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A New City for Skyrim

Permissions and credits
SSE Version: I have attempted to produce an SSE version but it caused CTD's on some other machines. It appears to work if people convert themselves. To make this easier I have uploaded the SSE version of the resources as loose files. So all you have to do is load the EdorasCity.esp into the SSE CK and save, then use these files rather than the EdorasCity.bsa

Update Version 5 - 18 Jul 17:

The refurbishment of the Manor House next to the Hall is now complete and available for purchase. I have also tidied up a few things here and there and added a few things here and there.

The Manor has an Armoury below the basement Smithy (the Key is on the desk in the study). This armoury is for people like myself who have an obsessive desire to collect armour and weapons and don't get out much.  If you don't fit this criteria, don't go there!


A new city for Skyrim and why not.

The external architecture of Edoras was created by DavidJDK (LOTR-Edoras). I have detailed and dressed the exterior, added more houses, and done all the interiors with NPC's. There is also a rather fine player home in the city


  • 32 buildings and 94 NPC's
  • A selection of Traders – toymaker, hostler, bakery, cobbler, general stores, jeweller, smithy, apothecary and a temple apothecary.
  • A talkative antiquarian and bookseller.
  • A mysterious ranger in the Inn.
  • Patrolling guards and people generally going about their business.
  • The Temple of the Horse Goddess Silidith
  • There are 3 new books and 2 journals specifically for Edoras and you will find 15 new books from oversees kicking around the place.
  • There is a small player lodge at a ridiculously low price and a more expensive and extensive Manor House.
  • Craftable Edoran Armour and weapon sets and craftable Ranger armour.

How to get to Edoras

It is North East of Rorikstead, map marker is visible.

Future Releases:

Who knows?


AnyMod that uses this area of Skyrim.

This mod does not conflict with Rorikstead Defended Enhanced with DKR Support, but you need to make sure Edoras is lower in you load order, because I had to tinker with RDE's navmesh which went over one of my houses.

Grayhill Keep: I have pulled the wall back so it no longer clips the keep - If you use
this mod you should make sure it is before Edoras in you load order.

There are patches for Sexy Bandits and The Great Forest of Whiterun

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Use of Other Resource Mods Credited below:

All armour and weapon resources mentioned below have been incorporated into Edoras under different references and names so there should be no clashes if you already have the original author's mod for Skyrim loaded. In some cases I have changed the factors, temper and crafting abilities to suit.


LOTR-Edoras modders resource by DavidJDK - LOTR-Edoras
Thatch texture by gdelforge -GD's Farmhouse
Shack by tesak1243
Modified Farmhouses by ps46183


Resources from Nernie's City and Village Expansion by nernie 
Buildingkits by Jet4571
Allstuff and some architecture from Elianora
Bookcovers by Axhoff2007
Shabby furniture by Flintone
More colourful trees and shrubs by Mentha
Resources for Modders by runspect

ForSale Sign by berticus001
Book Sets by Blary
Oven and Kitchen Stuff by Stroti via Tamira
Paintings by Darkrider
Modders Resources by Oaristys
Rugs by insanity
Horse Textures by Zira
Teddy's by Tamira
Bunnies by garnet18
Jokerine Resources by jokerine
clutter by insanitysorrow
Tapestries by Tlafoon
Upper class Furniture by icecreamassassin

Armour and Weapons

Guards Clothes by UNI00SL
Longsword pack by JRC011

Ranger Armour by burinheaven
Shield of the Stallion by Autan Waspeez
Thegyn by Insanity
Maces & Axes by Andragon
Open Helmet by axonis
Roche Dagger by Mr Tea Towell
LOTR Shield Pack by lancelotx999
Rohirrim Banner by tyfe1994
Rough Leather Armour by atomec
GOT Armour Compilation by Donker316