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A fully voiced skeleton necromancer using human animations. The jaw of his skull moves when he talks.

Permissions and credits
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Attention: As of version 1.8, Jarek is at a new starting location. Ask an innkeepers about rumors, then you will find out about his whereabouts...

Hello everyone! This is my first mod.

Jarek is a powerful millenia old necromancer in search of an ancient artifact. It contains great power that would further his mysterious ambitions but this is for now a secret held from the wandering traveler who dares comes across him when they meet at a suspicious cabin near Riverwood. His journey is felt anew as he has not moved in the last century, preserving his obscurity from un-accepting persons because of his appearance and profession...

Thank you kss jen!

Custom Follower Framework
Uses NPC animations (does not use draugr/skeleton/ash spawn animations)
Race: ????
Custom skeleton texture
Custom outfit
Green glowing eyes
Green fire
Perks: Necromancy, Summoner Ranks 1&2, Dark Souls, Twin Souls, Light Foot
Resurrects almost all beings up to level 100
Summoning spell for Jarek
Can turn invisible when asked
Conjuration Trainer
Can turn Grand Soul Soul Gems and Soul Gem Fragments into Black Soul Gems
Can be asked to kill thralls when they get in the way
Interaction with Xanthys
Skull TRI file for jaw movement when talking (immersion ftw)
Has magic spell that summons a random ghost based on who might have died in your playthrough
Jarek's Staff also has the same magic spell
Can wear any armor/clothing with only bones showing
Can switch to a melee combat style
Can switch between explosive and non-explosive fireballs
Can self-teleport to Player when they get too far
Can ride a (skeletal) horse along with you! :)

Features Planned

  • More dialogue lines
  • Quest to search for Jarek's item
  • TRI files for the rest of the racial skeletons (both genders) so I can use them as NPCs for Jarek's quest

Skull TRI File
In case I didn't make this point clear enough in the Features section, I've actually made his skull its own TRI file so his mouth will actually move when he is talking! Now it won't be so boring to stare at his scary face without any expression whatsoever. I've even given him brow ridge movements so you'll even know when he's angry or sad without him speaking. Why does his thick skull have brow movements you say? Magic duh! Having human animations will make him much more expressive with the usual idle poses that can be used during conversation.


Unzip files to Skyrim's data folder or use a mod manager.

Dismiss Jarek and wait a few hours, then save the game. Delete Jarek.bsa and Jarek.esp.

He should be completely compatible with everything else. Please notify me of any bugs.

Jarek's human skin will appear from time to time due to the game not loading his magic effects properly (he should be missing eyes too). For this, FIRST, make sure he is following you and not dismissed (click him in the console and use the command GetPlayerTeammate and make sure it's equal to 1 NOT 0), click him in the console, then Disable and Enable him. If he is not actively following you when you disable and enable him, armors/clothing that were a part of someone's default outfit (i.e. Vyrthur's unique Ancient Falmer armor that is only obtainable once) will disappear upon him being re-enabled. This is a vanilla bug.

If anyone experiences Jarek's Invisible Skin Effect Shader being applied to your Player Character, first, find the Mod Index of Jarek.esp
in your Load Order.

Remove Jarek's Invisible Skin Effect Shader with player.sms xx14d85f.

Replace "xx" with the Mod Index of Jarek.esp in your Load Order.

Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to remove his green eyes effect with a console command.

As of version 1.8, I have since included dialogue options to fix these effects.

Recommended Mods

I recommend using Cloaks of Skyrim+HDT Physics (WARNING: LoversLab) to get Jarek's cape flowing. Make sure to load the cloak meshes after Jarek's if using Mod Organizer. HDT Invisibilty Fix beta will help prevent NPCs turning invisible when wearing HDT equipped items.
I also recommend NewerMind43's Rise of a Legend - Ysgramor:
Q: Is he marriagable?
First joke question asked on the comments page. Sorry, no. that's not what I intended for him right now. I feel he's not for serious relationships because of his dark nature.

Where is Jarek?
A: As of 1.8, ask the innkeeper at Deadman's Drink in Falkreath for rumors about his whereabouts. Otherwise, go to Bloodlet Throne south of Falkreath and you should see a new undiscovered map marker nearby.
Pre-1.8, he is at Anise's Cabin.

