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some cheat functions in mcm menu

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  • Polish
some cheat functions in mcm menu

features: (mcm tabs)
1. Shrines : you can receive blessing of divines
2. Trainer : call training menu from master trainer
3. Skill Level up : skill leveling freely
4. Merchant&chest : some free chests and 1 trashbox, and can call barter menu (merchant has always 30,000 golds), 
    and craft-machines that atuto-deleting after use (if you checked add-100-item option, these craft-machines makes 101 items for once)
5. Teleport to : can teleport 17 tamriel inns and 1 solstheim inn.
    also you can teleport to teleport room - doom stone markers, dragon mounds markers, imperial and stormclock camps markers,
    treasure-map notes and treasure-chests
6. npc marker : when game start, you will receive 2 spells. when cast to target, npc marker will appears to map and journal and this tab.
7. cheat : some other cheats