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Populate all Dungeons and select surface locations dynamically based on type of location. Also, optionally generate loot in the containers in that location.
**** Brought to you by the SOT TEAM ****

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Requires: SKSE, and SkyUI.

In the beginning, there was emptiness. .  . and from this void came forth vile, from the disobedience of a single man.
His wickedness took place in the form of betray and lies, and his actions would spread a dark curse over our promised land.



NOTE:  To get version 6 you must install main 1.5 and Dragonborn patch 1.6. Overwrite when prompted.


     What is It?  A standalone add-on feature for our main mod (meaning our main mod is not necessary) that replaces the need for mods such as the Populated series of mods (dungeons, crypts, and caves). Our approach is unique in that rather than just "drop" in NPCs, we created an ingenious spawning system that will dynamically "inject" NPCs throughout a dungeon.  These NPCs as well as their locations, are intelligently chosen so as to ensure a unique adventure each time you play through the dungeon.  (For example, treasure chests will be scanned for, and if found, a unique guardian NPC may be placed to protect it.)

     The mod is extremely lightweight and provides populated dungeons on the fly; all 214 Skyrim locations are included.  Again, there are no pre-placed spawns, and the placement  of NPCs will always vary.  Additionally, the mod can populate containers in the dungeons with interesting loot based on MCM settings.  You may use this with or without our Sands of Time mod.  If used with, you will experience both, lively dungeons full of enemies (from this mod) and random dungeon encounters which will make you scream--much like the old school RPG days (from our main mod).



     For those that care to know: this feature at one point was included within the full Sands of Time (SoT) mod, but due to popular demand, we created a separate standalone module just for Genesis and gave it a mod of its own.  After doing so, we hit the hotfiles almost instantly (which was awesome!).  The mod then received plenty of attention which lead to more feedback coming in and more suggestions on how to expand and enhance this feature.  Ultimately, the Genesis mod became more advanced than the Genesis system that was built into SoT.  For simplicity sake, we have decided to divorce this feature from our main mod entirely which will allow us to upgrade it easier and also to create the various patches requested (for Monster Mod and SIC) without the need to do double work.  We felt that this will be better / easier for us as well as you.  So, we wish to say "thank you", to everyone that has helped us make this standalone feature into a full, and wonderfully dark mod all on its own.


  1. Randomly generated hostile population for dungeons--for immersive unpredictability.
  2. The NPCs used will be appropriate for the type of location.  (ie. Draugr in draugr crypts and so on.)
  3. Only three small scripts, and they only run for a few seconds when a dungeon is first entered.
  4. No DLCs required
  5. Repopulating frequency of cleared dungeons can be set in the MCM menu.
  6. Loot can be dynamically added to dungeon containers with parameters specified in MCM


     Step 1) Backup your save game in case you wish to uninstall the mod at a later time.
     Step 2) Download and install with your preferred mod manager.
     Step 3) Ensure the ESP is active (ticked)
     Step 4) Start Skyrim, wait for the MCM to activate/appear
     Step 5) Activate mod via MCM (Mod starts inactive.)
     Step 6) Enjoy! 


     Step 1) Deactivate (untick) the ESP
     Step 2) Remove with your preferred mod manager
     Step 3) Use Savegrame Script Scalpel by flexcreator to remove any orphaned scripts in your game


     Step 3 - Alternate)  Reload and restart game using the previously saved backup from Step 1 during installation
     Step 4) Continue on in Skyrim with wimpy enemy numbers


    The mod is compatible with everything.  Further, for users already playing with SoT, this will enhance your dungeon play-throughs even more! 
(Both work together nicely.)  The mod is fully compatible with other mods that add in encounters such as ASIS (just make sure your PC can handle the extra load) and mods that add extra treasure such as Dynamic Loot.

     However, in order to take full advantage of your other mods, in some cases compatibility patches will be needed (ie. to spawn creatures from other mods you have).  We have supplied the following patches, but prefer to have them hosted on their own pages--rather than in the "files" section here--in order to receive and respond to feedback directly relating to them.  Please see the below list:
          Skyrim Immersive Creature patch for Genesis
          Monster Mod (both Nexus regular and lore friendly versions) patch for Genesis

          Skyrim Underground Patch for Genesis

          Forgotten Dungeons Patch for Genesis

{The SoT Family}

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                                Nocturnal (an ENB preset)

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                               WatchTowers Reborn (fueled by Genesis)
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If you like the mod,  you may be interested in our other standalone feature, Sleeping Encounters.


Be sure to check our WatchTowers Reborn mod (fueled by Genesis).


For an even scarier time in dungeons, use our Eternal Darkness mod!

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