About this mod

My personal collection of mods, patches and tweaks which overhaul and enhance many of Skyrims interiors.

Permissions and credits

This is my personal collection of files, mods, merges and tweaks which cumulatively overhaul and enhance the majority of Skyrims most frequented shops, taverns, houses and more. I have cherry picked the best interiors, from the best mods and together they presently enhance 76 cells.

loadorder critical, conflicting cells critical, remove conflicting cells in TES5. Works with settes mods, remove WhiterunDragonsreach and/or Whiterundragonsreachjarlsquarters accordingly, plus patch cells. Works with IWillBlechas useless shop mod, new ELFX patch available. PCB console 31 day wait or newgame essential for discovered clutter misplacement. TES5 Cleaned.


ELFX is an optional requirement for the Enhanced Interiors Taverns plugin. There is a non ELFX version in the comment sticky.

ELFX is a hard requirement for the Aurora Village plugin.

ELFX is a hard requirement for the ELFX/Useless Shop Overhaul patch.

ELFX is NOT a hard requirement for the Enhanced Interiors Radioactive plugin but I urge you to make use of it. I have done a lot of work in this patch and I recommend you use them both as this is how I intended the interiors to look.

ELFX is NOT a hard requirement for the Longhouses plugin but I have done a lot of work in the ELFX plugin and urge you to use it.



Compatible Mods:
This mod is compatible with The Useless Shop and Interior Overhaul. There is also an optional ELFX patch for this mod available in the downloads. This patch is rebuilt completely by myself and is different from the existing file on the nexus in bulb placement, smoke flow and disabling various references.

This mod is compatible with Castles and Palaces Enhanced but you will have to disable the Dragonsreach parts from it, or my mod (Enhanced Radioactive Interiors), to make them compatible. Disable the cells accordingly in TES5EDIT. The affected cells are WhiterunDragonsreach and WhiterunDragonsreachJarlsQuarters. You will have to do the same thing for their respective cells in my ELFX patches.

Incompatible mods:
This mod is incompatible with Uniques shops and stores. However, you can remove conflicting cells in tes5edit from your interior plugins and leave the ones you want, whilst removing the rest. e.g. you really like an interior from unique shops and want to use it in place of one of mine. Remove the cell from my mod, and leave the cell from unique shops.

My taverns plugin is incompatible with Realistic Room Rental, friendlier taverns, bathing in taverns etc. Ask their respective authors to make a patch for you. My mod is also incompatible with Inncredible and Taverns by Jetmouse, as both mods are already fully incorporated.

It has also been reported that Unofficial ELFX SMIM ENB FPS performance patch is incompatible as it blocks the upstairs in the Bee and barb.


The files available are: 

* Enhanced Interiors Radioactive
* Enhanced Interiors Radioactive ELFX patch
* Enhanced Interiors SPO patch (Skyrim Project Optimisation)
* Enhanced Interiors 3DNPC patch
* Enhanced Interiors ELFX Enhancer patch

* Enhanced Interiors Taverns (ELFX is an optional requirement, see comment sticky for Non ELFX version)

* Enhanced Interiors Longhouses
* Enhanced Interiors Longhouses ELFX patch

* Enhanced Interiors Aurora Village  (ELFX is a hard requirement)

* Enhanced Interiors ELFX patch for The Useless Shop and Interior Overhaul 

Enhanced Interiors Radioactive
This plugin is a merged file comprising the majority of RoseRosenbergfr work from her Skyrim Radioactive page. I have combined her plugins and fixed the existing issues. I have optimised, repaired navmesh, x markers, duplicated references, lighting and much more.  

Radioactive cells modified

Helgen - Helgen Keep

Markarth - Arnleif and Sons Trading Company, The Hags Cure

Riften - The Bee and Barb, Black Briar Manor, Black Briar Meadery, Elgrims Elixirs, Riften Fishery, Haelgas Bunkouse, Honorhall Orphanage, Riften Mausoleum Hall Of The Dead, Marise Aravels House, Pawned Prawn, Riften Stables, Romlyn Dreths House, Snow Shod Manor, Temple Of Mara, Valindors House, Riften Warehouse

Riverwood - Faendals House, Hod and Gerdurs House, Sven and Hildes House

Solitude - Angelines Aromatics, Bits and Pieces, Solitude Blacksmith, Solitude Catacombs, Solitude Hall Of The Dead, Erikurs House, Radiant Raiment, Solitude Fletcher, Solitude Stables

Whiterun - Amrens House, Carlotta Valentias House, Dragonsreach - Farengars Laboratory, Dragonsreach - Jarls Quarters, Heimskirs House, House Gray Mane, House of Clan Battle-Born, Olava The Feebles House, Severio Pelagias House, Temple Of Kynareth, Uthgerds House, Ysoldas House, Arcadias Cauldron, Warmaidens 

Windhelm - Blacksmith, Calixto's House of Curiosities, Candlehearth Hall, New Gnisis Cornerclub, Sadris Used Wares, The White Phial

Radioactive cells un-modified
I have purposefully excluded cells from the original Radioactive series like Whiteruns Shops as there are other mods that do a better job in my opinion. Same thing for the Blue Palace. I also excluded the main hall from Dragonsreach due to FPS issues, plus imo the vanilla hall looks absolutely fine. I have however included Farengars lab and the Jarls Quarters as they look fab. There are links for these other files below so you can improve these interiors accordingly. To confirm, the Radioactive portion of my mod does not modify Arcadias, Warmaidens, Bannered Mare, Belethors, the Blue Palace or the Drunken Huntsman.

