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Mebantiza Elianora

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Updated ESP for Elianora's Battlemage Armor (Female). Features improved, alternate naming conventions along with some important updates. Requires original Mod.

Permissions and credits
I created an Alternate ESP for use with Elianora's Battlemage Armor (Female) in Dec 2015. The alt esp available on the official Battle-Mage page, is in need of an update, along with two important bug fixes. This file functions as an all around update for Elianora's Battlemage Armor (Female) mod.

*Note - Inv images are currently out-of-date. 1.7 presents inventory a littlle different, but. same basic idea.

The original alt esp , currently on the  Battlemage Armor page, is obsolete. 

2 Versions (Pick one)
-The 'Standard' version. All features of the Original mod, unchanged.

-The 'Crafters' version.  Removes the freebie chests of armors and crafting material from College of Winterhold. You will have to craft it and gather the  materials yourself. (Which is as it should be really).

Installation - for existing Battlemage v1.5 users. 
Simply install with NMM, MO, or Manually. Allow overwrite

Issues Addressed.
- Updated Armor names and formating
- Interior cell properties - College of Winterhold
- LItemSpellTomes00AllSpells Level List fixed. (important)

-Skyrim (No DLC required)
-This update is USLEEP 3.0.8+ compliant (but does not require it)
-Battlemage Armor Female

I would have preferred this be hosted on the Battlemage Armor (Female) page itself, but that is not currently possible.

Credits to Elianora of course.