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Compendium of Official Strings from the Original Game, where you will find, at least, the Strings of the Nine Languages on which 'Skyrim Legendary Edition' has been translated, when released.

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Greetings to Everybody. It's me, Franky;

First of all, this is NOT a mod itself, this is a SHARE, and that's why it is uploaded at the 'Miscellaneous' section.

Here, you will find ALL the Official Strings, in ALL the Nine Official Different Languages, on which 'Skyrim Legendary Edition' has been released. The Strings are untouched, and in the same state as Bethesda has released them. Each group of Strings, separated on its own language, are into its own 'strings' folder, and compressed in an own *.7z file.

Additionally, I am sharing at the 'MISCELLANEOUS' section of the 'FILES' tab, Strings for other languages, from other users or translators teams, that let me to do it so.

- These are the flags of the languages on which you will find the Strings here: -

(Official Strings from the Original Game)

(Coming from the Credited Users)

If you are a TRANSLATOR USER, or a TRANSLATORS TEAM, and you have TESTED AND VERIFIED STRING FILES, in different languages from the ones here, or modified ones, or whatever relationated, and you want to SHARE THEM HERE, please PM me.

Additionally, in the next link you will find the mod profile with all the Official Strings for the 'Skyrim Special Edition':

Multiple Languages Strings Unified Central SSE


Skyrim Legendary Edition

- To install the Strings, in a right way, just extract the *.7z file, into your 'Data' folder of your 'Skyrim Legendary Edition' installation.

Due to the facts, that the Strings are just the same ones that Bethesda has released with the game, and that are untouched, the compatibility with the game itself is total. Of course, after downloaded from here, if you change anything on them, in any way, then, you are the only responsible person of how good will be the compatibility or not, with the Official Game, softwares, and/or mods that can depends on them.

Also something that must be taken in consideration, when using the Strings, and overall when you are translating between mods, is that the new game, uses a diferent codepage when storing and managing texts, and this means that, while the old 'Skyrim Legendary Edition' use the format '1252', the new and last one 'Skyrim Special Edition' use the better known and better for to use in terms of compatibility format 'utf-8'. So, the theory says that the 'Old Strings' and the 'New Strings', are totally incompatible, so if you mix, and/or use the incorrect strings in the wrong game, or perhaps you use a mix of codepages when translating, you will receive as result, incorrect characters, words that are not shown, bad behaviour and answer of the engine of the game, CTD's, etc. It is something EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, that you have this clear, always use for 'Skyrim Legendary Edition', the codepage in format '1252'.

Lastly, KEEP IN MIND, that if once installed the Strings downloaded from here, you overwrite them, with other ones, then, the last ones will be used by the game and other softwares that can depends on them, too.

Basically speaking, a STRING file, is just a file that contains a group of already defined texts, and that is used into a software, game, etc.

The game, 'Skyrim Legendary Edition', like other ones from the saga 'The Elder Scrolls', has been released with different Strings groups, separated on the different languages, on which the game has been translated. If we look more carefully about how they are shared by Bethesda, each master file of the game, the ones with an extension *.esm, has its own subgroup of String files, and each subgroup is divided in other three different files. All the files contains the name of the language on which its texts are. Each one of these last three different files, ends in an unique word, depending, as a general rule (not always followed), on what kind of text contains, like conversations, items, places, specific things, etc. That's why you can see, for example for the 'Skyrim_english', three files named at their ends, with the extensions: dlstrings, ilstrings, strings.

In conjunction, the Strings are needed for we can see every piece of text in the game, appart, of course, of the text that can be implemented using other ways or resources.

The Game has been released in Nine Official Languages, and at the 'MAIN FILES', of the 'FILES' section, you will find ALL the Strings from each one of them, separated and ready to be downloaded. That won't change, to separate the Official Ones of any other ones. Anyway, I'm looking for Strings from other languages, to add them to 'MISCELLANEOUS', at the 'FILES' tab too. So, if you have Strings in a language that the game has not been released, please, contact with me by PM, but please, ONLY TESTED AND VERIFIED ONES, and don't worry, you will be CREDITED.

