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Adds script light throwing weapons to the game. Also integrates them into the leveled lists and allows them to be used by followers and NPCs.

Permissions and credits
I've been a fan of Madrilous's Throwing Weapons mods for a long time. The problem is that they were too script heavy for my machine to handle quickly. This mod is a fix for that and implements throwing weapons in a very "script light" fashion.


The weapons show up as ammo in your inventory, have weight, and are equipped to the right hand. NPCs and followers can also use the weapons. They're added to the leveled lists dynamically using scripts so it can maintain compatibility with all other mods.

The damage of the weapons increases in relation to the player's one-handed (or marksmanship) skill and level it up on successful hits. They also cost stamina to throw and damage can be doubled or halved depending on how much stamina you have when you throw. Damage from the throwing weapons also benenfits from sneak attacks and is reduced by the target's armor rating or can be completely negated with a shield or ward.

As of Version 2.0, new grenade weapons have been added. These weapons can be crafted using a new power you recieve called "craft grenades." You start off knowing only how to craft a couple of them and have to collect formulas that can be found on enemies, in dungeon chests, and occasionally in alchemy shops.

Currently, these are the weapons available:

Throwing Knives:
These are the fastest to throw, do weak damage, and fly at a medium distance. Weight is 0.1. They lightly stagger opponents and also benefit from added damage during a sneak attack.

Throwing Axes:
These do the most damage, fly the shortest distance, and have a medium throwing speed. Weight is 5. They stagger opponents on hit.

These fly the farthest, do moderate damage, and but have the slowest throwing speed. Weight is 9. They heavily stagger opponents on hit.

Oil Pots:
Dwarven oil pots that lay down a burning slick of oil that damages anyone that is caught in them. Weight is 0.25.

Frost Potion Grenades:
A bottle of ice cold liquid that freezes opponents solid on contact and does frost damage. It's also available as a poison that can be found
in alchemy shops and be applied to weapons and arrows. Weight is 0.5.

Smoke Bombs:
Bombs that stagger opponents caught in the initial explosion and release smoke clouds that blind opponents and can be used as cover. Weight is 1.

The most powerful throwing weapon of all! Explodes with massive force and heavily damages anyone caught in the explosion after a few seconds.
Be very afraid when you hear the trademark sound of this weapon's burning fuse. However, if you're quick enough (and brave enough) these weapons can be disarmed by activating them. Weight is 3.


Strongly Recommended:
Dynamic Animation Replacer

FNIS or Nemesis

Use Vortex/NMM/Mod Manager to install and choose your options.  If you choose the 3rd person alternate animations option, make sure you have FNIS or Nemesis installed.  If you are using the DAR update, then you need Dynamic Animation Replacer and don't need FNIS or Nemesis.  Select nothing under the animation options.


Extract the esp and bsa/loose files into the data folder

You should get a notification in-game that the mod is installed.

If using the FNIS optional add-on, install it via the mod manager and then run FNIS or Nemesis. You should get a notification in-game that the FNIS add-on was installed properly.

Use Vortex/NMM/Mod Manager to uninstall


Remove the bsa/loose files and esp file

Mods that automatically loot items off the ground like Jaxonz Smart Looter are INCOMPATIBLE with my mod and will cause CTDs. Due to how the game was designed, collectible projectiles if fired from a spell will cause CTDs if looted in the vanilla fashion. Normally, my mod bypasses this by giving you a perk to handle the throwing weapons' projectiles and prevents normal activation.Mods that automatically loot items off the ground will need compatibility patches to tell them to ignore projectiles from my mod. A possible workaround is to turn off the feature that auto-loots projectiles.

Mods that automatically hide or unequip ammunition like Auto Hide Ammo and Auto Unequip Ammo will also have issues like invisible ammunition and weird behavior on equipping weapons. For "Auto Hide Ammo" check the "compatibility" section of that mod for a workaround.

Also, if using the Alternate 1st Person Anims option, mods that conflict with the 1st person "0_master.hkx" "magicbehavior.hkx" and "sprintbehavior.hkx" will be incompatible. I highly recommend using the DAR version under "updates" instead and installing Dynamic Animation Replacer to maximize compatibility with other mods that modify behavior files.
NOTE: If you are installing the DAR version alongside my 1st Person Spear and Rapier Animations mod's Animated Armoury - Dynamic Animation Replacer option and your mod organizer says there's a conflict; feel free to ignore it and let this mod's "_conditions.txt" overwrite the one from that one. They are actually the same text file.

