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On the lakeside of Lake Henrich lies a small settlement called Weissadler’s Hamlet. As you become acquainted with its inhabitants you start to realize that a great misfortune has happened to these people. Will you set out to help them and shed light on the mystery of Weissadler’s Hamlet?

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Welcome to Weissadler’s Hamlet

On the lakeside of Lake Henrich lies a small settlement called Weissadler’s Hamlet. As you become acquainted with its inhabitants you start to realize that a great misfortune has happened to these people. Will you set out to help them and shed light on the mystery of Weissadler’s Hamlet? 

Weissadler’s Hamlet is a quest mod that takes you to several new, handcrafted interior and exterior locations in Skyrim. Starting with a number of short introductory quests, the story develops into a major quest line that will take you around three to four hours to complete. On your journey you will have to conquer dungeons, solve puzzles, converse with NPCs and explore unseen locations and corners of Skyrim. At the end you will be rewarded richly and welcomed as a new inhabitant of Weissadler’s Hamlet. 

Version 2 of the mod includes among other improvements retextured armors, weapons and unique items with custom, scripted effects. Please check out the detailed changelog below.

Version 3 of the mod adds among other improvements certain story elements that fill in the narrative gaps of the previous versions. In terms of content, this is the definitive version. Please check out the detailed changelog below. 

Find the Special Edition Version here:

Weissadler's Hamlet got covered by MxR in one of his Mod Reviews (starting around 7:50):

Since this mod’s enemies do level with the player, it should be an agreeable but increasingly challenging experience for all characters at a level of 5 and higher (lowest leveled enemies are round level 10).

I started writing a Quest Guide for Weissadler's Hamlet which will be updated in the future. It contains some hints for the more demanding puzzles and the directions to the exterior locations (with screens shots). You can download the guide in the file section.

Weissadler’s Hamlet is the product of me modding for the last three years or so. It started with some tinkering with the Creation Kit and evolved into an extensive quest mod. Although countless hours went into it that led to a fully fletched and exciting experience, it is still my first attempt. 

Please consult the important notes in the “important notes and caveats” section, especially the ones concerning voice-acting (which is non existent, so turn on the dialogue subtitles and the general subtitles). In order to follow the story in all its details, read the journals and notes since they provide key plot information.

I’d appreciate it a lot if you took the time and embark on the adventure surrounding Weissadler’s Hamlet.

How to start
Speak with a traveler outside the road to Riften, between Fort Greenwall and the watchtowers. He is searching for someone to help him. Check out the map in the picture section if you should run into problems finding him.



7/5/2018: I'm no longer actively working on this mod. However, feel free to post or pm if you should run into problems. I check the mod page from time to time and am happy to help you out.

1/26/2016: I uploaded the new version of the quest guide that covers the new sections of Version 3.0 and other quests. Still feel free to contact me if you should get stuck somewhere or encounter a bug.

1/23/2016: With version 3 I present the definitive version of this mod (at least in terms of content). I filled in the narrative gaps that bugged me now for some time. Now the whole story is coherent and complete. I also implemented several skill checks in dialogues which I think are such a vital part of good RPG’s but are way too rare in most quests. Additionally, I changed it so that the enemies now level with the player. I think this makes it more interesting and more worthwhile for characters at different stages of a playthrough. Finally, I tweaked a lot of things, especially several locations which now look much better in my opinion. In brief, this is the final version just as I had it in mind. To update the mod, you have to do a clean install and restart the quest line (unless you are past  “An Archeologist’s Tale”). That is, uninstall the mod, start the game, save, install the mod and begin with this save. If you have played version 1 of Weissadler’s Hamlet, this might be the time for a second playthrough since there have been a lot of changes, additions and improvements compared to the first version. In any case, enjoy the latest version of Weissadler's Hamlet. (On a side note: The quest guide is not up to date at the moment. It will be updated in the following days.)

