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This mod adds a tax system to Skyrim, fully customisable with an MCM menu. The tax system operates on a Hold basis, so effectively you may pay up to 9 separate taxes.
When taxes are due, a courier is sent out to you and you can choose to pay or ignore taxes. Failure to pay tax will result on a bounty on your head in whatever Holds you fail t

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Are you tired of getting incredibly rich very quickly but didn't really like the mods which changed prices? Were you looking for a more involved "money sink" that could really affect the way you play Skyrim? I certainly did and so created Taxes of the Nine Holds.

Taxes of the Nine Holds adds a fully customisable tax system to the game which allows you to be taxed by each independent Hold. If you are unable to pay, or choose to refuse payment - the amount you did not pay will be applied to a (non violent) bounty on your head for the specific Hold you could not pay.


*sob* is looking quiet on this front, but if I get any, it will go here.

Installation Requirements:

This mod is installed by placing the .esp and .bsa files in your Skyrim data directory. The .rar also has the loose script files if you wish to use them.
This mod requires the following two mods.
SKSE1.6.16+ - This adds a number of scripts needed for this mod to function.
SKYUI 4.1+ -  This is required for the MCM functionality, without it my mod breaks.

If you are installing this mod on a new play through, I would recommend using version 1.1 which has features that may be used by other mods in the future.

Easy Set-up:

Once this Mod is installed and SKYUI has detected it, you can access the MCM. The menu looks complicated but it is really simple. You have three options for each Hold.

Tax Amount: You set this to be the amount of gold you will pay each time this Hold taxes you.
Tax Interval: You set this to be the number of days between each taxation for this Hold. If you set this to 0 - taxing is disabled for this Hold.
Current Bounty: This is actually not a setting. It just tells you how much bounty you have in each Hold (because it doesn't appear to be in the actual game menu).

You can change any of these settings on the go, so if you need to tweak it for difficulty, or to reflect some big event in your play through, you can.

Once you have your personal preferences set - play as you normally would. Soon a Courier will arrive and give you a note to inform you that you are due to pay taxes for one or more Holds. Pay up (if you can afford it) or refuse, one will result in you being able to go on your ways, a constructive citizen of Skyrim, the other will see a bounty on your head in the offending Holds. Continue to play until the next tax is due.

Simple Taxes:

I should probably take some time now to thank Matthiaswagg, who has been the epitome of what the modding community should be. He has allowed me to use his mod as a basis for my own and has assisted me in reaching solutions to my problems and generally helped me to be a better modder. So please thank him, try out his mods and endorse/ donate as you see fit.  Cheers buddy!
Simple Taxes - Currently one big tax that you can customise with MCM toggles.

Say Hooray for Roleplay:
Here are some suggestions when playing with Taxes of the Nine Holds please share your own personal roleplay suggestions in the comments section.
During the civil war, set Holds of the opposing faction to tax you extortionate amounts while your own faction gives you discounts.
As a thief, set the Rift to not tax you at all- giving you a haven where you do not have to worry about tax payment and an incentive to be really sneaky in the other Holds.
As a trader or merchant set taxes high to force you to find every opportunity to make money possible.
Or set taxes and ignore them to get a real bandit/ poacher character on the go.
Increase your taxes as you get more houses, followers and mounts.

Q. I started the mod, got the message but it isn’t showing up on MCM.
A. Give it time, it takes a while for SKYUI to pick it up.

Q. I have a bounty, but the guards won’t attack me!
A. The bounty for not paying your taxes are non-violent, this means guards won’t apprehend you on site. You will get a lot of “I remember you” comments though.

Q. What happens if I kill the courier?
A. After you paid taxes? Not much, he won’t have your money though. If it’s before, I guess another will be dispatched shortly. If you keep killing him, it stops the mod progressing, so don’t shoot the messenger please.

Q. If I keep running away from the courier what happens?
A. See above comment about killing the messenger pre-payment.

Q. I changed my mind about how much I pay a Hold, when can I change it?
A. The amount you pay tax is decided when the courier meets you – so you can change it right up until that point with little consequence.

Q. I changed my mind about how often I pay when should I change it?
A. You can change at any time you want, but be aware that for best results, you should change the interval to 0 for 24 hours before setting resetting it.

Q. I set my interval to a week and the courier paid me a visit in a day! What gives?
A. Whenever you set your interval after it has been 0 for 24 hours, you will always be taxed in one day at which point, the interval you set takes effect.

Q. How do I know who I am paying tax to when the courier comes?
A. At present you don’t. However if you are worried about who you have a bounty with, you can keep track of that in the MCM menu.

Q. Some of my taxes are collected at the same time – how do I choose which Holds get priority.
A. At present you can’t. This is to do with the way I use arrays to manage all the Holds in one quest script.
However if you are interested, the below list is the priority for tax payments.
The Pale
The Reach
The Rift

This mod should not conflict with any mods. However any mod that directly alters how the courier works might cause issues.
This mod has a built in feature that tracks the amount of taxes you pay for each Hold that can be used by other mods. If any mod does use this feature, it will need to be loaded after this one in your load order.