Besides that, this mod should be 100% compatible with anything and everything (including mods that modify perk trees!).

Recommended Mods:
Dynamic Animation Replacer
Under "updates" there is a file that takes advantage of Felisky384's Dynamic Animation Replacer plugin to handle Throwing Weapons Lite's alternate 1st and 3rd person animations. Using that file and DAR will maximize compatibility with other mods that modify behavior files.  FNIS and Nemesis are not needed if you use this option.

FNIS or Nemesis
In the optional files, there is a download that adds new 3rd person animations for throwing weapons and utilizes FNIS alternate animations to make them work. Great for those who want to keep their magic casting animations unchanged.

Character Behaviors Enhanced By Zartar
The throwing weapons can be thrown on horseback when paired with the mounted casting feature of Zartar's Character Behaviors Enhanced.  If you want to use my mod with CBE, I highly recommend using the DAR version of Throwing Weapons Lite.  With the DAR version and Dynamic Animation Replacer, you can throw the weapons underwater and in the air too.  I also recommend installing Nemesis if you want to patch CBE with other FNIS-dependent mods or mods that tweak behaviors.

Version G.04 adds an MCM menu with which you can customize damage and ammo recovery chance with.

Belt-Fastened Quivers by Chesko
Version 3.04 has a patch for Chesko's Belt-Fastened quivers in the "Miscellaneous" section.  The javelin's are on the back like arrows and with Chesko's mod will be worn across the lower back.  All other throwing weapons will be worn on the lower back.

Any mod that allows you to control follower combat style
Since the throwing weapons in this mod are scrolls, this means followers can use them. A follower mod that allows you to control combat style means you can control the frequency that they use throwing weapons which is very useful! To get the maximum amount of "throwage" out of your followers, give them a spell-sword or mage combat style since the weapons are treated as magic by the games AI.

Enemy AI OverHaul---Revenge Of the Enemies
I tested the weapons with this mod on and it makes fighting your enemies even more difficult. They also seem to love spamming the new throwing weapons added to their inventories with this mod on (I'm not sure if that's also true in the vanilla game, but that was definitely the case with this mod on). Even barring that, this mod really makes fighting enemies more challenging which is great.

Fire and Ice Overhaul by Apollodown
The new oil pots work with the features of this mod. BURN BABY BURN!!!!! >:D

Madrilous's Throwing Weapons Mods
Yep! Believe it or not, this mod is 100% compatible with the mod that inspired it! If you want a more robust throwing weapons mod and have a PC that can handle it or even just a larger variety of weapons, feel free to download his mod. I won't judge you... :P

When equipping a crossbow after equipping a throwing weapon or vice versa, there may be a bug where a throwing weapon (usually a smoke bomb) may be automatically equipped or the throwing weapon will be loaded into the crossbow. To prevent this bug, I highly recommend using the "arrow version" optional file if you plan on using the crossbow mainly and not the bow.  If you plan on using the bow, stick with the main file.

Added a file that uses Dynamic Animation Replacer for 1st and 3rd person animations

Overhauled the 1st person nifs and throwing animations to look better because Gopher... :P
Added equip animations and changed the idle to match the Vanilla 1-handed idle
Increased throwing speed for weapons and decreased them for grenades
Changed the damage formula to better match vanilla damage
Added non-scripted leveled list options
Added an MCM
Added a fomod installer
Fixed a bug regarding ammo recovery. Special thanks to christianerding2 for helping me figure out how.
Various small improvements and bug fixes

Changed the ammo type from arrows to bolts to prevent bow-related bugs
Changed the quiver models to improved pre-3.02 models to prevent bugs related to ammo pickup and replacing one-handed weapons
Tweaked crafting formulas and weapon gold values to be more balanced
Reduced number of grenades on bandits
Reduced throwing knife weight to 0.1
Fixed a bug with the alternate 1st person animation behavior files that caused the crossbow to not work
Tweaked the FNIS script to allow alternate animations to trigger while riding a horse or dragon

