here. While a user will not need this installed in their own game for your NPC to show correctly as a courtesy please link back as they would if they want the same change for their player character

Original Blonde in Banner
Red Vampire Eyes Shown
Blue Vampire Eyes Shown

If you enjoy this please consider sharing a pic or 2 of your vampire characters Reclaimed Face. In all honesty that will be nice as (1) it will look better than what I have up and (2) serve as confirmation to others that this actually works