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New 1k / 2k / 512 LODs Textures map for the buildings and the landscape of Skyrim, Dawnguard and Dragonborn
Require TES5LODGen or DynDoLOD to work.
Work best with NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K, Rustic Windows and Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture.
Formerly HD-LOD Buildings.

Permissions and credits
Please use the Skyrim Special Edition (100% compatible) version available
Select the "SSELODGen - DynDOLOD" option


This mod is a complete re-texture of Skyrim, Dawnguard and Dragonborn LODs.
Most of the Vanilla lod have an ultra-low resolution of 256*256. My mod change them to 1k or 2k
The texture I created are only the one which are not covered by TexGen from DynDOLOD by Sheson.
HQ LODs Texture for ship, Farmhouse and Landscape are available under "Miscellaneous". ONLY for TES5LODGen (not for DynDOLOD since TexGen can create them).

TES5LODGEN doesn't support 2k texture when it create the global lod map. It is strongly advised to use only the 1k/512 version with TES5LODGen (The 2k version is more or less overkill anyway)

The texture are based on :

  • Vanilla Skyrim and what I supposed Bethesda wanted to represent (pretty hard on a full building represented in less than 64*64 pixels)
The 3 above mods are recommanded as my mod is designed to be used with these mod for best matching Lods.

I strongly suggest you to take a look on DynDOLOD and the powerful TexGen to generate all the other LODs you need in the quality you want (it's very easy to do!).
Please Note neither of the mod above is "required" to allow the mod to work (Only TES5LODGen or DynDOLOD as there is no other way to have compatible LODs for everyone). I'm pretty sure it will look better than the blurry low-res vanilla version anyway. BUT you could notice some incoherence if you don't use NSM, Rustic Windows for the Solitude Windows (the other are much less visible) or Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture for the Falmer Valley Lods.

Covered Area
  • All the Cities of Skyrim : Solitude, Riften, Whiterun, Windhelm, Winterhold College, Markarth and high hrothgar.
  • Dwemer ruins
  • Dawnguard Content : Dawnguard Castle, Castle Volkihar, Falmer Valley (Snow Elf Ruins) and Soul Cairn stuff
  • Dragonborn Content : Telvani Tower, Ravenrock, Apocrypha, thirsk mead hall
  • DynDOLOD new ressources
  • Landscape : Glacier (Skyrim+DLC1), Muchroom (DLC2), Terrain (Skyrim+DLC1), few other things like Bridge, standing stones or cave Lods.

  • Drag and drop in your Data folder
  • run TES5LODGen by zilav or DynDOLOD by sheson (probably no effect otherwise, since Vanilla use a texture map for LOD and not file in "lod" folder). 
  • To have full experience DynDOLOD is strongly recommanded, some of the texture of this mod will be unused with TES5LODGen.
  • You need to overwrite ressource file from DynDOLOD with this mod.
  • You need to overwrite my texture with thoses made by TexGen from DynDOLOD ( 0 concerned texture today, but maybe in the futur... )


  • Overwrite all file with the new archive, you should be fine.
  • If you Use DynDOLOD, I think you just have to replace your existing meshes and textures without modify the esp or anything else (or do a clean update if you prefer).
  • If you use TES5LODGen, just run it once again.
  • It only modify meshes and textures, no impact on your savegame.
  • Note : most of the mod which add building use the existing LODs map so they will have HD LODs too).

Compatibility / Problems
  • I think it is compatible with everything...
  • Vanilla mesh use theses texture in a strange way sometime (I noticed the texture is applied twice one small building). This may not look perfect if you look at them closely using "tfc" command but totally not noticiable otherwise.
  • I'm learning how to use Photoshop correctly, basically I'm a newbie on it so any constructive criticism is welcome.

Random advices about TES5LODGen / DynDOLOD
  • /!\/!\/!\ Don't forget to update the "Max Tile Size" according to the version of the mod you downloaded in DynDOLOD (max 2k) or in TES5LODGen (max 1k)
  • Disable all plug-in related to "No snow under the roof" by Prometheus before running TES5LODGen (may prevent building for being displaying correctly since there is no 3d-snow lod texture). Re-enable them after.
  • Disable all plug-in related to "SkyFalls and SkyMills" by SjoertJansen before running TES5LODGen. Re-enable them after.
  • The "" texture map generated (and the other) are in DXT5 / DXT3, most of the time it is useless and could be converted in DXT1a for 50% less Vram usage with no loss in quality (since there is no use of Gradient alpha in the lod texture).
  • At the cost of some FPS (and your firstborn) DynDOLOD offer many new texture/mesh for LODs object. You can just use the new meshes/textures without script if you want. If your computer can handle it, I definitely recommend this option.
  • Texture from this mod will never conflict with the one produced by TexGen from DynDOLOD.