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In vanilla Skyrim, mining is nearly instant for the player, while NPCs strike the ore veins endlessly. The player can clean a mine in a matter of minutes, which is good for gameplay but not for immersion.
This mod allows a player to mine and chop wood in a more realistic maner, by needing to spend time working. For a vanilla install it has only advantages and is intented for players using realism mods adding the need to eat, sleep, etc.

- Ore veins are infinite.
- In order to mine ore, click on it and push the wait button to advance time (or look at your screen for an hour, it'll work too).
- Your character is rewarded by a variable number of ore, depending on the metal:
- Iron: 4 per hour
- Orichalcum: 2 per hour
- Corundum: 1.8 per hour
- Quicksilver: 1.6 per hour
- Silver: 1.6 per hour
- Moonstone: 1.5 per hour
- Malachite: 1.5 per hour
- Gold: 1.25 per hour
- Ebony: 1.0 per hour
- Soulgem: 1.0 per hour
- When you have enough, just step back or press e to stop mining.

- Chopping wood is done the same way and yields 10 firewood per hour.

The esp file adjusts the buying price from NPCs who have a dialog option to buy ore and wood. They were buying it for more than you could get at your local smith, which is completely silly.

New prices:
- Firewood: 1
- Iron: 2
- Quicksilver & silver: 5
- Orichalcum & Corundum: 8
- Malachite & Moonstone: 10
- Gold: 15
- Ebony: 20

Together with the amount of each ore, it's balanced so a miner or wood chopper working for 10 hours can earn around 100-200 gold.


Manual Install
1. Go to your skyrim Data\Scripts folder.
2. Make a backup of theses files:
- MineOreFurnitureScript.pex
- MineOreScript.pex
- ResourceFurnitureScript.pex
3. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Skyrim's Data
2. Start Skyrim Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the .esp file(s).


Manual Uninstall
1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Go to your skyrim Data\Scripts folder.
3. Restore these files with the ones your backed up:
- MineOreFurnitureScript.pex
- MineOreScript.pex
- ResourceFurnitureScript.pex

Incompatible with mods changing the same scripts, obviously.
The esp only change the buying prices for ore and wood from NPCs who buy wood and ore so incompatibilities will be minimal.

1.1, 2012/12/12: Corrected the mining script, it should alway reward the player with ore now.

1.0, Initial release.

Email: ponyprincess at issarlk dot net

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