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Standalone follower, OR Changes the appearance of the lovely Serana.

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Serana Renewal

Get the SSE version here!

Thanks Porterhause for the video!

Just a simple replacer for Serana. I made sort of a neo-noir Femme Fatale looking version of her for my own game, ended up really liking it, figured you guys might like it as well.

Comes with five different eye colors, three hairstyles, and support for UNP and CBBE. There's also an optional download to give her dilated pupils instead of slit ones, if you prefer. Fomods for easy installation. :)

Requires Dawnguard, obviously. I'd also recommend the SKSE makeup tweak so you don't get pixelated lips. Shouldn't need anything else.

Added a standalone follower version (Claire) by popular request. She can be installed with or without the replacer, and vice versa :)

Install via NMM or MO, or drag and drop the folders manually if you so choose. If you want the dilated pupils just install them after and overwrite.

As of version 1.1 I've added a weight 100 option in the installer. If you choose the weight 100 option for Serana or Claire, you'll have to select them in the ~ console and use the setnpcweight 100 command on them, then disable / enable.

AFT USERS, BE SURE TO PLACE Serana Renewal.esp BEFORE AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp IN YOUR LOAD ORDER!


Q: Can you add _______ body type?
A: No, but you can replace the meshes yourself very easily. Just pick the compatible texture set in the installer (so for SevenBase, install the UNP option, etc) and then manually copy the FemaleBody_0/1 meshes to meshes\actors\character\Serana\Body and overwrite. Replace hand/feet meshes too, if you like.

Q: Can I cure her/will her eyes change?
A: Yes. Curing Serana works perfectly, and her eyes will change to their vanilla green color when she becomes human. If you don't want fangs as well, download the optional file. (Version 1.1 has the fangless option included in the main file)

Q: Special Edition version??!?

Q: What armor is that?
A: Scroll down bby

Bugs ?

Serana's eyes are the wrong color!
Caused by AFT trying to overwrite her eyes to default vampire ones. Placing AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp after Serana Renewal.esp should prevent this.
If you're on a clean save and it's still happening you can also replace textures\actors\character\eyes\ with whatever eye texture you want her to use, but be aware that this changes the eyes for all vampire characters.

There's a gap between her neck and body!
Open the ~ console, select Serana, use the commands setnpcweight 20 and then disable/enable.
If you had another Serana replacer installed with a higher weight setting, her weight won't always automatically return to it's vanilla setting when you uninstall. Setting it manually fixes the issue permanently.

As of version 1.1 I've added a weight 100 option in the installer. If you choose the weight 100 option for Serana or Claire, you'll have to select them in the ~ console and use the setnpcweight 100 and disable / enable commands on them, as stated above, or you'll have a neckseam. :)

Let me know if you find anything else.


Pretty much everything used in this mod was created by others, I can only take personal credit for a few small parts. As such I ask that you don't reupload this mod anywhere or use parts of it without first getting permission from me and everyone else it belongs to. But if you want to use something for your own game, please do! Sharing is caring. ;)

If you want to add a fix or translation to this, just send it to me and I will add it to the file.


The Eyes of Beauty


Mature Skin 2

Pride of Valhalla

Real Girls Realistic Body Texture

SG Female Textures Renewal

Fair Skin Complexion

Zoe's normal map

JayF's Female Textures

KS Hairdos




Better Hand Mesh for UNP

Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes

If I've missed giving credit for something, please let me know.

Mods used in the screenshots:

The lovely black and blue jackets used in the main images are from the mod Royal Hunting for UNP, by Karter. Refer to google for the link, my friends.

Vogue Rogue armor and TDN Vampire Armor Retexture were also used.

ENB used for the screenshots: Saraan Suum ENB ('Special Edition') with a few tweaks. (Newer screenshots were taken with Rampage ENB)