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You can customize tracks for the towns of Falkreath, Morthal, Dawnstar, and Winterhold. Compatible with other music mods.

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Fully compatible with other music mods.
Requires only USLEEP.
MultiXWM is a tool to convert your music to xwm format, if you need it.

This mod lets you choose the music to play in the major unwalled towns (Falkreath, Morthal, Dawnstar, and Winterhold). I tested it with Personalized Music -- there are no conflicts. It should work with EMO also. I've been told by the author of CMS that it should work fine with his mod too.

1. Install this mod, then close your mod manager.
2. Browse to Skyrim/Data/Music/
3. Add your own XWM files to the appropriate folders ( "Town - Falkreath" etc ).
4. Rename your music tracks following the same convention used in the placeholder files, e.g. "plunketMUSMorthal01.xwm" . You can have up to ten tracks per folder, even though I did not include that many placeholders. It will work.
5. Launch Skyrim and play. Avoid using coc or fast travel until you've been to these towns.

Confused? Comment or message me.

This mod only changes the music type for the appropriate cells, adds new music types, and adds placeholder tracks. That is all it does. This was made without the CK. If this does well I hope to add optional files for other locations.

Thanks to Project579 for the advice to make this with TES5Edit instead of the Creation Kit, and for pointing me in the right direction! The placeholder tracks are not mine; they are the work of Derek Fiechter; you should check him out on youTube.

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