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Make your character look like the Joker. Based of the Arkham games and comics.
My first mod! Yaay! Haha! HAHAHA!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Permissions and credits
There are no mods out there that make you look like the joker. So I decided to accept the challenge and make one!
This is my first mod. (if RaceMenu presets are counted as mods).
So if you have any tips, tricks, problems or questions: let me know!
And if you are interested in more, be ready :D
Enjoy the mod!

What does the mod do?

This mod adds a RaceMenu preset to your game. When selecting this preset, your character will look like the Joker.
I based this joker entirely from the Arkham games and from the comics. 
You need RaceMenu and SKSE!
Also you need SkySight Skis mod. This mod enhances the skin of male characters.
This preset works best on human races.

NEW: Elven version!
I added an elven version to the files! 
If you want to play as an elven character (Altmer, Bosmer or Dunmer)
I don't recommend the orc race... no racist.
For this to work, you need the "All hairs for all non-beast races" mod by lazyskeever.

Character Build:

As an extra, I'll show you some tips to make your Joker character more... immersive...


Use "additemmenu" or console commant to get the Sheogorath clothes. Which fit perfectly for the Joker.
Or, if you find that cheating: you can use the jester clothes (Dark Brotherhood).
The Wabbajack is a good weapon for the Joker.

2. Skills
Skills he uses to manipulate others and sneak around.

3. Faction
The Joker is not really a friendly type. The Dark Brotherhood would be an option.
But he will mostly do what he want and when he want.

4. Mods
There are a few mods I can recommend you for a Joker playthrough.
One of them are mods that add Harley Quinn to the game as a follower. There are a few on the Nexus you can try out.

Another mod I recommend is "Rustic Clothing" by Gamwich. 
This mod retextures also Sheogorath and jester clothes. Jester clothes are now more purple with red. That fits the Joker!

How to install:

Follow the following steps:

1. Make sure you have the following mods installed!
- RaceMenu
- SkySightSkins

2. Download this mod manually

3. Drag the file to your Skyrim folder and then:
In order to make the "CharGen" file appear, you need to save your own preset first.

4. Start the game

5. Open console commands and type "showracemenu"

6. Click the tab "Presets"

7. Click "Load Preset"

8. Select "The Joker" preset.


Many thanks for the support, comments and all.