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  1. icecreamassassin
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    Thane Weapons Reborn V4.2

    This version should have all the little issues ironed out that I was tripping over during the last few days getting this last update done. 4.2 has the cumulative changes from V4.0 on as listed below.

    -Optimized weapon leveling script to prevent same-game instance save reload from stacking level up bonuses
    -Removed notifications for weapon maintainance and leveling.
    -Fixed missing TWR load screen graphic
    - Removed texture pack archives that were mispacked
    - Set core mod with 2K texture files
    - Updated the auto thane weapon updater which fires the first time you load TWR which exchanges the vanilla reward for the TWR one.
    - Fixed "no longer contains that property" harmless spam on the player level up script

    Scripts to clean: These scripts should be cleaned using Save Game Script Cleaner or Falrim tools if you are
    upgrading a game in progress:


    I have also updated the 1k and 4k texture packs so they have proper subfolder pathing for ease of install.
  2. ProffesionalSlavMan
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    I want the sword of whiterun instead of the greatsword. Is there some way to convert it? Edit: nevermind
    1. Higgskor
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      Wait how did you do it?
    2. Goober5520
      • member
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      craft at forge
  3. laomaster
    • member
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    I guess I'll ask...
    Does this work with True Thane?
  4. mikaeldiola
    • member
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    This available in the PS4?
    1. RagamuffinSkullman
      • member
      • 21 kudos
      No. Sony forbids external assets, and these are external assets.
    • supporter
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    Does this work with Unique Uniques?
    1. EthienVonStahl
      • member
      • 2 kudos
      It doesn"t affect any objects changed by UU so I don"t see how it's incompatible
  6. fixxer1963
    • supporter
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    Maybe I am doing things wrong... 
    I searched for "bow" and "falkreath" both in this thread and it came back with zero hits.
    My Falkreath Bow has no texture.. just a big red square with a ! in it.
  7. KaziSifat999
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    Please make dsr patch. Love this mod. But DSR will give (at least) me more to enjoy
  8. Steffenbta
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    On my lvl 35 char with only 3 thane titles I get all weapons, on my main char with all titles i'm missing 3 weapons after installation. And i always only get the basic staff of winterhold. How can I activate the spell? I found more versions of the staff with different spells in the files.
  9. Davycannonhound
    • member
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    Alright, I'm probably missing an easy solution, but here's my issue. The mod is great, I love it. But.... I just had the opportunity to buy one of the weapons off of Belethor, and I've found multiple weapons on various bandits. Clearly this is an installation error of some kind. Any idea what would be causing it?
  10. Timberwolf1
    • member
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    If you don't mind some some attempts at constructive criticism, while several of the thane weapons make sense, others leave me scratching my head, mostly for reasons of context. For example, Korir, the Jarl of Winterhold, hates magic and elves, so why would the weapon he gives his thane be a magic staff? There's also the Sword of Whiterun; don't get me wrong, I can see how you'd give an enchantment related to dragons, but they were basically non-existent by the time of Skyrim; Just because the Dragonborn slew one, that doesn't mean Balgruuf will have an weapon enchanted for dragon-slaying purposes it instantly. Lastly, I'm confused as to why the thane weapons for Riften are daggers; Maven, sure I could understand, but why would Laila give you daggers? Dense as she is, she hates thieves and the corruption of the city, and dual wielding daggers just seems so...thief like.

    Sorry if this comes across as complaining, but I thought I'd just give my two cents on why I'm considering uninstalling the mod; there's some good stuff here, I just don't think it was thought all the way through.
  11. Nathanielvdv
    • member
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    The weapons don't seem to have any effects either listed with the weapon or in the active effect list while equipped, does anyone have any advice?