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Retextures all KS Hairdos for men and women. Requires KS Hairdos main file.

Permissions and credits
This is a complete retexture of KS Hairdos Renewal. To use this mod, first download KS Hairdos Renewal here:

Install it, and then install Salt and Wind. Click yes when it asks if you want to replace files.

Notes for v2.1

Version 2.1 fixes major graphical errors that should not have been present. This was because of textures in the hairline folder of KS hairmod being mishandled. 

This update removes odd dark patches on necks and outlines of ribbons, and also retools around 30 hairstyles that I have re-painted for both men and women. 

 Because I have to go back and repaint hundreds of files, it will take time to fix all styles with minor issues (mainly faint outlines around individual hairstrands) . If there are any specific styles that you miss, please make a post about it on the relevant discussion thread. 

Make sure that you have the latest version installed before you file your complaint. It is your responsibility to make sure you are not filing a report on things that are already fixed. Thanks. 

Plausibly Asked Questions: 

Q: I run Skyrim on a calculator. Can I run these textures?

A: These replacements are the same size/resolution as the original mod. So if you can run that, you can run these. 

Q: Can I use this in Skyrim Enhanced Edition? 

A: That is up to Kalilies and wheter or not he/she ports KS Hairdos Renewal. My mod is literally pictures in a zip-file, and should work fine once the original mod is ported over.

Q: How do I make my hair look like your pictures? 

A: This texture looks great with light, washed out tones. Deep dark is still possible, but you lose a lot of definition. For the best result, try to go as color-faded as possible, and keep the light-adjustment fairly high (1/5-1/4). 

Q: Is this compatible with HTD-versions of KS Hairdos? 

A: It should be, as it is simply a texture replacer. 

Q: One of my favorite styles aren't included in this mod and I would like it to be. 

A: There is an optional file that contains the custom texture I made and used for this mod. You are free to download it, and use it as you wish, as it is in itself built on free assets, but blended by me from a variety of sources (some human, some animal!).

Retexturing a hairstyle requires only a graphical editor like photoshop or the free GIMP, and a novice amount of expertise. There are many entry-guides on how to use these programs online. Feel free to paint any hair mod with my texture, but if you are going to release it as a mod, please give me a tip of your hat when doing so. 

Q: Think you could release this for vanilla hair too? 

A: Sure thing, here you go!


Kalilies for allowing me to use her work.