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About this mod

This mod adds three types of dwarven blasters in the game, with custom ammo, sound and visual FX.

Permissions and credits

Version 2.1 released!
Added a new way to get blasters.

Skyrim SE version here


This mod required DAWNGUARD.

SKSE version 1.7.3 or higher is required.


Sorry for my English, i hope you'll understand what I wrote here :)

This mod adds three types of dwarven blasters in the game - the cryoblaster, the plasma gun and the flamethrower. Each blaster has a unique appearance, sounds and visual FX.
Technically blasters are crossbows, and they can use standard crossbow bolts, steel or dwarven. But their real power lies in special custom ammo, which are different for each blaster - the cryoblaster uses cryogen, the plasma gun uses plasma cells, and the flamethrower uses napalm (it's dwarven napalm, you know :). These custom ammo have a very high speed (almost two times faster than an ordinary bolt) and virtually unaffected by gravity. Using these ammo, you can turn your blaster into a kind of sniper rifle. With well-tempered blaster it's quite possible to hide on the hill and to shoot down the whole bandit camp before they even know what's going on.

As of version 2.0 each blaster also has an automatic version.

Here is a video review, thanks to Chayification

And another one, thanks to Svaalbard

Automatic Blasters Demonstration


All blasters have the same damage as the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow, and they ignore 50% of armor. Special ammo can be three degrees of power - normal (5 damage, for use whith automatic blasters mostly, can be produced in large quantities), improved (25 damage, for regular use) and deadly (50 damage). You can make advanced ammo and increase damage output. You can also enchant non-automatic blasters, but note that enchantments will work only when using advanced (improved and deadly) ammo, or vanilla bolts. Enchantments don't work when using normal ammo (like napalm or cryogen).

Each blaster has an automatic version.
NOTE: Original auto crossbow scripts was created by J3X, all credits goes to him. I just modified them a little.
Automatic blasters have a low damage, but a very high rate of fire and do not require reloading. The flamethrower is the fastest, but its projectiles move quite slowly and its range is limited. Other two blasters have a lower fire rate, but they have a very fast projectiles, and a longer range.
I recommend using only the normal custom ammo with automatic blasters, for balance (and economy:) reason.

You can't temper automatic blasters and you can't enchant them. The only way to improve damage is to advance your archery skill, and equip archery-boosting items.

Followers can't use blasters in the automatic mode. Instead they will use them as normal, non-automatic blasters, reloading after each shot. This is done on purpose to avoid several problems. So there is no point to give followers automatic blasters - give them a normal one.

Automatic blasters aren't affected by the known "Quck Shot bug", because the auto-fire script completely bypasses "reloading" animation.
However, if you press and release the mouse button very quickly, before the script will be updated (in less than 0.15 seconds,actually), it will still lead to a bug. As it only happens incidentally, and is very rare, it is safe to take Quick Shot perk.

Note: All blasters do physical damage (although it looks like elemental). If you want true elemental damage and some magic effects, you can try
this mod: Elemental Dwarven Blasters by KontanKarite


How to get them:

Blasters are powerful weapons, so you need to be quite seasoned adventurer before you'll be able to obtain them.
At the very end of the "Lost to the Ages" quest look for a secret door...

To use blasters (and other ranged weapons) effectively, you may also add following strings to Skyrim.ini file (if you haven't already)


This will force arrows/bolts to shoot through the center pointer, and allows you to hit targets with arrows/bolts as far as the arrow/bolt can fly.
Skyrim.ini file can usually be found in My Documents\My Games\Skyrim folder.


If you want to cheat or just quickly test the weapons:

Open the console and type (without quotes) "coc rzlab". Get the blasters, then type
"coc riverwood" in the console.
Do not exit through the door, or you may break "Lost to the Ages" quest.


Open the console (~) and type "help cryoblaster" (without quotes). Notice the ID number
Then type "player.additem XXXXXXX 1"  (where XXXXXXX - the ID number)
Type "help cryogen", notice the ID number and then type "player.additem YYYYYYY 50"  (where YYYYYYY - the ID number)
Repeat with other blasters and ammo, if you wish.
(Remember - when using <help> command, quotation marks are required for queries of more than one word (e.g., help "plasma cells"))

Manual Installation

Unpack 7-zip archive and copy all files and folders in your Skyrim\Data directory. Overwrite when asked.

Update from v. 2.0 and earlier

Please uninstall mod completely (delete all files), and make a clean save.
Then install a new version.

Manual Uninstallation

Delete this files and folders:

Data\Dwarven Blasters.esp
Data\Dwarven Blasters.bsa

Known Issues and Bugs

1. Blasters don't recognize their ammo automatically. When switching from one blaster to another you need to manually switch ammo too, otherwise you may get flamethrower firing icicles.
Use Auto Unequip Mod mod to fix this. Enable "Use Equip Sets" in the mod configuration menu, and than let the mod "learn" which ammo each blaster uses.

2. There is no special "(Follower)" version of blasters anymore. If your follower has problems using blasters, please install Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.

Recommended Mods

Auto Unequip Mod
Better archery Eagle Eye perk or similar mod that allow to increase Eagle Eye perk zoom value (and possibly decrease the stamina drain).
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch

Legal and Licensing

You may use this mod whatever you like, just give me a credit :)


Bethesda for making Skyrim
J3X for creating the auto crossbow scripts and his Automatic Crossbows mod
mahty for his Dwarven Rifle mod
Guilmonex for his Dwarven Rifles_Variant G mod
This mods gave me some ideas and inspiration

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