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The most Brutally Insane Pyromancer you will ever meet.

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Xanthys is the kind of follower I felt Skyrim needs, the kind of follower you really feel is not just your "follower" but a very close ally, one you can depend on when the tide of combat takes a turn for the worst. The kind of follower that doesn't take himself or other self proclaimed "serious" people seriously. When you Have a Mage follower, you have someone that has magical powers but they just use it on themselves and just shoot firebolts an they never expand what their capable of as you the player grow an get stronger. Xanthys was an is an all powerful Pyromancer, hes unfortunately been alive longer than he would like to, being alive that long has made him sick mentally...Also...You can romance him

He's a mage, a powerful one and hes your ALLY so he should be able to help you out with more than carrying your stuff an setting people on fire

Lip Synching Animations for a Skeleton
Thats right, you read it right, Xanthys just like Jarek, can move his jaw when talking and express himself accordingly with facial animations like every other follower can now!

570+ Lines of Dialogue
Xanthys comes with an array of Idle dialogue as well as combat. He knows to keep his mouth shut when hes sneaking and will spout out historical facts about the ruins you visit as well as his opinions on certain locations, like Solitude, damnnnn does he hate Solitude.

Human Disguise
If Xanthys being a skeleton all the time kinda ruins the immersion of your reputation of the undead, dont worry! You can ask him to disguise himself in high populated areas so no one would think your a Necromancer or a Necrophiliac!

Artificial Intelligence 
Xanthys's AI is built from the ground up, using absolutely NO SCRIPTS  I took the Skyrim system an sculpted a fast and very responsive, situation aware NPC that will read the situation of a battle. If you have half your health he will stop picking his fights an go to you and help fight off anybody attacking you and try an prevent you from dying. If less than half your health is gone he will then cast fire cloak on you as well to try an keep you alive an killing any attackers. When hes following if you go into a store he'll automatically sand box around and look at the items for sale at the shop. If your at the forge he'll choose to either relax an watch, or partake in sharpening his weapons. when you stop moving he'll wander around a bit looking around and looking at you. if you sit down at a chair in an inn he fill find the closet chair near you to sit at so you both can relax an chit chat which can possibly open up more dialogue options.

You Can Actually Fly in the Sky With Xanthys
When your able to unlock Xanthys's flight ability once you mount him hold down the left shift key to go in the air and to go back down, you must hold down or lightly tap the space bar

Relationship System
The more things you kill with Xanthys, and the more time you spend with him outside of his tomb, he will slowly regain his memories an powers as well as his very own unique and custom spells and abilities that will add to your experience of venturing through Skyrim

Combat Style AI
Xanthys in his skeletal form is a Spellsword class essentially he has high health regeneration and can dish out more melee damage at this cost of low fire rate of magic. In his Mortal form he is a bit weaker but can dual wield spell and dish out magic spells more efficiently and quickly while finding cover.

Custom Spells For Xanthys
-Chaos Blast: a spell that allow him to make enemies explode into a pile of bones and has a chance to spawn a hellfire spawn
-Skull Bolt: his version of a fire bolt, only with a troll skull on fire
-Magma Spike: His version of an Ice Spike
-Fire Wind: Xanthys Version of Blizzard Storm
-Fireball Breath Shout
-Spine Spike
-Fire Wave
-Fire Flesh

Sneaking AI
Xanthys is a mage not a thief, he may not be much at tiptoeing but he can turn himself invisible when you your crouching and stay constantly close by until your location has been compromised.

Xanthys is Mountable
When you've spent enough time with Xanthys, he will be able to recall a spell that allows him to manipulate his bone structure to that of a horse...and other creatures....

Selling your Loot so you can go an turn in quests etc:
Xanthys is your ally, your follower, and your friend. You can ask him to sell your stuff for you so you can turn in your quests, talk to NPC's, or create weapons an armor at the forge and he'll travel to what ever general store of the hold your in and come find you when hes done.

One of Xanthys's hobbies besides drinking and lighting people on fire while manically laughing is enchanting weapons. Hes a powerful mage as I said, what kind of mage would he be if he wasn't able to enchant weapons 

Dynamic Leveling for Xanthys
The more time Xanthys spends time with you and fights the more spells he'll create on his own to better help you whether a new way to incinerate enemies to being able to cast his own version of Candle light on you or transforming into a ridable even flying in the air with you...


Well um... he has a unique way of storing your items, I'll leave that surprise to you...

With Xanthys, if you rather travel to holds of Skyrim an immersive way instead of going through portals or menus, Xanthys can teleport you and your followers to the destination of a Hold of your choosing!

He was last sighted by the barracks near Bleak Falls...I wonder what happened to him?

  • Perkus Maximus, there were some issue with it an the Dungeon when you run the Patcher if that's the case and if you ever CTD in the dungeon with the Patchus Maximus esp then repatch your game without Xanthys until you killed everything and found Xanthys leave the dungeon, save, and then repatch with the Xanthys.esp


Sands of Time
Ultimate Combat
Immersive Creatures
Monster Mod
Combat Evolved
Hateful Wenches
The Walking Draugr

[EFF, Amazing Follower Tweaks, UFO]
[Optional] Xanthys_ImmersiveArmorsPatch.esp
[Optional] Xanthys_BandolierPatch.esp
[Optional] Xanthys_Campfire_Patch.esp
[Optional] Xanthys_WarmongeryArmory_Patch.esp
[Perk Overhauls]
Immersive Citizen.esp
[Combat overhauls]
[Combat Evolved]

if you have SoS place Xanthys_SoS.esp under VectorPlexusRegular [you necrophiliacs...]

Druundev- For giving me motivation, dialogue lines, feedback, and for having a cool voice
ddproductions- For his awesome tutorial for his custom follower framework!
T3nd0- For Inspiration, guidance, Motivation, and Perkus Maximus!
tonycubed2- For Inspiration and Sands of Time as well as the Dungeon!
SoT Team for the use of their Meshes and Skeleton Meshes
lifestorock- Skeleton Armor Assets as well as Inspiration!
g77- Meshes for mountable creatures!
LumTum- For Pyroclasm spell and Chaos Blast!
Ellise- For her EXCELLENT Gilded doublets as well as Xanthys's very one Robe!
Vicn- For his amazing Creature Resources!
Destero- For permission of his really awesome Draugr Weaponry Mod!
newermind43- Meshes for his Demonic Horse!
Kajuan- For letting me use his fantastic skeleton retexture!
Enai Saion- For his scripts and spell assets! Your the man dude!
Hothtrooper-For letting me patch immersive armors!
skinnytecboy- For voicing Mannimarco!
ZeroFrost- For his Contractor Armor for Mannimarco!
sarcasticshark- For his Resplendent Armor!
techprince- for his input an time for explaining to on how he got his followers AI to cast spells on the player!
Phorce- For his Skeletal Horse Mesh!
lordkoz- For general patch discussion!
Anordil- For his requiem patch!
Billyro- For Xanthys's BAD-ASS CLEAVER!!!
ArronDominion- For bein a chill friend and helping me with scripts!
selena-for bein a potato B) and awesome suggestions
Complete the Circuit- For his awesome suggestions an feedback! And Being British
FrogF- For helping find the dirty bugs in my mod!
SEXX-For his fuckin Sick camera work!
mlee- for being a a pain in my ass and for helping me with dialogue
iMACobra - For letting me use his tri files to have Xanthys lip synch!

My source code for Scripts are open source feel free to use em and contact me in what you used it in Id be curious to see what you can make!, anything else look at the credits before you try to pull anything from this mod as alot of stuff in this mod are assets from other very skilled people.