Enhanced Interiors Taverns

As well as modifying cells I also added my own twist to several taverns and added to the lore. You can gain more insight by looking inside the basket in Moorside Inn. As for what you discover...

I also added some things to Frostfruit Inn, as Rorikstead really is a curious little town.  As for The Frozen Hearth, I made it that way because I am a gardener, i hate the snow and needed something really enticing to make the trip worth my while. And yes, those empty-ish Skooma bottles have fertilised that vine. 

In many of the other Inns I have placed objects that hint at the games major story lines etc, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Cells Modified:

Dawnstar - Windpeak Inn
Dragonbridge - Four Shields Tavern
Ivarstead - Vilemyr Inn
Kynesgrove - Braidwood Inn
Markarth - Silver-Blood Inn
Morthal - Moorside Inn
Reach - Old Hroldan Inn
Reach - Old Hroldan House
Reach - Old Hroldan Smith
Riverwood - Sleeping Giant Inn
Rorikstead - Frostfruit Inn
Solitude - The Winking Skeever
Winterhold - The Frozen Hearth

Cells Un-modified
Falkreath - Dead Man's Drink & Hroldan - Nightgate Inn.
I use Shezries Unique Taverns mod for these two taverns and the author has informed me they will shortly be releasing updated versions of this mod.

Enhanced Interiors Longhouses
Dawnstar - The White Hall
Falkreath - Jarls Longhouse
Morthal - High Moon Hall
Solitude - Castle Dour
Winterhold - The White Hall

Enhanced Interiors Aurora Village
Aurora Borealis Inn
General stores (Anjas House)
Prismatic Potions (Skarlas House)

Enhanced Interiors ELFX patch for The useless shop and interior overhaul
Arcadias Cauldron
The Bannered Mare
The Bosmeric Drunken Huntsman

As of EIRv2, there are updated IwilUSAIO and iwilUSAIO elfx plugins included in the main EIR 2 download which play nicely with EIRv2.


I purposefully have not modified certain cells as there are other mods out there that already do a great job.

Markarth - Understone Keep
I use this mod instead

Castles and Palaces
I use this mod instead
Enhanced Interiors radioactive is compatible with Castles and Palaces Enhanced but you will have to remove the Dragonsreach parts from it, or my mod (Enhanced Radioactive Interiors), to make them compatible. Remove the cells accordingly in TES5EDIT. The affected cells are WhiterunDragonsreach (BL 5 SBL 5) and WhiterunDragonsreachJarlsQuarters. You will have to do the same thing for their respective cells in their ELFX patches. To confirm, you can use settes mods with my mods but you have to remove the dragonsreach cells from either mine or their mods.


I have uploaded an SSE conversion, courtesy of Waylander47. This version is a merged plugin of all the above files, and requires SPO, 3DNPC, ELFX and USAIO. This is a beta version and is not recommended for a long term save. Check the sticky for details.


As yet untested. I advise you merge patches with masters. From there you can merge those merges.
(i.e. Merge Enhanced Interiors Radioactive with Enhanced Interiors ELFX patch etc. Then make another merge of Aurora Village with Aurora Village ELFX patch. Then merge those merges together)


Massive thanks has to go to SetteLisette who painstakingly went through my work and ever so kindly made me custom patches. For Settes support I am eternally grateful, and want to take this opportunity to say thankyou. Please go and endorse.  Sette makes some amazing mods and you need to check out Castles and Palaces Enhanced, one of the best palace mods on the Nexus. If you don't have it, get it.

Deeply grateful to Mebantiza who provided a ton of fixes and updates under the hood, that improve gameplay, boost FPS and fix a ton of other issues now resolved in version 1.2.6. Mebantiza has some great mods like Another Sorting Mod, Opulent Outfits and Bijin AIO. Checkout his mods here >

Credits to Mebantiza who updated and fixed the mod for version 1.2.6 and provided a ton of fixes. 
Credits to SetteLisette who provided patches and assistance in getting this whole thing off the ground.
Credits to RoseRosenbergfr from Skyrim Radioactive who gave me permission to share this work
Credits to Anamorfus who gave me permission to share edits I made with ELFX
Credits to IWillBlecha who gave me permission to share my edits to The Useless Shop and Interior Overhaul
Credits to Jetmouse who gave me permission to share my edits to Taverns
Credits to NeverlessWonder who gave me permission to share my edits to InnCredible
Credits to Scarla who gave me permission to share my edits to Aurora Village
Credits to Megaloblast and Pharros for help with Lore implementation
Credits to Oaristys and Tony67 for Modders Resource pack
Credits to Blary for Open Books resource
Credits to Blary for Book Sets resource
Credits to Blary for Alchemy Clutter Resource
Credits to Blary for Ingredients Wall Art Resource
Credits to Artisanix for Paintings and Frames
Credits to EnclaveOverlord1 for EIR Taverns NO ELFX REQUIREMENTs
Credits to Waylander47 for EIR SSE Beta Version (merged plugin)


You are not permitted to re-upload, share, or charge for this mod. It contains assets from other authors so you need to obtain my permission first before sharing any updates, fixes etc you made to this.