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Epic hitman's home just outside Morthal. Poison arrow crafting, custom armour, unique dagger, a few special scripted features, indoor garden, most crafting, room for a follower.

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Mod works as intended, so don't expect any updates.
I don't develop old mods any more.

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I am willing to bet a few septims that not every assassin likes to live in a moldy dungeon full of gore and blood. Some of us have class! We like the comforts of a well-kept home with all mod cons! So here's my attempt at making the perfect assassin's hideout. I put many of my favourite features into it, and for a vanilla house (not using any DLC) I'd say it's pretty extensive.

I've tried to keep the description page short and sweet, if you wish to read more about features and about this mod in general, please refer to the README file.

Creator: Elianora
Contributor: Leianne - scripts


• Skyrim.esm
• Update.esm
• Hearthfires and Dawnguard for the DLC version


• Disenchanting font 
• Retractable follower bed 
• Altar of Sithis 
• Poison arrow crafting
• Harvestable Jarrin Root 
• Unique dagger display
• Mirror for changing appearance
• Functional bath supports buffs
• Custom armour (+ race support)
• Unique dagger


• Almost all vanilla crafting except smelter
• Bed gives Well Rested Bonus
• Indoor garden
• Lots of custom storage
• Secret exit above the bed
• Navmesh and TES5Edit cleaned


This version of the hideout comes with a vampire coffin, a room for maximum 2 adoptable children,
a plantable garden outside the shack and a follower Death Hound called Norok. 

There are three buttons inside the hideout, that allow you to change features on or off. The first button is on the wall next to the bedroom wall. 
You can hide the children's room with that, and it adds a wall and two mannequins. If you at some point decide to adopt kid(s), just empty the mannequins and press the button again. This house is meant for an assassin and his/her apprentice, but if you insist on having 2 kids, use the button next to the chandelier in the kids room. It will activate BUNKBED MODE 9000X which means you will have 2 kid beds. If you don't touch the button you will just have one child bed. Third button is in the master bedroom, next to the doorway. Use that if your PC is a vampire and you want to use a coffin instead of the double bed. I hope we all agree that the house is way too small to have coffins for both a spouse and your char, so I only put one in there.
All the buttons work on and off multiple times so switch around as you like.

How to adopt kids: Install Hearthfires Multiple Adoptions mod by TMPhoenix ( and use Bless Home spell inside the house.
It will say "Beds: 2" when you infact have just one. (One of the beds is hidden for the adoption functionality to work)
You can then tell your kids or kids you're intending to adopt about your "Nice New House" (nice might be an exaggeration but...)
If you have spouse, this will also move them there. Pets should work, so should sandboxing. Pls report back.

Norok will follow you once you "activate" him inside the house. If he doesn't, open up console and type set playeranimalcount to 0 

Recommended assassin's apprentices: - Adopt Aventus Aretino - More adoptable races: I recommend Zirain, the dark elf boy


The house is just outside Morthal. Check the image section and videos if you're unsure. The shack above the refuge is sort of just a distraction. It's supposed to look like a rundown hunter's cottage so no one suspects it hides a master assassin's home. You can use the bed and the cooking pit in the shack but why would you when you have a comfy place hidden just under them.

How to get the house:
The house once belonged to a master assassin, but he was finally caught, and hung just outside Morthal, in the swamps. You can find his restless soul wandering near the hangman's tree (around Kjenstag ruins and the Imperial Camp at the east of the swamp). He should be kind of tough, like lvl 30. The guards have posted warnings around Morthal for normal folk to steer clear of the place. Once you have defeated the angry spectral hitman, you can loot his remains for the hideout key and his unique armour. The hideout itself is just outside Morthal, I've left map pictures in the images section to direct you there. 

How to make arrows:
You need to loot the crate under the alchemy lab and read the book. It will teach you the arrow crafting skill. For crafting poisoned arrows
you need Hunter's Arrows, craftable at the forge under Elven. After you have crafted hunter's arrows and collected the ingredients you can make arrows at the font next to the alchemy lab.

Other stuff: 

Recommended you stand back a bit from the mirror when using it so that camera has room to move

The small display cases are inaccessible on purpose. 

There's a memento wall above the mannequins where you can leave little stuff you maybe take from your victims

If you don't like the way I set up the named storage, use Jaxonz Renamer to change things around to your liking.
If you want to change things around, try Jazonz Positioner, it's a wonderful utility for customising your home. 
Lastly, I don't support autosorts, but there is the awesome Jaxonz Crafting Helper for pulling all your crafting items from nearby chest and putting them back after crafting.


I make mods for myself. I don't install 15 house mods into one playthrough. I use one house mod at the time and I move the arrow crafting to the mod I use. The arrow crafting will conflict with any of my other mods that use that feature.

• Anything that edits cell -8, 16
• ETaC adds a torch sconce over one of the warning notes in Morthal, you can just remove the note 


- Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored 
- Static Mesh Improvement Mod
- Langley's Texture Workshop
- Furniture and Clutter HD Texture
- aMidianBorn Whiterun
- Skyrim Mod Combiner 


See Perms tab

:: THANKS ::

Jaden for the name and testing help
Leianne for invaluable help with scripting the features.
This mod wouldn't be half as awesome without you!
Everyone who makes modder's resource or allows others to use their assets in mods

ubuntufreakdragon for helping me solve pretty much all my arrow and mesh/texture issues during the BETA