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This mod adds a slight variation of the Stalhrim Heavy Armor that can be crafted. It also adds Stalhrim Claymore, a new greatsword variation.

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Stalhrim Extra Crafting

This mod uses the vanilla source of textures. So if you use mods that retexture Stalhrim armor and/or weapons, this should be 100% compatible with all those mods!

Mod Summary:

This mod increases the crafting options of stalhrim by making an additional heavy armor, heavy helmet, heavy shield, heavy gauntlets and claymore 2handed sword. There are no other requirements to craft them what the original recipes do not use or require.

I never personally liked the feature that the Stalhrim Heavy gauntlets do not have gloves, but bare hands are sticking out of the bracers. The game makers clearly have no idea how freaking cold it gets in the north. You do not go bear handed outside if you do not want them to chip off from the cold!

After that I just wanted to change a few more things so I decided to give them to anyone who likes them, so here you go. :)

Endorse if you like, please, it encourages me to make more etc.


Copy the "Data" -folder tree in this zip to your: (installation directory)...\Skyrim
When it asks "Do you want to overwrite the folder 'data'?" etc. say yes to all. This will place the files in correct places. After that, run your "SkyrimLauncher.exe" and under the "DATA FILES" option, make sure that the "StalhrimExtraCrafting.esp" has the box next to it checked, this should happen automatically when you run the launcher and check for new ".esp" files.

To disable the mod, just uncheck the box.
To uninstall the mod, delete the "StalhrimExtraCrafting.esp" under you: ...\Skyrim\Data -folder

Then delete the following folders:

...\Skyrim\Data\Meshes\Armor\Stalhrim(Delete only the "Stalhrim" folder and its contents under the "armor" folder)

...\Skyrim\Data\Meshes\Weapons\Stalhrim (Delete only the "Stalhrim" folder and its contents under the "weapons" folder)