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Version :4.2
Date :2014-05-18
Category :Utilities

Table of Contents
  • Requirements
  • Description
  • Contact
  • Credits
  • Tools Used
  • Manual Installation
  • Manual Uninstallation
  • Future Plans
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Legal and Licensing

.Net Framework 4.5

Guidelines is a utility designed to reduce the time and effort needed to create description pages (using bb codes) or ReadMe files to package with your mod by providing a user friendly interface. With the release of V4.0 it also support any game or other application that is posted on forums supporting BB codes.

Use the comment section provided on the Nexus site, or send an email to: pyrossoft@gmail.com

  • FrankFamily for the original idea to add BB codes.
  • bwin95, BenWah, SonarX and WalkerInShadows for reporting bugs

Tools used

Manual Installation
Run the installer inside the downloaded Zip file. Please make sure you have the .Net Framework 4.5 installed.

Manual Uninstallation
Go to Control Panel --> Programs and Features and then uninstall the application.

Future Plans
  • Implement a View as HTML to preview ReadMes generated with BB codes enable.

Frequantly asked questions
Why isn't there a portable version anymore?
As the program has grown in size it was needed to implement dependant files that the application requires in order to run. To make sure these files are in the right location I decided to make an installer to make sure they go to a location that the application can find.

Why can I now "Download with Manager"?
This was added as requested to allow you to see if there are new versions of the program available. (Please note do not install the file using N.M.M. it is not a mod).

Legal and licensing
The content of this mod is owned by me, you may not use it under any circumstances. This Program is Freeware and is provided free of charge, no one may sell it to you. As it is freeware feel free to tell anybody to download. It is strictly hosted on Fallout 3, Oblivion, Skyrim and New Vegas Nexus sites, if you find it on another site please let me know.

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