10/7/2015: A small update in which I moved the entrance to the Talos Cave to another location so it won't conflict with the Wheels of Lull Mod. Includes some minor upgrades to the entrance as well. On a sidenote: I did not chage the location in the quest guide so this is not up to date. Keep this in mind when checking the locations for compatibility with the quest guide.

9/17/2015: Finally, the first update arrived. Among many different bug fixes, based on your feedback, it includes new armors, weapons and unique items with scripted effects. Additionally, the mod has been properly cleaned with TES5Edit. Please check out the detailed changelog bellow. If you haven't played Weissadler's Hamlet yet, now is the time. I do not recommend, however, updating the mod during a playthrough of Weissadler's Hamlet. It might be fine if you are past "The Way to the Tomb" but I can't guarantee it. If you have already installed the mod but you haven't started or aren't far, I strongly recommend making a clean install and restart the questline. That is, uninstall the mod, start the game, save, install the mod and begin with this save. In order to experience the majority of the new features (like custom armors, weapons, architecture, and so on), a new playthrough is recommended anyway. Have fun with the new version of Weissadler's Hamlet.

8/18/2015: I uploaded an updated version of the quest guide. It contains now hints for the major quests. Still feel free to contact me if you get stuck somewhere. And please report bugs that you may encounter. Thanks.

8/10/2015: The first version of Weissadler's Hamlet has now been online for a little bit more than a week and I received a lot of positive feedback and helpful suggestions. Let me briefly tell you how much I appreciate this. So far, the mod seems to run smoothly for the vast majority of people. Some bugs have been reported but mostly we were able to solve them. Additionally, I now uploaded a first version of a guide for the mod. Still, you can write me any time if you encounter a problem and I am more than happy to help you out as my time permits. Lastly, let me state that I take your suggestions very seriously and am therefore planning to release an update in the future. But for now, the mod is complete and ready to provide you with an extensive and exciting adventure.

Recommended mods

  • The mod is made as follower friendly as possible. Rarely however, the ability of followers to follow you is restricted (see important notes and caveats section). Use Amazing Follower Tweaks ( or a similar mod to summon followers if you want them with you all the time or in case they should get lost.


Since this mod changes some exterior cells, it is unfortunately possible that if conflicts with other mods that alter the same locations. Please consult the Quest Guide for all of the changed exterior locations. Conflicts have been reported for the following mods:
  • Blackthorn - a buildable town: Changes made to the landscape in the Hamlet lead to the situation that one of the Blackthorn buildings floats
  • Hunting in Skyrim: A minor clipping issue at a new camp that is barely noticeable
  • Rigmor of Bruma: My mod conflicts with the Homestead Farm from Rigmor of Bruma
  • Navmesh conflicts have been reported for Expanded Towns and Cities and Wood Elf Refuge 
As always, I am more than happy to help you if you should encounter a problem.

Important notes and caveats
  • IMPORTANT: This mod is NOT  voice-acted. Therefore be sure to have ALL subtitles turned on (dialogue subtitles AND general subtitles). NPC’s may come up to you and start talking. So be attentive. I included silent voice files for all dialogue lines. This is the safest way to ensure that all dialogue and cutscenes play out properly.

  • This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit.

  • Enemies are leveled. They rank from around level 10 up to level 100. However, bosses generally have a higher level than you and the encounters become remarkably more difficult in later stages of the mod. So be prepared. 

  • In general, this mod is follower friendly. However, firstly, followers will not be teleported to certain areas (SPOILER: Gwyn’s Tomb, Lord Dagon’s Realm). This is quite intentional since the player is on his own in these areas. Secondly, there is one platforming area which is hard to come by for followers (SPOILER: Sahrashala’s Tomb). In all these instances, if you lose your followers (or you want to have them with you anyways) I recommend using Amazing Follower Tweaks ( or a similar mod to summon your followers.

  • I didn’t account for all eventualities. Some actions may hinder you from quest progression. Don’t walk around and kill NPC’s as you like. Having said this, you have to push the limits to do something game breaking. Save often with multiple saves to be on the good side.

