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Removes the HDT-HH requirement on Newmiller's platform heels and replaces it with NiOvHH (or NIOHH) from RaceMenu or NetImmerseOverride.

Permissions and credits
Heels on platform works for UNP based bodies (UNP, UNPB, 7B, etc).
See the original mod by Newmiller for more details and all colors.

Version 3: Fixed Dark Red heel height. The 0 weight mesh was missing the edit.
Version 2: Now adds Cloth Armor craftable heels in addition to Light Armor.

This mod removes the HDT-HH requirement for the UNP Less Shine portion of Newmiller's Heels on platform CBBE UNP ADEC.
I have no plans to convert the other versions.

This mod only requires Skyrim.  However, to get the adjusted height you need either RaceMenu // NetImmerse Override or a high heel program like High Heels HDT (HHHDT).

This mod was made to work with RaceMenu or NetImmerse Override.  Install and it works automatically.
If you do not use RaceMenu or NetImmerse Override, then you must set the height in the MCM menu of HHHDT or please download the original mod by Newmiller that will automatically hook into HHHDT.

How it works:
I added a line of information to each item mesh.  This changes the character height when equipped if you have RaceMenu or NetImmerse Override installed by expired6978.  You can read how this works under "Equippable Transforms" on the RaceMenu page.

What is needed to work:
RaceMenu or NetImmerse Override (NiOv is included in RaceMenu) by expired 6978.

This is a standalone mod.  Install like normal.
If you'd like to replace an already installed version, just copy/paste and remove the old .bsa file -- it is not needed and my loose files will take it's place.

Why did I create this mod?
This is a low impact, safe mod that hooks into RaceMenu//NIOV which I already use. I prefer to avoid the extra scripts in HDTHH. It is also nice not to crash to desktop every time I forget to enable the HDTHH master when mod testing.

Thanks to newmiller for authorizing this release and sharing the original Heels on Platform.
Thanks to expired6978 for RaceMenu and the alternative to HDTHH.
Thanks to SKSE creators.
Thanks to nifskope creators.

Please contact newmiller for permissions.  You may use my adjustments, as long as newmiller grants permission for the original and you credit newmiller.