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This is Pretty Combat Animations(PCA) stand alone Package and specific renew version for 1hm(1-handed melee) weapon. eg: sword+shield/dual wield/dagger...

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This is Pretty Combat Animations(PCA) Standalone Package and specific renew for 1hm weapon.


Downlaod the main file and Install with NMM Or MO, Select which style you are intend to use, Simple and quick.

Detail Install Tutorial For All Version After 1.2
All version patch after v1.2 using dar (DynamicAnimationReplacer) condition to setup different animations for different weapon draw scenarios.

Unique Idle Condition With:
1. sword with shield
2. dagger with shield 
3. sword+left hand is empty
4. dagger+left hand is empty
5. dual wield

Require Mod For Default Style

Require Mod For Back Shield Style:
Dual Sheath Redux

Require Mod For Back 1hm Style:
FNIS Or Nemesis

1. For Xpmse work fine, You have to active the fnis.esp which is provide from Fnis or Nemesis, Please choose one you are intend to install.

Otherwise xpmse will just show empty on "style" page.

2.When you installed xpmse and active fnis.esp, In xpmse mcm menu, Click to style page, You suppose will see many option on the menu. Xpmse contain his own animation package for different weapon.

3.If you want my animation work fine, you can untick those style fitting option from xpmse style menu to make sure my animation will not be overwrite by xpmse. Or you can drop my animation to the xpmse animation file folder if you know how to manage/arrange it.

And you can select the weapon style to manage those weapon appear node, Eg: (Back/Waist/Hip). Dual Sheath Redux will only manage the shield.

plz watch preivew video


old version:
"Guardian" style is design to match  with "Magic Casting Aniamtions Overhaul".