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The hosting page for any and all compatibility patches I have made.

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On this page, you will find compatibility patches I have created for various mods on the Nexus that I have been given permission to distribute. These patches include:

BUVARP - Barely Used Vanilla Actors Recycled Project and More Racism in Windhelm (BUVARP - WindhelmFR)
This patch merges changes that both mods make to Shahvee, so she'll be available as a follower and will wander Windhelm if the stormcloaks lose.

BUVARP - Barely Used Vanilla Actors Recycled Project and Immersive Weapons (BUVARP - IW)
This patch merges the changes made to various NPCs by BUVARP to make them followers with the weapon changes made by IW, and mirrors IW's changes in BUVARP's follower versions of them.

BUVARP - Barely Used Vanilla Actors Recycled Project and Dire Wolves (BUVARP - DireWolves)
Merges the changes that both mods make to the caged wolf in Whit River Watch so that it will be available as a follower and will be a red wolf.

Zim's Dragon Expansion BETA and Dragons Dawn (ZDE - DD)
This patch merges changes made by both mods to a small handful of vanilla dragons. Whichever mod had the stronger stat in a particular area won.

Book Covers Skyrim and Not So Fast - Main Quest (BCS - NSFMQ)
Both Book Covers Skyrim and Not So Fast - Main Quest make changes to Delphine's note: BCS changes the texture while NSFMQ changes the text and adds scripts. No matter which order the mods are loaded, something is reverted. If BCS is loaded last, NSFMQ's text change is reverted and the note will not trigger A Blade in the Dark as intended. If NSFMQ is loaded last, the quest will trigger as intended and the new text will be present, but the texture will be reverted to vanilla. This patch merges the two changes so that they will both appear, regardless of how these two mods are loaded.

Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul and BUVARP - Barely Used Vanilla Actors Recycled Project (CFTO - BUVARP)
This patch adjusts the placement of the carriage added to Falkreath by CFTO, so that it doesn't clip a house added by BUVARP. The new placement of the carriage is not perfect, but it works. If you use the Lanterns addon for CFTO, make sure you grab the Lanterns version of the patch.

Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul and Thieves Guild Alternate Routes (TCBM - CFTO)
CFTO adds a condition to the Thieves Guild radiant quest "The Fishing Job" to prevent the quest from choosing carriage drivers. Depending on load order, this could either break TCBM's force city feature for that quest or remove CFTO's added condition. This patch merges the changes.

Not So Fast - Main Quest and MorrowLoot Ultimate (MLU - NSFMQ)
This patch carries forward the new Thane weapon added by MLU into NSFMQ's version of Dragon Rising.

Not So Fast - Main Quest and Improved Artifacts Collection (IAC - NSFMQ)
Same as the Morrowloot Ultimate patch, but with the Thane weapon added by IAC instead.

Cutting Room Floor and More Racism in Windhelm (CRF - WindhelmFR)
CRF adds an AI Package to Scouts-Many-Marshes that sends him to the New Gnisis Cornerclub after his work. WindhelmFR adds AI packages for Marshes to roam the streets if the Imperials win the Civil War, and for him to go to the cornerclub for lunch. This patch merges these changes.

Immersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass and Dawnguard - Tweaks and Enhancements (BetterDGEntrance - DGTweaksEnhance)
This patch merges the changes to the Dawnguard quests that were necessary to make it work with BetterDGEntrance's new front for Dayspring Canyon with DGTweaksEnhance's changes necessary to properly increment its quest counter.

Dawnguard - Tweaks and Enhancements and Kelsenellenelvian's crossbow mods (PCI - DT&E, or LSC - DT&E)
Both Proper Crossbow Integration and Legendary Skyrim Crossbows enable you to craft Dwarven Crossbows from the start, provided you have the appropriate perks, and as such disable the Dwarven portions of the Dawnguard side quest "Ancient Technology". These patches carry this change to DT&E's version of Ancient Technology so its counter will be properly incremented.

Zim's Immersive Artifacts and any other mod that adds thane weapons (ZIA_OtherThaneWeapons)
Zim's Immersive Artifacts distributes its new thane weapons via a script, which adds the weapon to the player upon acquiring the one given by the Thane quest, and removes the quest given one afterwards. This replacement script removes the removal of the quest awarded Thane weapon so that Zim's thane weapons can be used alongside another set of Thane weapons, such as Improved Artifacts Collection's thane modual or, wait for it, THANE WEAPONS REBORN!