  • This mod is script intensive. I used a lot of scripting, including global variables. I am no expert at this, but it might lead to save game bloating. I guess this is true for all mods that use scripts and I do not know the severity of the issue, but I thought I should mention it. I personally never experienced an impact. Backup your saves before playing the mod.

  • A lot of the names, references, the use of kits (architecture) and symbols are not strictly lore friendly. As I have a hard time to come up with good names, I use names from games, novels or movies I like. While some of you might find this refreshing, I ask the others to ignore it. I think the story fits in with the lore enough though. 

  • In general, this mod should run smoothly. But of course, you might encounter problems. You may consult the quest guide for hints or debugging instructions. Otherwise I am very happy to help out. Furthermore, I am very thankful for comments concerning bugs or improvements in general.


Q: I try to talk to people but there is nothing. They just keep staring at me.
A: As noted in the “Important notes and caveats” section, this mod is NOT voice-acted. Therefore be sure to turn on the subtitles for all the dialogue (also general).
Q: I can’t progress with a quest.
A: Not all quests do have quest markers and not all quests take you by the hand. This might be difficult sometimes (but mostly not). If you should need advice, please consult the Quest Guide or feel free to contact me. The Quest Guide also includes console commands as a last resort. Please do report bugs if you should encounter any.

Q: I defeated a boss but can’t pick up his armor
A: The new retextured armors are only available for male characters. Thus, if you play a female character the game will automatically mark the armor as unplayable so you won’t be able to pick it up. This is done for immersion purposes. If you want the armor nevertheless, I can provide you with instructions to get them via console.

Q: Samuel does not follow me.
A : It was seldomly reported and I also experienced that on very rare occasions, Samuel does not follow after you collected all the bags. Reinstalling (Uninstall, Save, Install) always fixes the problem though. Since this is right at the start, it should not be a big nuisance. 

Version 3.0
  • Added a new ending to the Archeologist’s Tale Quest (At the end of the Order of Stendarr Excavation)
  • Added a new cave with a new “puzzle” that brings you back to the excavation after defeating Saharashala
  • Added a speech check for the First Priest. You have now other options than fighting him. It also adds some more backstory
  • Enemies are now leveled. They rank from around level 10 up to level 100.
  • Revamped a lot of locations, especially the Bear Cave, The Village Cellar, the Village Tower and the Talos Cave
  • Improved pathing for followers
  • The prompts for triggers (“Activate...”, “Take...”, etc.) now disappear immediately after activating them
  • The chest with the excavation log and the imprisoned child at the bandit’s camp are now disabled before the quest starts
  • Fixed a collection of minor bugs like spelling mistakes, scripting mistakes, etc.
  • Implemented a collection of minor tweaks to loot and rewards

Version 2.1
  • Moved the entrance to the Talos Cave so it doesn't conflict with Wheels of Lull

Version 2.0
  • New, retextured Armors, Weapons, Clutter and Items with unique scripted effects
  • Revamped the first part of Kim's Quest which includes now a small new riddle
  • The mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit
  • Replaced static hammer and tongs in the smithy with less confusing items
  • Added a Smithing Altar
  • Improved cutscene for the protal to Lord Dagons' Realm
  • NPCs that escort you will now wait for you
  • NPCs and creatures will follow now without any delay
  • Fixed Bothela's Bug. Before, if she was dead at the start of the mod, the quest "Way to the tomb" would break. Bothela is now no longer used in the mod
  • Bear Trails can now be consumed and dropped from inventory
  • Moved Samuel op the hill a little bit so he should not get attacked
  • Improved Kim's pathway in Markarth
  • Made the condition for the steel sword for the door puzzle in the excvation site less strict to improve compability
  • Revamped the opening scene with Samuel to ensure it plays out properly
  • Fixed a collection of minor bugs like spelling mistakes, clipping, questmarkers, etc.
  • Implemented a collection of minor tweaks to loot, rewards and combat