Q: Are you up for suggestions?
A: Absolutely, comment away!

Q: Is he a lich? Dragon Priest?
His backstory is a mystery until I get into making his quest. All I'll say is that the reason why he's living forever is because he has an "immortal curse".

Q: Why does he use fire magic? Isn't he a necromancer?
Well, there's no actual lore that deems necromancers using frost magic primarily. Oblivion necromancers use fire, frost AND shock magic. ESO necromancers use their OWN type of magic and there isn't even any real frost magic to be used by NPCs. In terms of all Skyrim necromancers using frost magic, Jarek is not from Skyrim, he's been traveling Tamriel for centuries searching for an artifact so he doesn't live and reside in Skyrim as the other necromancers do, making their living in the cold climates suited for preserving corpses. Jarek just raises things on the go. Also, Sild the Warlock anyone? He uses fire magic but controls ghosts so he's technically a necromancer.
Plus, there's a backstory reason why Jarek uses fire magic anyway so there you go.

tl;dr Jarek is not from Skyrim. End of story.
p.s. Sild the Warlock

Q: Requiem?
A: I have not played Requiem a lot so any suggestions for tweaking Jarek to be in line with Requiem's difficulty is strongly encouraged.

SSE Version?
Right now, I'm using Old Skyrim as a bugtesting phase for Jarek. I don't want to release Jarek in the state he's in because he's kind of bare bones (no pun intended) at the moment.

Jarek Wearing Immersive Armors:

Note: Jarek is now capable of wearing anything without any skin showing, not just hothtrooper's Immersive Armors.

My mod uses assets from other mod authors. Please PM me about any assets in question.


Abbalovesyou - Skeleton body parts mesh from Extra Playable Skeletons and glowing eyes for Beast and Elf skeletons
Nikinoodles - Jarek's Cape from Cloaks of Skyrim
Prometheus - Beast Skeletons meshes and textures used in Extra Playable Skeletons
Andre7890 - Jarek's new default skeleton texture from Bones and Skeletons Retexture
lifestorock - Skeleton armor meshes used from Skyrim Immersive Creatures/Armored Skeletons and The Walking Dead
crysthala - Jarek's Scalpal weapon from Weaponized Tools
Daemonjax - Trainer Gold Exploit Fix
WDog367 - New skeleton and eye glowing meshes from Necromancy-- Undead FX (Thanks for giving me permission!)
acobral - Summon Random Skeleton NPC script
NewerMind43 - For their awesome true-to-lore Ysgramor Armor!
Miv357 - For Jarek's scythe from Classic Scythe
Jarek's horse from the Nexus Creature Resource uploaded by GendunDrup, mesh originally from TESV Rewritten: Arvak by Ph0rce
Arron Dominion - For Jarek's horse riding scripting and logic


anbeegod (Caesia's author) - For the update esp (0.9) fixing Jarek's disappearing problem!
PyroToaster - For releasing Xanthys, making me want to release Jarek sooner and for some tips. And for Jarek's Invisibility and summon script.
SimonSiminss - His Blue Fire Magic tutorial helped me to find out some missing bits to change Jarek's fire fully to green.
UESP Wiki for quest stage info.
Everyone in the comments section - It really means a lot to me that you guys think my mod is cool.

Tools Used

B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor
BodySlide and Outfit Studio
Mesh Rigger (Lovers Lab)
Merge Plugins

Tutorials Used
Deck16 - For how to add new dialog -
Beware of the error in Part 5 of editing the line with asterisk(*) which is actually the original copy.
Shortcut tutorial on how to quickly make a (vanilla voiced) follower:
The link below for how to create Jarek's custom follower framework:
For how to make extensive dialogue branches and the Forcegreet Package (series of videos):
This is the tutorial I used to make the skull TRI file: .TRI Facial Animation FaceGen Creation Tutorial

I will be adding new things, fixing problems and fine tuning many aspects of Jarek's mod. Please Comment, Track, Download and Endorse if you'd like to see him grow!







Thank you guys for your images! I really appreciate them!