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Newmillers Heels on Platform NIOVHH for UNP 7B and more

Heels on platform works for UNP based bodies (UNP, UNPB, 7B, etc).
This mod removes the HDT-HH requirement for the UNP Less Shine portion of Newmilller's Heels on platform CBBE UNP ADEC.

Requirements to work:
RaceMenu or NetImmerse Override (NiOv is included in RaceMenu) by expired 6978.

Install like normal.
If you'd like to replace an already installed version, just copy and paste the contents over.
Note the old .bsa file is not needed and my loose files will take it's place.

Thanks to newmiller for authorizing this release and sharing the original Heels on Platform.
Thanks to expired6978 for RaceMenu.
Thanks to SKSE creators.

Please contact newmiller for permissions.
You may use my adjustments, as long as newmiller grants permission for his original and you credit newmiller.