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Hello, Long time TES fan. My first Bethesda game - TES IV.  

Done them all really.

-Fallout 3



-Both Elder Scrolls Games.



My modding passion? Renovating existing mods to the best extent of my abilities, in particular modernizing them for use in  Skyrim Special Edition.  And I do not mean, simply converting them to form 44 in the CK. I extensively renovate the files under my care the best I can. 

The nexus has too many people offering so-called 'ports', conversions, of mods that are broken, obsolete, or simply un-needed in SSE. Despite learning a lot ,mostly on my own, there is a great deal more I have to learn. The challenge is trying not to forget the stuff you already know while making room for new.


Please note: All my current files are SSE, PC and Nexus only. I do not own consoles and have no interest in posting files to for hardware platforms I do not own, and cannot support. Nor do I have any interest in ceding authorship to 3rd parties. Sorry.


My likes:  :yes: 

Mods that:

-Skyrim Special Edition. A huge, and much needed improvement to the game engine. Did it go as far as it could have or should have in terms of fixing bugs and adding new features? No, but Im glad we have it all the same.

-Improve technical aspects of the game in some way, add new features, or fix existing broken or poorly conceived ones.

-Improvements to game play that are reasonably consistent with reality and or vanillas general approach.

-Bug fixes. Yes, Bug-fixes.

-'Realism' type mods, that keep gameplay engaging but not tedious.

-New world mods. I love new lands, world files. Whether original, or reconstructions of well-known settings. People can be very creative and some have done some pretty amazing work with limited resources. 

-Visuals. I have a weakness for nicely made textures and meshes. Also, anything the improves the environment in some way, weather, water, rain, landscapes and so on. 

-Realistic looking actors, be it an animal, creature or humanoid races. Cant get enough of these. 

-Everyone up to Fallout 4. Anything that came after that, doesn't exist.

-The good modders that do quality work, that is often superior to Bethesdas own paid people, and who dont ask for much in return. Like, dont steal their work and claim it as your own for example.


Dislikes.  :down: 

-Abandon-ware mods that are either broken and or un-finished.

-Loli mods and or vaguely female? looking androgynous Japanese followers of indeterminate gender and age.

-Cheat mods. The game is easy enough as it is, do we really need to cheat at it?

-Chain-mail bikini aka, skimpy armor mods. No prude, but, I dont see the point of 99% of these.

-Grotesque caricatures of the female form, oversize mamaries etc etc. Again, no point to these.

-Creators that no longer reply to PMs leaving their files more or less locked for all time. (see abandonware)

-Creation club updates breaking my Skyrim build 4x a year. (gotten better of late)

-People that create throw-away accounts solely to flame and troll content creators. Or just trolls period.

-4k cabbage textures overhauls. The game needs more of this kind of content.

-People that retexture like ONE single item in the entire game. Really??? Or, better yet, they fix one at a time, and clog the nexus with a separate page and write up for EACH ONE. See my Flagon Retexture page! Coming up next week: An entirely new page featuring my WOODEN BOWL retexture. etc......

-Fallout 76. Like wtf!? A game no one asked for or wanted, or as it turns out, even plays. 


Bethesdas sloppy work that has kept a small army of modders fixing errors in it to this very day. I love the world building, not the poor work eithic and design and lazy writing that tends to characterize BGS. 





I still have a number of completed mods that I have 'renovated', which I cannot release due to the Nexus byzantine stance on permissions, particularly related to abandoned mods. The ones I have published, are not the only projects I have completed or am interested in.

Some of these files remain, for my own use only, which is unfortunate.