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Billyro's Outlandish Stalhrim stand-alone version

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Stalhrim master, Billyro releases a Stalhrim rextexture mod: Outlandish Stalhrim. For this, many Dragonborns from all realities rejoice because finally there is a good Stalhrim retexture mod. However, many Dragonborns are still sad because they can't use both white and blue stalhrim in their worlds. Be Sad no more my friends for I, ntn9713c, a noob user of Creation Kit, have a solution for you. This is Ice Stalhrim, a stand alone version of Outlandish Stalhrim which adds White Stalhrim equipments to the land of Skyrim.

==How to craft==
First, you must have at least 1 Stalhrim Note in your inventory for the new recipes to show up (it can be crafted with a filled grand soul gem and a piece of stalhrim at the forge). And then, you will need original Stalhrim items, slap them together with filled grand soul gems at a forge and you will have Ice Stalhrim equipments, ready to serve you in battle.

This mod also fully incorporates Stalhrim Extra Crating and Stalhrim Helmet Replacer as well, so please disable the Stalhrim Extra Crafting esp file if you have it.

You need to download original textures and meshes from Billyro's Outlandish Stalhrim (please use the blue cubemap as my mod contain his white cubemap).
You need Dragonborn DLC to use this mod.

This mod is fully compatible with Complete Crafting Overhaul and Weapons and Armors Fixes, with all keywords and recipes. 
There are optional meshes for closer and longer arrow (install main file first and then replace the main file with them if you want to use them).

Bethesda: for providing Creation Kit.
Billyro:  for creating Outlandish Stalhrim
lautasantenni: for Stalhrim Extra Crafting
Arcticia: for Stalhrim Helmet Replacer