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A home in Whiterun compatible with multiple adoptions . Room for 4 kids and 4 followers. Use mod "Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions" if you want 4 kids, and "My home is your home" to add followers to this home.

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Whiterun Home 4_5 Dependent requires Cloud Storage with Crafting Centers to work properly. 

This Home can provide Well Rested perk gain 10% more experience, Lover's comfort 15% more experience ( If spouse is with you), and Father's/Mother's Love bonus, 25% additional effect when using healing potions (if children move here).

The main manor is compatible with the Hearthfire Multiple Adoption mod. Just use their bless this home spell, and by default it is set-up for up to 4 children beds and 4 follower beds. There is a re-decorate switch in the children's room that converts the room for followers (a no children's option). This option will support 8 beds for followers. 

This mod provides: 
Local and hobo linked storage for player usage. Hobo storage containers can be used to access storage in other locations tied to Cloud Storage Crafting Centers .

Crafting for cooking, baking, alchemy, enchanting, staff enchanting, spider scrolls, smithing and a customer potion converter (small sample of potions can be upgraded), and Return home spell. The player can interact with some items in the home like: A waterfall, the butter churn gives 1 butter for 1 milk, two sinks, Two fire pits, the master bath water splash, 11 Hobo storage containers that connect to any other Hobo location, Book for Reading animation and reading effects, Chair for Relaxing Bath effect, Soap for Soap effect, Invisible furniture markers for writing, translate, and relax animation, bag to feed Chickens, a cow to milk, a book to set the table, and a mirror to change your appearance.

The player has custom displays for:
Display for scrolls, Display for Paragons, Black Books display, All Claws display, All Masks display, All Unique Jars.
Manor also includes: weapon racks, weapon plaques, shield plaques, bookcases and mannequins.

 There are 8 customer journals that each give a skill (2 of these journals are hidden).There is also a custom spell that has NPC followers remove armor when entering the pool, bath or bed. This spell is not included in the children's room when the children's decorate option is selected. There are four secrets in the home. Two are "the hidden journals", another is gifts from Sassa, and finally the 4th answer to how Alvis, Sassa and Asta made it out without detection. 

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Recommended dependent on your game style:
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The mod will be incapable with other house or building mods in the same location. Use " The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold patch" if you want to use with The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold mod.