Added alternate 1st person animation behavior files and tweaked scripts to work with that

Merged the FNIS esp into the main file and rescripted areas to maintain FNIS-optionality
Fully integrated ammo items for NPCs so that weapon quivers now show up on NPCs
Ammo items can now be interacted with and seen in follower inventories
Fixed the empty magic effect warning for the ammo recipe spells
Changed the quiver models to be out-of-the-box compatible with Chesko's belt-fastened quivers
Fixed the player alias script to try and prevent the Bound Bow unequip bug
Added stagger effect to knives and tweaked the axe stagger
Various fixes and tweaks under the hood

3.01 (Mini-update):
Changed the event used to handle ammo under the hood to be more reliable

3.00 (Major overhaul of mod):
Weapons are now ammunition with weight and wearable quivers
Weapons can now only be equipped in the right hand
Throwing costs stamina and damage is now dependent on it
Reworked the effects so that javelins stagger and don't slow
Fixed the "throw back" feature/bug where enemies get the weapons upon being hit
Tweaked weapon damage to hopefully scale better
Removed meltdown/reverse engineering recipes due to new implementation
Tweaked frequencies in leveled lists so that grenades are rarer
Added "craft grenade" power so that grenades can be crafted without needing an alchemy table
Formulas are now consumable books that add the recipes to the "craft grenade" power
Nerfed oil pot damage
Buffed smoke bombs to have a larger radius
Added and tweaked h1zchan's replacer animations for better aesthetics
Scrapped the old throwing knife meshes for the shiv version

2.01 (Mini-update):
Made throwing weapons weightless to prevent overencumbering upon being hit
Reduced the duration of the Frost Potion items and increased their damage
Tweaked leveled lists so that grenades and recipes are rarer

Tweaked the damage and sneak attack bonuses for throwing weapons so that they were less overpowered when dual-wielded and sneaking.
Made the damage reduction caused by armor more significant in the damage formulas for the throwing weapons.
Tweaked the crafting recipes for throwing weapons so that fewer are made per unit.
Increased the throwing weapons' weights to be more on par with vanilla iron weapons.
Fixed the texture issue that affected some users.
Fixed the throwing weapon projectiles so that they now work with killcams.
Added four new grenade weapons and the accompanying recipes and items needed to make them.
Gave the alchemy table a menu option for crafting and reverse-engineering.

First Nexus Release.
Replaced all placeholder meshes from Madrilous's "Throwing Weapons Redux" with new custom made meshes and textures built from the ground up.
Changed the weapon and projectile nifs so that collision objects would make proper weapon sounds on being dropped

0.1 (Beta):
First Release on Steam

Demo of the mod's features using Version 0.1 (Beta) that was released on Steam

Demo of the mod's features using Version 2.0

Nozi87's feature of Version 1.0 at 1:51

Demo of the mod's features using Version 3.0

Madrilous for the inspiration for this mod
NyQuilKY for his spinning "Throwing Weapons Redux" nifs off of which I based the nifs for this mod from
h1zchan for the new throwing animations from 2.02 BETA which can be found here
Hothtrooper and Eckss for making available the source code for "Immersive Armors" from which I learned how to dynamically add items to leveled lists
Ousnius for making the nif converter for Skyrim Special Edition which my mod needed
Fore for making FNIS and providing WONDERFUL documentation on how to make a FNIS dependent mod and alternate animation information
Zartar for his Behavior Tool which made alternate 1st Person Animations possible
Christianerding2 for his information on how to fix an ammo recovery bug for version G.04
Gopher for inspiring me to continue development of this mod and making very entertaining Let's Play videos
Felisky384 for creating and helping me out on how to make animations work with his amazing new Dynamic Animation Replacer plugin
The SKSE Team for making Papyrus scripting more powerful
schlangster and the SkyUI team for SkyUI and the ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL documentation of the development kit for it
whoever contributes to the Creation Kit wiki for providing documentation on Papyrus functions which Bethesda for some reason were too lazy to document and finally Bethesda for Skyrim, Creation Kit, and for making this game moddable because it would kinda be a crappy game if it weren't... :P