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Extensive changes to gameplay, perks, magic, etc., as well as small tweaks. Intended as a modder's resource. Several standalone versions available.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a conglomeration of all the changes I make for my own playthroughs.  It is posted here primarily as a modder's resource; if you want similar changes in your own game, feel free to use these files as you like to learn how to create your own mods, keeping in mind the permissions I've set.  In particular, do not post my files for sale.

Some of the features, in brief:

  • Extensive changes to combat, stealth, magic, and crafting perks.
  • A life system, allowing for recovery from defeat instead of instant reloading.
  • Disables fast travel except when riding a dragon.
  • Quite a few new spells, including touch destruction spells, Open spells, Feather spells, Waterwalking, Night Eye, Levitate and more.
  • A thorough staff and scroll crafting system, replacing the Dragonborn system, along with some endgame staff options.
  • A handful of new enchanting effects, like Waterwalking, a reworked Backstab effect, and an armor rating effect.
  • A dragon soul conversion power, allowing exchange of souls for perk points and stat bonuses, as well as conversion of perk points back to dragon souls.
  • Quest-locked words of power available through alternate means.
  • Various crafting conveniences, like more stations and safe storage for materials.
  • Some convenient (and sensible) changes to vendor inventories and trainer knowledge.
  • Quest markers for No Stone Unturned.
  • Minor changes to Werebeast mechanics with an eye toward making it a viable playstyle.
  • An included Uncapper configuration.
  • Faster cell respawn.
  • Craftable circlets.

For full details on all changes and additions made, check the readme.

Do note that some of the more self-contained and complete features are posted as standalone files.  For example, Dovah Sil is the dragon soul conversion power mentioned above.  These standalone files are intended for the convenience of users who might like a certain feature but not care for the rest; however, I will not be making further files on request.  If you want to separate a feature that does not already exist as a standalone file, you will have to make it yourself.

Where possible, USKP fixes have been carried forward, or suitably modified to have a comparable effect without using USKP as a master.  (Looking at you, Linwe's Armor...)

Note that if you use USKP and do not use the patch in the optional files, circlets will sometimes be quite buggy on elf characters!  You are warned!