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An in-game tool to edit objects easily and precisely.

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Cobb Positioner

Cobb Positioner is a tool that can move objects around the game world -- great for redecorating environments and houses. It's highly customizable, totally precise, gamepad-friendly, and it was designed to be as easy to use as possible.

A brief video showing off some of Cobb Positioner's features.


Separate control options for keyboard and gamepad. Gamepad controls rely on button combinations, so nearly all functions can be mapped at once.

Select objects with near-perfect precision: a custom SKSE plug-in allows this mod to grab exactly what you're aiming at!... usually. No one's perfect. (Learn More)

Edit one object at a time, or turn on the Fallout 4-style "Persist Mode" to select groups of up to ten objects. Easily move furniture arrangements!

Enter Edit Mode with a spell or a hotkey. If you prefer the hotkey, you can get rid of the spell to keep it from cluttering up your magic menu.

Flexible snap options allow you to rotate and place objects relative to the world grid, their own axes, or your viewpoint.

Objects you edit are locked in place by default, but can also be set down with their original physics.

Furniture markers show you everything you need to know to place chairs and beds properly in the world.

Use "Snap to Reference" to line objects up even when they're not on the world grid -- just like in the Creation Kit!

Use the MCM to reveal all light emitters in the current area. Select and rearrange the lighting as you see fit!

Duplicate single objects or entire multi-selections with a single button combination or keypress.

Store single objects or entire arrangements in your inventory, and drop them back in the world to summon them to your position!

Wrap objects in "NAVCUT" volumes, to prevent NPCs from trying to walk through them!

A Help menu is integrated into the MCM to explain advanced features and cover common problems.

You can download the Atronach Crossing add-on to use Cobb Positioner to build custom homes in-game, with hundreds of decoration items to choose from!

You can download CobbAPI to enable an editor for interior lighting and acoustics.

Installation instructions
As of version 1.6.4, Cobb Positioner should be safe to install at any time.

Cobb Positioner offers a way for other mods to detect and react to it. To take advantage of this, other mods must include their own copy of a file called CobbPositionerSCRIPTInterface.pex. If your mod manager alerts you to conflicts involving this file (or any similar files, like CobbPositionerSCRIPTInterfaceV2.pex), ignore them.

Uninstallation instructions
Same as usual, but the usual's a bit complicated.

It's impossible to guarantee that any scripted mod will uninstall safely. If you wish to remove Cobb Positioner from your game, I'd recommend disabling it, and then using Savetool to delete all save data connected to CobbPositioner.esp.

If you're not sure that this mod is something you want, I'd recommend testing it for a while before committing to it. If you don't like it, you can delete any saves made while testing. (A quick and fun way to try out the mod: go to a place like Whiterun's Hall of the Dead and spend some time redecorating.)


Many thanks to the SKSE team, for the sample code used in making any SKSE plug-in; and for the SKSE source code, which often served as a reference implementation.

Chesko wrote some rotation math for another modder and publicly posted it on Bethesda's forums; this was reposted to the Creation Kit wiki. An optimized implementation of that math is used to handle objects' relative positions, supplementing my own work on getting relative rotations to work.

Jaxonz Positioner is one of the first mods I downloaded, and it served as proof that the things I wanted to mod into Skyrim were possible.

Thanks, as always, to Bethesda.