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Unequip your current ammo when unequipping your bow/crossbow.

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This is a very quick implementation to fix one of the most annoying issue in the game :

Quivers that stay equipped despite your bow/crossbow being unequipped. It look ugly, there is no other way to put this. Well, that fix it.

Mitchalek's original Skyrim version had SKSE/SkyUI-dependent calls (not for the core feature, but for the configuration). Plus, the packaging forced you to depack the .bsa before being able to use it. This one work right out of the box and won't yield any papyrus error. More importantly, the very thing I wanted to "fix" compared to his implementation was to prevent the "double ammo equip" effect that occured (if you used it, you likely know what I'm talking about).


 - Player-only.
 - Unequip your current ammo when unequipping a ranged weapon.
 - Re-equip the proper ammo (the last one you used) when you re-equip a ranged weapon.
 - Ask for ammo's type at first use for mod-added ammo. (reversable through console command)

Known Issues

When you use your last ammo of the current type, the lowest-level ammo isn't automatically re-equipped.
This is both a feature (avoid using falmer arrow for 10 minutes because you didn't notice you ran out of ebony ones, wondering why you're doing so few damages), and an issue (can be kinda bothering).
This is a technical "limitation" of the current implementation. The change felt interesting enough gameplay-wise to be kept as-is, but I understand some might feel this as an issue.

If you swap multiple times very fast between bows and crossbows, there is a tiny chance you'll end up with a bow and bolts, or vice-versa. Just re-equipping any of the two without trying to break the mod will fix it just fine.

If you equip a regular bow while you already have a bound bow drawn (don't know why you'd want to do that..), you will end-up with no ammo. Then again, re-equipping your bow will fix it.

If using a cosmetic mod that use the ammo slot to add a decoration (I know some "elder scrolls on back" mods do it this way), said cosmetic will be unequipped everytime you unequip weapons.
Might be fixed in a future update.


Mods that add weapons using specific ammos (like new bound bows, bound crossbows, or shotguns) will require a small patching (just adding the weapon to the proper formlist through script or xEdit).

It is possible to prevent the dialogue menu asking for ammo type at first use by adding said ammos manually (or through custom scripts) to the relevant formlists.

Future Plans

Allow "special" ammo to not be unequipped when unequipping a weapon (currently, special only mean they won't be re-equiped automatically)
Basic support for follower (maybe)


Is this a port of Auto Unequip Ammo ?

No. Only the core idea have been taken over, this have been written from the ground-up.
This implementation is way simpler, though less fleshed out.

What are the differences with the oldrim AUA ?

 - There is no support for "sets" like in the original AUA. And there will never be
 - It run on SSE right out of the box
 - It have no configuration option / menu
 - It doesn't show iron arrow or whatever your lowest-damage arrow is in your inventory before re-equipping, nor does it do the double equip sound :)
 - No followers support (yet ?)

I selected the wrong type of ammo to register a mod added ammo, how do I fix it ?!

Open the console and type the following command:
startquest saua_cleanupquest

Note that this will revert all of your manually selected ammo type (so if you had configured a dozen of mod-added arrows, you'll need to do it again after running this command).

Console version ?

I think there is an XB1 port somewhere on B.net (not guaranted to be up to date). PS4 is not possible, because there is a script.

Credits and Thanks

Bethesda - Skyrim (Special Edition)
mitchalek - Original Auto Unequip Ammo for Skyrim (and a lot of other essential mods <3 ).