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Adds some Lore and Features from The Elder Scrolls Online into the world of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
The Elder Scrolls Online Imports adds some Locations, Items, Spells, NPCs, and other things appearing in The Elder Scrolls Online into the world of Skyrim.
Everything is integrated seamlessly into the existing world and mechanics; sometimes, changes have been made to the original content to fit within the game, while still trying to preserve as much of ESO as possible. 

For a full documentation, see this page at the UESPWiki.


I've tried to keep this mod as compatible as possible, but it will conflict with other mods that modify the same overworld locations as I did.
Additionally, further conflicts may arise when using mods that alter the leveled lists for books, or the Thane of the Rift quest.


Version 10.0
 - New Location: Bonestrewn Barrow
 - New Quest: A Diamond in the Root
 - Expanded Cragwallow Slope to contain ESO's Riekling-infested nordic tomb.
 - New Items: Canis Cup, Dragon's Blood, Dragon's Bile, Dragon Rheum, Hefty Bonestrewn Gauntlets, Malachite Shard
 - New Item Sets: Hist Whistperer, Shalidor's Curse, Spell Parasite, Willow's Path
 - New Spell: Bone Totem
 - Added some faction and unique enemies.
 - Improved Dragonknight Standard's visuals and increased its effect radius.
 - Updated spells and enchantments to match their current state in ESO.
 - Miscelaneous tweaks and fixes
Version 9.0
 - New Locations: Ratmasters Prowl, Wisplight Glen
 - There now is a ruined passage of Mzulft found in Skuldafn (replaces the Skuldafn North Tower).
 - Added Blackmaw and Tulnir to Labyrinthian.
 - New Items: Bulwark of Markarth, Frost Gem Necklace, Winter's Bite.
 - New Item Set: False God's Devotion.
 - Reworked Entropy to purely be a DoT (like it is now in ESO).
 - Miraak's Sword is now called Firstblade.
 - Added a few more smaller locations from The Reach and Western Skyrim.
 - Added new loading screens.
 - Added Survival's Warmth Rating to armors and Hunger to Food items.
 - Set some dungeon bosses to respawn that previously were not.
 - The Circle of Champions now has a Map Marker.
 - Improved traversable space in Stormcrag Crypt.
 - One handed hammers now use axe animations.
 - New item enchantments don't grant XP to magic skills.
 - Many enemies now make use of the Aggro Radius behavior.
 - Replaced the Ode to the Tundrastriders Book with Skyrim's own version.
 - Miscelaneous tweaks and fixes
Version 8.1

 - The Circle of Champions location now has a proper name
 - The Bandit Wizard at Faldar's Tooth is no longer hostile to its other inhabitants
 - Fixed crash occuring when entering the Vaults of Vernim
 - Fixed landscape seam near Falkreath's Hall of the Dead exit
 - Miscelaneous tweaks and fixes

Version 8.0

 - New Location: Reach Giant Camp
 - The Morvunskar Royal Tombs can now be entered, and feature a unique quest
 - Recreated several smaller locations from The Reach
 - New Items: Abecean Pirate King's Armor, Battered War Trophy, Bonelord's Annihilator, Burial Jewel of the Brief Queen, Burial Shawl of the Brief Queen, Crow-Eye's Striker, Darkwater Hand Warmers, Deep Folk Shortblade, Frostmaiden's Tear, Frostwind Axe, Riekling Skull-Cleaver, Skald-King's Gauntlets, Skald-King's Sabatons, Skald-King's War Plackart, The Thalmor Gavel, Unlucky Yngrel's Axe
 - Added many Food and Drink items; Some are craftable, some can be found out in the world
 - Rieklings have invaded Cragwallow Slope
 - Renamed Dead Crone Rock to Dead Crone Tower and Hag Rock Redoubt to Briar Rock Redoubt
 - Some generic NPCs now bear a resemblance to characters found at that location in ESO
 - Added new Loading Screens
 - Environmental bats can now be Duskfire Nectar or Snow Throat Fruit Bats
 - Placed several new books in the world, sometimes recreating their ESO environment
 - Increased the reliability of the Blastbones spell

