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Adds some Locations, Items, Spells, NPCs, and other things appearing in The Elder Scrolls Online into the world of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
The Elder Scrolls Online Imports adds some Locations, Items, Spells, NPCs, and other things appearing in The Elder Scrolls Online into the world of Skyrim.
I've tried to keep close to the original while still showing the ammount of time that has passed between ESO and Skyrim.
All content is leveled according to vanilla Skyrim, most weapons and armors you'll find will also be leveled to your level as you enter that location. All improvement options of vanilla Skyrim are correctly implemented.

Fallowstone Hall: A ruined hall of the Companions overlooking Shor's Stone.

Fullhelm Fort Ruins: A ruined Fort at Skyrim's border to Morrowind, near Dayspring Canyon.

Hall of Trials: The Hall of Trials was used as Windhelm's arena. Now, the city's walls were moved, and the hall is just outside the city.

Morvunskar Royal Tombs: Morvunskar originally was a burial site to many of Skyrim's kings. It has been fortificated over the ages, but the crypts remain.

Vernim Woods: A forest between the Rift Watchtower and Redwater Den. Back in the second era, the Reachmen and the Order of the Black Worm worked together to resurrect the spirit of the ancient giant Sinmur there. Some dark energy still remains...

Vuldngrav: An ancient nordic tomb, burial place of the dragon priest Korthor. A portal leading there can be found in Labyrinthian.

Wittestadr: This small town was the site of a battle between the vampires Majorn the Ancient and his son Valeric. The village lies in ruins now, but there are still reports of vampiric activity.

For a full documentation, see this page at the UESPWiki.


I've tried to keep this mod as compatible as possible, but it will conflict with other mods that modify the same overworld locations as I did.
Additionally, further conflicts may arise when using mods that alter the leveled lists for books, or the Thane of the Rift quest.


Version 3.2

 - Initial Release (SSE)
 - The Mace of the Companions can no longer be disenchanted
 - Put up new companion signs in the Fallowstone Hall to disrupt the Black Briar Mead advertisement campaign
 - Fixed Vuldngrav's cave tileset parts
 - Locked some chests in the Fallowstone Hall
 - Added new Loading Screens
 - Balancing Tweaks

Version 3.1

 - Fixed crash related to the Blood Mask
 - Minor tweaks and fixes

Version 3.0

 - New Location: Fallowstone Hall
 - New Spells: Assassin's Blade, Dragonknight Standard, Ring of Preservation
 - Stral Blackthroat now holds a forsworn dagger in his off-hand.
 - Teleport Strike no longer works on flying dragons to prevent NPCs from repeatedly falling down.

Version 2.0

 - New Location: Fullhelm Fort Ruins
 - New Location: Vuldngrav (Interior only; Portal in Labyrinthian)
 - New Location: Morvunskar Royal Tombs (Exterior only)
 - Replaces some generic Heroes of Sovngarde with characters from ESO
 - Added Cobwebs and Echos to Dungeons
 - Bloodfiends have changed their attire; Hand-to-hand Bloodfiends will now use Teleport Strike
 - Female Bathrobe of Vigor now responds correctly to the weight slider

Version 1.0

 - Initial Release

Steam Workshop


Dungeon layout base, some book texts and loading screens: Zenimax Online Studios
Double-Edged Draugr Battleaxe, Bloodmask, Helm of Riften, Forsworn Draugr Armor, Forsworn Dagger, One-handed Steel Hammer, Bathrobe of Vigor, Steel Shield Variant: Originals by Bethesda, modified by me