1. soheil777
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    Hi dear Evok
    Why just update for Realism version?

    Every people hate of Realism and everything that be real. people love Fantasy ENB
    I am joking
    But i love Fantasy & Legacy
    why you dont update Legacy version? this version is so brighter & so colorful

    look at the grass color in 1:58

    i want night be bright
    i hate dark night

    Now i must use Legacy v1
  2. Youeverydayweaboo
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    After hopping around other ENB's I had found this is by far my favourite.
  3. Pelopida
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    One of the best ENB so far. Beatiful but balanced. Even without DOF. Simply wow.
  4. sweetbrown66
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    Hands down - The BEST ENB ever created. The only problem I have is a SMAA reshade file hangs while loading the reshade. I will check it out tomorrow.
    Update: My bad - I left my old SMAA.FX files for proxy loading in the root and reshade was Picking them up.

    Running Realistic preset - less color.ini - perfect!

    Please!!! Is there some way that you can make this available to the SE version again? Or at least the DOF add-on.

  5. pinv
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    Installed Evok bright fantasy but it crashes when trying to load a game. Is it a known problem?
    1. bsierra29
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      I am having the same problem and saw similar posts after browsing through some pages but found no solution..I wonder if this issue is exclusive to the fantasy preset :/
  6. LogicFoxX
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    You're still updating this, that's awesome
  7. toastwarrior
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    Sorry for the dumb question but can I use this ENB with the newest binaries without an issue or do I need to download and use the version stated by the Mod Author?
  8. NightDaize
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    Hey, I just wanted to say that this ENB mod is amazing. My only issue that I've encountered, is that half of my screen goes black outdoors. I noticed outdoors, during the day, the bottom half will go orange and then around 5pm in gametime, it will go pitch black at the bottom. I've tried many methods like turning off DefferedRendering, and a whole bunch of other things to edit the enblocal.ini. Do you have any suggestions? It would be much appreciated.
    I've fixed it. I realize that there were 2 .ini's that I did not set the proper settings for. For everyone having this issue that I did, go through your computer entirely to find another .ini for your skyrimprefs and put the same settings there! For me, both ini's were conflicting with one-another, so it ended up with half of the screen being black and then turning orange during the day. 
    I hope this helped someone. If not, I'd be glad to try to help the best way I can. 
    1. EvokENB
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      Not sure what that could be. Did you edit the resolution for the letterbox effect?
  9. GameDuchess
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    Damn this look sweet. Been testing them out in game. But not willing to go without weathers, preferably NLVA or Vivid Weathers. Sigh. But I'll be keeping them loaded in my ENB changer for screenshots! Thank you for sharing. :-)
  10. bombchu
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    Would love to try this, but as close as I am to the plugin limit I can't justify giving it 3 plugin spots. Any chance these could be merged without issue?