Version 7.0

 - New Locations: Circle of Champions, Coastal Giant Camp, Deepwood Giant Camp, Eastern Great Lift, Highland Giant Camp, Hjaalmarch Great Lift, Hunter's House, Karthald Great Lift, Kilkreath Giant Camp, Mor Khazgur Giant Camp, 
 - New Items: Chillwind Chitinous Gauntlets, Dreamwalker Staff, Forester Leggings, Frost-Cursed Lament, Giant-Friend, Kyne's Honor, Lost Knife Mining Boots, Mor Khazgur Crusher, Spriggan's Lament, Staff of Nature's Accord, Treva's Bow
 - New Item Sets: Eternal Vigor, Titanborn Strength
 - New Books, straight from Greymoor!
 - Blackreach can now actually be entered from the Grinning Horker
 - More small location changes from the Greymoor Chapter

Version 6.1

 - Fixed crashes occuring arround Windhelm and other places
 - Added the missing book The Stormcrag Family Crypt
 - Added a mesh missing from the BSA

Version 6.0

 - New Locations: Eldbjorg's Hideaway, Kagalthar, Stormcrag Crypt, The Grinnig Horker
 - New Item: Deathknight Aegis
 - New Spell: Blastbones
 - Reworked the way leveled items added by this mod scale
 - Expanded the exterior of the Hall of Trials to feature more buildings of the old Windhelm
 - The Riverwood Chicken Loading Screen now correctly depicts Riverwood Chicken
 - Miscelaneous tweaks and fixes

Version 5.0

 - New Locations: Falkreath Hall of the Dead, Frostvault, Hakkvild's High Hall, Hfirorg Farm, Thulvald's Grove
 - New Creatures: Riverwood Chicken, Sweetroll Grizzly
 - New Item: Svari's Staff
 - New Item Sets: Frozen Watcher, Jolting Arms, Kyne's Flight, Kyne's Kiss, Shacklebreaker, Vicious Serpent, Viper's Sting, Willow's Path
 - New Spell: Repentance
 - Added serveral overworld structures (most are in a ruined state)
 - Added new Books
 - Added new Loading Screens
 - Miscelaneous tweaks and fixes

Version 4.0

 - Initial Release (Dawnguard Patch & Dragonborn Patch)
 - New Creatures: Atmoran Snow Bear, Darkwater Rabbit, Dire Wolf, Dragontail Goat, Karthwolf, Snow Mammoth, Masked Bear, Nightfall Sabre Cat, Sanguine's Black Goat, Timber Mammoth, Timberstand Goat, Tuxedo Bear, White Mane Horse, Whiterun Wolfhound, Windhelm Wolfhound
 - New Creatures: Black Mask Bear Dog, Copperback Bear Dog (DG)
 - New Creatures: Mossy Netch, Rosy Netch (DB)
 - Added Battle of the Bones Memorial near Fullhelm Fort
 - New Items: Robes of Alteration Mastery, Robes of Netch's Touch, Robes of the Sun, Robes of Ysgramor's Birthright
 - New Item Sets: Amber Plasm, Armor of the Trainee, Hunding's Rage, Knightmare, Law of Julianos, Necropotence, Oblivion's Edge, Orgnum's Scales, Seducer, Vampire Cloak, Vampire Lord, Vampire's Kiss
 - Seeded some High Iron Ore Veins into the ground
 - Replaced Talos statues with original models
 - Added new Loading Screens
 - Miscelaneous tweaks and fixes

Version 3.2

 - Initial Release (SSE)
 - The Mace of the Companions can no longer be disenchanted
 - Put up new companion signs in the Fallowstone Hall to disrupt the Black Briar Mead advertisement campaign
 - Fixed Vuldngrav's cave tileset parts
 - Locked some chests in the Fallowstone Hall
 - Added new Loading Screens
 - Balancing Tweaks

Version 3.1

 - Fixed crash related to the Blood Mask
 - Minor tweaks and fixes

Version 3.0

 - New Location: Fallowstone Hall
 - New Spells: Assassin's Blade, Dragonknight Standard, Ring of Preservation
 - Stral Blackthroat now holds a forsworn dagger in his off-hand.
 - Teleport Strike no longer works on flying dragons to prevent NPCs from repeatedly falling down.

Version 2.0

 - New Location: Fullhelm Fort Ruins
 - New Location: Vuldngrav (Interior only; Portal in Labyrinthian)
 - New Location: Morvunskar Royal Tombs (Exterior only)
 - Replaces some generic Heroes of Sovngarde with characters from ESO
 - Added Cobwebs and Echos to Dungeons
 - Bloodfiends have changed their attire; Hand-to-hand Bloodfiends will now use Teleport Strike
 - Female Bathrobe of Vigor now responds correctly to the weight slider

Version 1.0

 - Initial Release

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Dungeon layout base, some book texts and loading screens: Zenimax Online Studios
Masked Bear texture by John
Karthwolf texture by Omn