Some Strings that I will add to the 'MISCELLANEOUS' section, can need also other files, to represent all the letters and symbols from its specific language. But, here, at this mod profile, you will find ONLY the Strings.

- Can you upload these files here?
Of course, I'm only sharing some of the original files of the game, for it can be used as a resource for to do translations, modified files, or for to improve the game, etc. That's the same spirit on which the modding community is based always. I'm not uploading the whole game, and as always must be, I'm respecting the rules of this community.

- Have you changed anything from the Original Files?
NO, no way. As said before, I have released the original files you can get from the Original Version of the game, and from each one of the Official Languages, on which the game has been translated. The unical thing I did, was extract them from the Original *.bsa Files, and combine and overwrite them, with the updated ones from original loose strings folder, that comes with each language.

- Are these Strings compatible with the 'Skyrim Special Edition' or the newer ones from the new game with the old version of the game?
NO, don't use them so. As said earlier, at the 'Compatibility' section of this profile, the old 'Skyrim Legendary Edition' use the codepage format '1252', while the new 'Skyrim Special Edition' use the codepage format 'utf-8', so if you combine them, you will receive bad things and nothing good.

REMEMBER, the Strings shared here, at this profile, are ONLY for 'Skyrim Legendary Edition'.

If you are looking for the Strings for the newer version of the game, then follow the next link:
Multiple Languages Strings Unified Central SSE

- Can I send you Strings from a different language on which the game has not been released for you can share them here?
YES, I even encourage you to do it. I'm looking for to expand the languages, and to convert this profile, as a good reference to get the game in as much languages as possible, but please, ONLY TESTED AND VERIFIED STRINGS. Anyway, I will upload them at 'MISCELLANEOUS', at the 'FILES' tab, to keep an order, and to identify which one of them has been released by Bethesda, and which one are provided by the users. And yes, you will be CREDITED.

- Are the screenshots, at 'IMAGES' tab here, done by you?
Yes, except the one that is a composition of caps in game, this has been done just using public screenshots from all over the internet, and the credits of each one of them, belongs to the person who did them. The 'IMAGES' shown are just for give an example, and an orientation.

- Why you did this and which is your intention?
I am doing Spanish Translations of different mods, and sometimes, I know that can be a little difficult, to have the Strings of reference, for your own language and/or any other language on which you are translating the game, or any mod. I did this to help everybody to identify a clear and specific site, for to get the needed Strings. I will appreciate a lot, if you can spread the word, and help to make this mod profile, as it is intended to be, and as the name says, a good 'Multiple Languages Strings Unified Central', in this case for 'Skyrim Legendary Edition'.

- Can you give me an example of software which the strings can be used with?
Of course, you can use the Strings for very much things, but if i have to name one useful example where you can need them, it is when you are handling voice files and texts associated with them from the game, then you will need the original Strings and a Tool for to manage it all in a good way. The next tool is one of the best ones, created by the user 'BowmoreLover': Lazy Voice Finder

In addition to this, the String files also can be used to fix the known bug 'Empty name Bug (or can't loot, can't interact)', from the 'ASIS' and 'Perkus Maximus' non-english users. A detailed description to fix this bug using the files here shared, can be read at the sticky post at the 'POSTS' tab from this mod profile. The thanks for the help goes to the user 'Sthaagg', and the credits for the fix goes to the people who created it and shared it.

Well, due to the Strings are just the original files from Bethesda for the game, and due to I'm only the person who is sharing everyone of them, together and centralized, in one mod profile, the only thing i can say about permissions, is that you can use them and modify them as you want, following too, the same rules that Bethesda and the modding community, can say about it. But, please, if what is shared here was useful for you, I will appreciate that you can at least, give thanks, give an endorsement, and/or spread the word about this profile.

The Strings shared at 'MISCELLANEOUS' section, can be used for Personal Use ONLY, but if you want to upload them by yourself, here, or in another site, you HAVE to get the Permission from the correspondent user.


(Hungarian Strings)
Skyrim in Hungarian

(Portuguese Brazil PTBR Strings)
PTBR Skyrim

(Chinese Simplified Strings)
(Chinese Traditional Strings)
TESV - Chinese Translation

(English Strings)
English Strings for Skyrim

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