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Plugin replacer for KS Hairdos and Salt and Wind. Removes 7 male hairdos and 87 female hairdos that are not textured properly in Salt and Wind from the Character Creation menu.

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This is just a replacement .esp. All it does is disable the hairdos that don't have proper textures in Salt and Wind by jasperthegnome, but are present in KS Hairdos. You still need both mods for this to work. RaceMenu also required, and ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer highly recommended.

The images shown are some of the hairstyles disabled. You can see they look much cleaner than the style of Salt and Wind, especially the female ones.

Just install via your mod manager of choice or manually, overwriting if asked. Place this after KS Hairdos in your load order.

To uninstall, either re-install KS Hairdos and Salt and Wind (if only uninstalling this mod) or delete the ESP.

Credit for the mods goes to Kalilies for KS Hairdos and jasperthegnome for Salt and Wind textures. I just deleted some stuff from the esp to clean the two up a little.