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Better Vampire NPCs overhauls Skyrim's vampires. They will be leveled according to the PC and get stronger with advanced perks, spells, and all new abilities. Vampires can now be many different classes: one or two handed, light armor, heavy armor, mage, light bowman, heavy crossbowman. More variety, more challenge, more fun!

Permissions and credits
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  • Spanish

Vampires in Skyrim are usually predictable and cliche. They often look the same and have similar abilities regardless of their level. This mod will add much more variety to your game and make vampires more challenging and more varied.

This mod improves all of the generic and named vampire NPCs in the game (except for Serana, Valerica, and Harkon).

The Vampires in this mod will spawn according to your level, have different spells, unpredictable AIs, varied armor according to their class and level, and even special weapons you haven't seen before. Vampire appearance will change slightly - stronger, more ancient vampires are increasingly paler. Some Vampires will turn into a mist when they are low on health, some will use Blink Attack to teleport beside or behind you, Vampire weapons can infect you with Sanguinare Vampiris, and unique classes of Vampires attack differently.

All armor and weapons that you might find on these new vampires have new temper recipes so you can improve them if you wish.

Vampires will scale in level and power with you all the way from level 1-200
(some named vampires can go even higher). Many abilities also scale with vampire level, so be prepared for them to put up more of a fight at higher levels.

Vampires can also drop Vampire's Bloodgems upon death, or, if you are a Vampire yourself, you can craft them if you have 25 Enchanting and 25 Alchemy skills (using a Common Soulgem and Blood Potions).

These Vampire's Bloodgems can be smelted into Bloodglass Ingots, which can be used to craft brand new Bloodglass weapons.

Bloodglass weapons can be tempered to improve them.

You must have the Glass Smithing Perk to make Bloodglass weapons - they are slightly less powerful than Daedric weapons, but have added effects that are independent of any enchantments you might add.

Bloodglass weapons have a rare chance, on each strike, to:
- reduce enemy damage output (10 sec), or
- reduce enemy stamina, magicka, and heal rates (10 sec), or
- reduce enemy movement speed and attack speed (10 sec), or
- absorb health (50+), or
- very rarely kill an enemy and infect them with blood plague which can spread to others nearby ...
- killing a bleeding out enemy may absorb their life force and recharge readied enchanted weapons

Added effects on Bloodglass weapons can be disabled in the mod if you want.

The customization available with a Bloodgem will also allow you to make NPC Vampires allied to you (if you want)!
(it uses a temporary reference alias, so there are no permanent faction burn-in concerns)

You can also use the following console commands if you wish:

Do you want to stop all Vampire attacks on towns?
set BVNPCVampireAttacks to 0
(re-enable by setting to 1)
Do you want Vampires to stop turning to mist?
set BVNPCVampireMistGlobal to 0
(re-enable by setting to 1)
Do you want Vampires to stop using blink attack?
set BVNPCVampireBlinkGlobal to 0
(re-enable by setting to 1)
Do you want Vampires to stop using nightcloak (bats)?
set BVNPCVampireNightcloakGlobal to 0 (re-enable by setting to 1)
Do you want Vampires to stop turning to ashpiles when they die?
set BVNPCVampireTurnToAshGlobal to 0
(re-enable by setting to 1)
Do you want to add more wilderness encounters with Vampires?
set BVNPCExtraEncounters to 0
(re-enable by setting to 1)
Do you want to disable the added effects of Bloodglass weapons?
set BloodglassEffectGlobal to 0
(re-enable by setting to 1)

This mod is compatible with vampire overhaul mods, like Better Vampires, Sacrosanct, or Vampiric Thirst.
Vampires are modeled after Better Vampires and use its skills, spells, and abilities.
Vampires are based off vanilla ranks/names.

All material is standalone and does not rely on other vampire scripts, vampire races, etc.

This mod modifies existing Vampire NPCs, leveled lists, and adds new spells, perks, abilities, armor, and weapons.
My Vampires have customized AIs (with the exception of Serana, Valerica, and Harkon) so other AI mods won't affect my NPCs.

Wrye Bash Patch Notice:
You should place my mod last in your load order and then
rebuild your bashed patch with the "Relev" tag for my mod.

You need to make a new bashed patch with this mod if you already have a bashed patch that changes leveled vampires.
Changes to leveled lists in my mod may be overwritten by your old bashed patch otherwise ...
If you do not use a bashed patch, make certain my mod is loaded LAST after any other mods that alter leveled lists or change the levels of NPCs you fight.

Some mods which alter Vampire NPCs may not be compatible (we change the same things) so there isn't really a way to "patch" that. It could be possible to combine traits into one .esp, but I won't be getting that complicated - updating in the future would be a nightmare.

If you are using my REGULAR VERSION (which edits NPC Vampire appearances), then click on the spoiler below:

If you are using my NAC VERSION (No Appearance Changes), then click on the spoiler below:


To install this mod, simply use NMM or MO.
You can install this mod manually if you want to ... just copy the .esp file and loose files to your Skyrim\Data directory.
Use LOOT to sort your load order, but I cannot see there being any issues unless another mod edits Vampire NPCs too.


1. Make certain you are not near one of my Vampire NPCs, or have any of the new armor equipped.
2. Remove any of my weapons (or any weapons you have made with the new enchantments) from your inventory or your game will crash when you try
to load it later.
3. Remove my mod with NMM or MO. If you installed manually, delete the .esp file and the BSA from your Skyrim\Data directory.

It may be best to let cells reset in your game.
From everything I have read, waiting in a cell flagged "never resets" for 31 days will do the trick.
It may be possible that NPCs will need to reset without any of my mod's changes - I doubt it, but you never know with Skyrim ...

Please check out my mods: