About this mod

Place homes and decorations wherever you want, and decorate as you please.

Requires Cobb Positioner.

Permissions and credits
Atronach Crossing

Have you ever wanted to build and decorate your own home? Well, with Atronach Crossing and Cobb Positioner, you can!

A simple build: a small house placed and decorated in fifteen minutes.


  • Over 440 decorations to choose from and over two dozen homes, and more get added with each update!
  • Use Atronach Crossing's MCM to purchase houses and decorations. Drop them from your inventory to spawn them in the world. Use Cobb Positioner to move spawned objects around.
  • You can fast-travel to any placed house using Atronach Crossing's MCM. You can move the fast-travel point by selecting the house in Cobb Positioner, and then using the Properties Tool to select the fast-travel point.
  • Some decorations, like lamps and furniture, can be customized using Cobb Positioner's Properties Tool.

Requirements and installation
Cobb Positioner v2.2.0 or later

To communicate with Cobb Positioner, Atronach Crossing includes identical copies of some of its files. If your mod manager warns you about conflicts involving the following files, those conflicts can be safely ignored:

Jaxonz Positioner and similar tools are safe to have installed, but they shouldn't be used to move houses or some decorations. Anything that consists of multiple objects (e.g. a lamp and its light, or a house and its door) should be moved with Cobb Positioner. Not all of these cases are obvious, so it's best to use Cobb Positioner to work with Atronach Crossing content.

Outdated versions of Cobb Positioner (any older than v2.0.0) are not compatible.

Atronach Crossing defines most of its data in a secondary file (more information in the Articles section). Because of this, attempting to incorporate Atronach Crossing into a merged/bashed patch will leave that data unreachable and break the mod. (Anything changes to the ESP filename or its form IDs, including their load order prefix 02, will cause problems.)

Special Thanks
This mod wouldn't have been possible without the work of the SKSE team, and without Bethesda's own contributions to the community. Given its dependence on Cobb Positioner, special thanks must also go to Chesko for writing and open-sourcing some rotation math code that I was able to build on to make this mod possible in its earliest days. This project has been over two years in the making, and it's great to finally see it done. Thank you all.

Thanks, also, to all the users who reported issues post-release and worked with me to find solutions and improve the mod further. Particular mention must go to /u/VeryAngryTroll for aiding in debugging tasks that no user should reasonably have to involve themselves in: he tested nearly two dozen debug builds, sending back results promptly and without ever seeming to lose patience, in order to help track down a reproducible yet elusive CTD.