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Long story short, I got tired of seeing plain shops that repeat themselves throughout each hold, so I did something about it. I've decorated each shop to better reflect, the region, the Lore, the vendor type and most importantly, the vendor themselves. Compatible with EVERY lighting mod and 99.9% of other mods. Over 660 hours into mod creation.

Permissions and credits
Unique Shops and Stores

----Compatible with 99.9% of the mods on the Nexus including Immersive Citizens, EVERY lighting mod, EVERY quest mod, etc. 

----This mod is a lore friendly project to decorate most of the shops and stores in Skyrim. 

----Nothing cant be stolen, bumped, shouted off the shelves, etc.   Everything I have added is STATIC.  Performance friendly.  

----My main goal with this mod is to have interiors that fit each NPC that ran the shop.  For example,   it needed to fit the lore, the dialogue and their personalities.  I also needed the mod to be compatible with 99% of the mods on the Nexus, all this without needing an additional esp/patch. 

----Additionally I took extra steps to ensure it is 100% compatible with the amazing Immersive Citizens-AI Overhaul by Shurah   That mod author sent me instructions on how to ensure the two were compatible out of the box. 

Here are some things people have said about this mod

"You had me at compatible with Immersive Citizen"-kylediaz263

"Thank you for an awesome Mod"-Kiwihine

"First, some flattery: This is probably my favorite Interiors mod for Skyrim. You've managed to make every place look interesting and full of character, but still believable - not an item looks too outlandish or out of place, and each interior actually looks like a well worn-in place of business. Equally important, it's 100% hassle free due to the lack of edits to lighting or navmesh. You really should make more interior mods if you have the time!"-CEMN

"Thank you so much for this absolutely wonderful mod. It's really well done.  So much attention to detail. Love it!"-StrawDoll

Thank you Sinitar Gaming for the amazing video

Thank you hodilton as well, for the showcase.

More videos at the bottom of the Description for the Whiterun shops.  

Sadri's Wares

Each store is havok safe.  You wont have objects flying around all over the place.  The NPC's will navigate around each object.  Every item I've added is static (it wont move).   You cant steal anything.  You cant knock anything over.  

I haven't altered a single wall, plane, light, marker, anything.  I've only added to what was already there.   

Nurelion is the master alchemist.  His shop, I consider to be the best one out of them all.   There are cure potions and curing ingredients near his bedside, a garden upstairs.  His apprentice now has decent studying qtrs

I made extra effort to ensure each shop looked unique on the inside.  Some common items were used more than once but over 90% of the items, you wont see in another store.   

Elgrim and his wife have lived in his shop for years, yet it looks like bare and empty.  Not anymore. 

This mod is compatible with pretty much every mod on the Nexus.  It obviously isnt compatible with mods that do the same thing such as; Useless Shop and Interior Overhaul and Glorified Skyrim Radioactive.   Those two mods are amazing pieces of work in their own right.   The latter actually inspired me to create this mod.   Much respect to iWilliBlecha, RoseRosenberg and SetteLisette.   

Wuunferth is the ultimate wizard and his qtrs is like the homeless shelter.  This mod changes that. 

Farengar is obessed with dragons, but there isnt a single dragon in his qtrs. Not even a painting.   Now he has dragons and a proper library.   

I didnt do ANY of the Markarth or Solitude stores.  I cant stand Solitude for multiple reasons, primarily the architecture.   As for Markarth, the corrupt guards in that town dont deserve my time.   To make up for it, I did a couple of the Wizards Qtrs. 

Cells Changed

The White Phial
Sadris Used Wares
Wuunferths Room

Gray Pine Goods
Grave Concoctions

Thaumaturgists Hut

The Mortar and Pestle

Pawned Prawn
Elgrims Elixirs

Riverwood Trader

Arcadias Cauldron
Belethors General Goods
The Drunken Huntsman
Farengars Room

Requires all 3 DLC's or the Skyrim Legendary Edition.

Elianora for the resources AND her tutorial videos.  without those, this mod probably wouldnt exist.  
Darkfox for the CK videos